Maiden White Omake: Umeki and the Pussycats

Nov 11th, 2015
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  1. You are Umeki Yasuka; the simplistic and honorable head priestess of your mountain-side shrine. You live humbly with your sisters, including your actual sister Momoko, in a life quiet tranquility and patience. Your life has not always been this moderate, but you give thanks for all the peace and friendship you enjoy on a daily basis. You awaken, as you do for every morning, in the darkness of your small room. The air lingers with the heavy scent of wood and the nature that surrounds it. Your bare breasts and body rest under a thick, quilted blanket atop a hard bed. Some would complain, but you find solace in it. Something about your bare body on the hard wood feels nice to you, though you'd never tell anyone about it. They might think you were perverted or something.
  3. But unlike most mornings, today you hear a gentle rapping at your door. You blink, and open your eyes, rubbing from of their sleep.
  5. "Mmn, who is it?" You ask, fully expecting your sister Momoko to answer.
  7. "Umeki, help!" You hear a high-pitched voice answer. You blink. That's not Momoko, unless she's playing some kind of trick on you. That would be her style...
  9. "Mn, one second." You tell the voice, and grab a simple robe from your wardrobe, tying it off around your waist. You open the door and peer outside, expecting someone to greet you. Noone does, however. Strange; you definitely heard someone speak-
  11. "Umeki!" You hear the voice squeak again as something latches onto your leg. You jump in surprise and tumble backwards, hitting your head against the ground.
  13. "Oww~" You whine, leaning forward on your quilt.
  15. "Ay, are you okay?" Another squeaky voice asks. This one is different from the other, but strangely familiar.
  17. "What a clumsy fool." Yet another sighs. You open your eyes and peer forwa-
  19. OHMYGODSOCUTEYOUREGONNADIEEEEE- Is all you can think when you spy a small group of human-like cats at your feet; completely ignoring their appearance and ability to speak. Similar to in size to felines and bearing ears and tails, they appear to be more akin to miniature humans. Nukos, you think this kind of animal is called- you read about them in one of Shizuko's picture books. You're not sure how a cat evolves the genetics of a highly specific primate, but it sure is cute! You reach down and immediately pluck one up, trapping it between your breasts and arms.
  21. "Oh my goodness, you're so fluffy~!" You squeal, rocking back and forth with it in your grasp.
  23. "Umeki! Calm down, you'll suffocate Shun!" The original voice cries out. You continue to hug the cat for a few seconds before processing these words.
  25. "Hm? Shun?" You ask, looking down at the cat that spoke. It stares up at you with such big, cute eyes nestled under black hair. You can barely tell if it is a boy or a girl cat. You look down at the one in your hands and see it has red hair instead, and a big delirious, drooling face.
  27. "Nyah~ Nyah~," the cat giggles, "it's fyne, Makoto. You can keep going, Umeki~" It continues to drawl, rocking its head in a circle. You gasp.
  29. "Shun! It is you!" You exclaim, holding her aloft. This girl seems to have a habit of turning into cute animals, you think. So rambunctious, but so amazingly friendly towards you. She always seems to be out-of-breath whenever you talk, despite her amazing physique. She seems to be annoyed to be removed from your bosom; her little paws attempt to claw at your shirt. So if this is Shun, that would make the other one Makoto, you think. You set Shun down on your chest and pluck Makoto from his position on the ground. His soft fur feels amazing between your fingers.
  31. ---
  33. "Umeki, we really need your help!" NukoMakoto cries out, dangling from your fingers. You smile back with the biggest grin.
  35. "Of course I'll help! Come here~" You say, placing him in the position Shun was a few moments ago. He squeaks as you shove him against your chest and nuzzle passionately. His little body grows with warmth and Shun looks on with a sly face, clinging to your robe.
  37. "I told you going to see Umeki was the best idea~" NukoShun giggles to herself. Makoto just wails back.
  39. "Ahem!" You hear one of the Nukos clear their throat. Judging by her white hair and non-nonsense face, it's probably Yui Oomura. She's always such a sweet and proper girl to you, but a bit vain. There also seems to be three more behind her; a angry blonde one with glasses on her forehead, a bored one with hair over its face and glasses, and a nervous-looking blue one. Hiroko, Saito, and... um, that one girl- Shizuko? Shiroko? Shoko? You can't recall. You think you rode in a car with her once.
