Michael McWhertor & Uber Entertainment (KickStarter)

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  1. Subject: Michael McWhertor & Uber Entertainment (Planetary Annhilation)
  2. Sources: Kickstarter, Polygon.
  3. Date Compiled: May 12th, 2015.
  4. Credits: A_Plant for his Medium article on journalist kickstarter pages.
  6.                                          ****************************************************
  8. Information:
  9. Michael McWhertor was a Kickstarter backer for Planetary Annihilation by Uber Entertainment:
  10. Kickstarter funding period: Aug 15 2012 - Sep 14 2012 (30 days):
  12. 07.16.12 (Twitter): Accomplished the following today:
  13. Pre-order Mercenary Kings …
  14. Pre-order Planetary Annihilation
  15. Fairly certain this tweet refers to backing both Mercenary Kings and Planetary Annhilation.
  17. Articles with Potental Conflicts of Interest:
  18. 07.16.12: Planetary Annihilation promises Total Annihilation-inspired strategy, seeks Kickstarter funding (Polygon)
  19. 12.06.13: Planetary Annihilation no longer has a firm release date (Polygon)
  21. Summary:
  22. Coverage of Planetary Annhilation while being a backer and after funding was successful. Note that the purpose behind a kickstarter is to fund a project. A journalist funding a project is in a conflict of interest with his role. There was disclosure in the form of a tweet, but none on the articles. Due to the fact he backed on the same day as the first article, I think that time period is too close to avoid disclosure if more than the minimum to recieve a game key was backed. (Kickstarter is about "funding" projects.
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