Jul 11th, 2015
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  2. All squires begin at level 1, with only the first trait listed on their race description. Each time they level up they gain the next trait listed on their race description. At level 5 a squire becomes a proper warrior of a kind appropriate to his race. The meanings of the traits for levels 1-4 are listed at the bottom.
  4. HUMAN - Humans start their careers as squires after already having their pride and will broken by service as a page. In time they can become proper knights like you.
  5. obedient, pack mule, competent, brave, knight of the realm
  7. GOBLIN - Goblins are the one race of squire unafraid to speak their minds on any matter. Though seemingly impossible to discipline, they can eventually contribute unique goblin technology to your cause.
  8. mouthy, gregarious, stealthy, competent, engineer
  10. KOBOLD - The ultimate race of sniveling lackeys. Kobolds are accustomed to serving dragons and other uncaring monsters, and so they feed and equip themselves at no cost to their masters. They never become competent fighters, but in time they will literally worship their masters.
  11. self-sufficient, obedient, stealthy, gregarious, priest
  13. DWARF - A militaristic race. Dwarves are trained in arms since infancy, and if properly disciplined they can overcome their natural stubbornness.
  14. competent, pack mule, brave, obedient, weaponthane
  16. ELF - Elves are highly sought-after squires and pages due to their training in arts and entertainment.
  17. ­Pleasant, obedient, competent, stealthy, swordmage
  19. HALFLING - A race often overlooked by the major orders of chivalry. Halflings are one of the smallest races but eat as much as races twice their size.
  20. Brave, stealthy, competent, obedient, certified burglar
  22. ORC - Orcs grow quickly, and even an orc whelp can strike fear in an enemy.
  23. scary, competent, brave, self-sufficient, berserker
  25. WIGHT - The animated corpses of fallen squires and other abused young people. Very few tings can permanently destroy them, and having a wight in one's party repulses friends and foes alike.
  26. undead, scary, self-sufficient, competent, revenant
  28. ENGINE - A clockwork automaton in the shape of a squire. Much more hygenic than the real thing.
  29. obedient and competent, never levels up
  31. WAR PONY - A pony more suited for battle than most squires.
  32. Pack mule and pleasant, never levels up
  35. brave - this squire can act on his own initiative, even when his commander is not nearby. He still might disobey orders unless he is also obedient.
  36. competent - this squire is actually good at fighting. He has the strength of three incompetent squires. In addition, he can generally be expected to succeed at simple tasks he attempts.
  37. gregarious - this squire is more effective when accompanied by at least two others of the same species.
  38. mouthy - this squire is capable of giving advice and opinions to his commander. He might do so even if his input is unwanted.
  39. obedient - this squire does whatever he's told, at least as long as he remains in sight of his commander. He might still be incapable of original thought under pressure unless he is also brave.
  40. pack mule - this squire can carry as much as five normal squires.
  41. pleasant - this squire is not obnoxious at all, a rare trait indeed among squires. His master may interact with him without losing patience once per evening.
  42. scary - this squire can demoralize enemy forces who are not brave.
  43. self-sufficient - this squire feeds, clothes, and equips himself. He has no upkeep costs.
  44. stealthy - this squire can go unnoticed while out of combat.
  45. undead - this squire will get back up again if killed, unless he was killed on sacred ground or with a consecrated item.
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