  41. "Shun, Makoto, if you don't mind, we have bigger concerns than Umeki's bust." NukoYui says, trying to remain dignified in her current, adorable form.
  43. "Nothing's bigger than Umeki's bust!" NukoShun exclaims, jumping down the front of your robe. You squeak and throw your hands back as Shun bounces off, sliding down the front of your robe. Yui groans as she cackles.
  45. "Can we not be perverted for five seconds!" NukoHiroko shouts- although it comes out more like a meow. You blink, and feel a tickling on your belly.
  47. "Y-Yeah, I don't like being this small, o-or weak." NukoSaito whimpers. Oh god, you're going to hug him next~ Once you find out what this weird feeling on your chest is...
  49. "...Nyah." NukoShizuko. Hiroko growls at her. "What? I'm a cat, it's legit now."
  51. ---
  53. "Mnnh~" You moan, clutching your belly. The group of cat- girls and boys looks up at you.
  55. "What's wrong?"
  57. "I- uhh, feel s-something tickling me." You mutter, trying to keep yourself from squealing. Tickling is putting it mildly; you can feel something absolutely flailing around on your lower abdomen. Your legs shiver as the soft fur brushes over your skin. Ooohhh, why do you like this sensation so much!? Shun glances around.
  59. "Hey, where'd Makoto go?" Shun asks.
  61. "Aaah!!" You squeak before slapping a hand over your mouth. The f-feeling just passed over your.... p-private area. It continues down your thigh and knees until it emerges out from underneath your robe. NukoMakoto tumbles out, panting and wide-eyed. Ohh, you must have dropped him down your shirt when Shun climbed over you.
  63. The rest of the group have a range of surprised reactions, ranging from Hiroko's anger to Shun's approval.
  65. "MAKOTO!" Hiroko shouts. Her body liquifies and shoots over to him, coiling around like a snake and squeezing the life from him. "Hentai!"
  67. "I didn't-HRK-mean-" He gags, struggling for breath. Shun starts to pry her body off from the back.
  69. "Hehe, easy there." Shun chuckles, straining against her.
  71. "Yeah, nya-thing happened." Shizuko comments. Yui groans as Hiroko glares at her. Shiuzko just shrugs, twitching her ears.
  73. "Mn, it's true though!" You quickly assure the angry water cat. "He was just being playful."
  75. "Y-Yeah!" Makoto says, nodding. Hiroko seems to release him slightly with a suspicious glare.
  77. "I admit, I probably should be wearing something underneath for when he wants to try something like that-"
  79. "Ah- Umeki, stop-" Makoto says to you, gesturing to his neck.
  81. "But, if it's Makoto, I'm perfectly willing to oblige!" You explain, hoping to defuse things. You know your parents told you about being pure and demure leading the way to a better life, and Makoto is an absolute shining example of that. He's the MAIDEN White! Absolutely chaise and devoid of all underhanded ideals and thoughts. Momoko couldn't have a better role model. His many friends and social connections are a testament to his pure demeanor; they all love him so much because of that.
  83. Yourself, on the other hand, feel perversion in all variety of places- even now when he was harmlessly looking to find his way out of your robe you were excited by it. Terrible. This is just like back when they had that dress-up party; you took things much too far and ruined it for everyone, but Makoto didn't mind at all. You only wish you could be half the wonderful person that he is.
  85. ---
  87. "If Makoto wants to playfully crawl on my bare body, I'd always allow him to. Even in my special place!" You explain simply and firmly. Every one of the Nukos blinks and almost drops their jaw.
  89. "STOP." Makoto chirps, sweating through his fur.
  91. "Lucky bastard..." Shun growls, turning on Makoto and bearing her claws.
  93. "...So you had a pussy-" Shizuko begins to ask.
  95. "On your pussy?" Yui finishes, hi-fiving Shizuko in the process with a coy smile. Hiroko continues strangling Makoto with renewed vigor. You feel as if you have missed some kind of joke.
  97. "S-So what do we do about these bodies!?" Saito asks, looking a bit frantic. You pluck him up gently; holding him in one hand and stroking his ear with the other.
  99. "I don't see a problem with it. You can stay here with me for now~" You say, gently stroking him. Saito looks to object, but quickly melts under your petting, purring to himself after a few moments.
  101. "Mhh, o-okay." He purrs, stretching out over your hand. Fufu, this is going to be so much fun!
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