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  1. [18:05] {NARRATION} Once more the magi of Huangzhou find themselves assaulting Dawn's southern front. Soldiers meet on the battlefield in a storm of swords and spells. Foes, familiar and unfamiliar, meet and strive for supremecy in brutal combat. Please ahelp the results of your matchup as the conclude. Max for this one is 2 cap danger!
  3. Meiyo vs Arthur
  4. Hayashi vs Neo
  5. Zeriel vs Ludovic
  6. Tenevan vs Sors
  7. Rikona vs Ophelia
  8. Khonsu vs Franziska
  10. [18:12] Even though he's no longer Adjudicator, it doesn't mean that Arthur would not stand guard in Dawn.
  12. As such, it included meeting the likes of Meiyo to the combat whenever they came. Amidst the crowd, the known troublemaker was picked out by Arthur, a shock of lightning that intended to strike upon him- possibly getting an advantage of pre-emptive strike- but it would at least guarantee that he may not advance any further upon the Knights of the Legion.
  14. "My. A lunatic."
  16. A simple gesture to the living Knights in the back, and Arthur nodded at them. They knew very well that this isn't their fight, but... did that mean he would fight alone? Of course not. It's not like he perfected the Art to never use it - a squadron of undead bodyguards arrived, and though by the looks they were hardly distinguishable from humans--
  18. -- it made no difficulty for Meiyo to understand the tough of the Art upon them.
  20. "You'd make a fine specimen, really."
  22. "It's a shame that Vampires can't keep people properly, and allow them to be too frivolous... but worry not."
  24. "In my hands, you'll have a wholly better future."
  25. (Arthur Rowan)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. [18:16] "Your vision is one riddled with delusions and fallacy. We cannot coexist, you and I- good and evil."
  30. Despite the sheer numbers presented by Arthur, Meiyo's courage never wavered. The lightning had been telegraphed, even from a distance. It didn't cause any damage, but it most certainly earned the swordsman's attention.
  32. "I'm not going to stand here and give you a debate on morality- we both know that our minds are far too different for such discussions. So unlike you, I will honor my enemy... with death."
  34. The virtuous aura of Justice would enshroud Meiyo, along with his raw ancestral energy. With one hand, he harnessed the energy of the world into the cusp of his palm- prepared to tackle the Master Necromancer head on.
  36. "You should've viewed the world pragmatically, Arthur. But you're insane..."
  38. With Lightbringer drawn, Meiyo prepared himself for the clash of a lifetime.
  39. (Meiyo Simora)
  40. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  42. [18:20] ** Meiyo Simora has inflicted an injury upon Arthur Rowan. ("Permanent Injury", "Permanent Injury", "Permanent", "Severity: MODERATE (-20 Vit)") **
  43. [18:36] "This is the end of the line, Arthur Rowan. As impenetrable as your darkness may be, Lightbringer shines even through the brightest night."
  45. The battle between the ex-Adjudicator and Fourfold Commander was nothing short of spectacular. Clouds of storm would punish Meiyo if he chose to linger too long, and Arthur would be struck with bursts of raw energy if he came too close.
  47. Through it all, the light shone through the shadows.
  49. "Mana... BOMB!"
  51. Finally utilizing his signature ability, Meiyo would clutch on to the amalgamation of unstable energy in his palm, thrusting himself off the ground like a rapier- using Arthur's inexperience with this kind of strength against him.
  53. As he pushed his arm forward, it would slam into the Necromancer's chest- damaging his heart and circuitry. Bringing the Mana Bomb down onto the ground, he'd slam Arthur's body into a crater beneath his palm- surely marking his swift end.
  55. No?
  57. No.
  59. Much like Neo, Arthur's body could longer be felt under the pressure of his hand- how did he escape? Huffing and panting, as smoke rose from the crater, he lifted his hand and wiped his lip of residual blood.
  61. A cold, masked gaze stared off into the distance as the smoke dissipated.
  63. "We will meet again... Arthur."
  64. (Meiyo Simora)
  65. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67. [18:43] There was too much done for him to just be taken like this.
  69. No, he could not be caught today, not before he completes the work of his life. But no matter how much the lightning has punished him, no matter how much the storms slowed down the embodiment of Justice, it was not enough. A single dash, closer to the Rowan, and the bright shine of the Mana Bomb was pushed right into his chest- for a moment, everything went dark, from the very view of his opponent and down to his own army, and yet...
  71. 'Pathetic. A child beat you.'
  72. 'Again and again we save you.'
  73. 'Drag him to his soldiers.'
  75. A blink out of space. A trick, certainly, but the Rowan was gone. When the smoke disappeared, and Meiyo had a chance to look around, the Necromancer was carried out by the same Undead bodyguards he brought into battle- but unlike the last time, there was a lot more of them.
  79. The living wall. Shields, blades, spears, and archers right behind them. With passing seconds, more and more arrived - it's no doubt they would sacrifice their un-lives to defend Rowan, but... it would seem that even charging into that would be nothing short of suicide.
  81. A squadron. Another. And another. Dozens. Perhaps Necromancer was in no state to respond, but at least he was secured by his servants- slowly backing out, the shields were covering the escape. Another day of fighting will doubtlessly come.
  82. (Arthur Rowan)
  84. [19:00] {NARRATION} The fierce battle between magi rages from the evening and far into the night. It's a close fight on all sides. But as the commanders from Huangzhou signal to fall back, Dawn's soldiers will find themselves missing a pair of necromancers. The raid was a success in Huangzhou's favor, and as the forces escape back to the Southwest they bring with them Sors Ultovex and Ophelia de' Fiano.
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