終わり・ the end

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  1. The End
  5. Spider webs hang precariously
  6. Glimpses of grandeur from a past age
  7. Songs hang in the air fantastically
  8. Servants bustle, silver skirts rustle
  9. All ends from one man’s rage
  11. The lives lived herein
  12. Dead and gone in a flash of time
  13. Lacking resolution
  14. Flits of smoke, fits of blood soak
  15. A speechless rhyme
  17. A dozen individuals, two fold
  18. Roam halls meant for the living
  19. Lies not sold, lives not told
  20. A stranger with knife, a hatred of life
  21. Now live these ghosts, unforgiving
  23. What transpired
  24. Occurred two centuries ago
  25. Dismal violence conspired
  26. From grief, down fell the leaf
  27. Of human compassion grown
  29. Such vengeance ended
  30. Hopeful hearts
  31. Understanding never pretended
  32. So began the dawn, lives of faceless pawns
  33. An eternity about to start
  35. Red bath
  36. Kindled by ignorance and pain
  37. Black wrath
  38. Nighttime slow, hearts once betrothed
  39. To life and love and gain
  41. Now they remain
  42. Keepers of the night in a strange town
  43. Clasping the knife again
  44. From whence they died, for an unending cry
  45. Molding bodies lie in earth of brown
  47. Fresh graves
  48. Dug yesterday by the living
  49. Buries dead knaves
  50. Family of the man, such a morbid plan
  51. Ghostly screams barely believing
  53. Joy is construed
  54. Ghosts sing victoriously
  55. Colors of faded hues
  56. Drab walls, a future of unending gall
  57. From spirits never officially
  58. Dead
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