Mar 30th, 2017
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  1. Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no Taizai
  2. Is It a Side Story?- 0 there is a little saint girl need to resurrect and some children I need to implant some posthypnotic suggestions in before they grow powerful and try to start another holy war.
  3. Never Said It Was Good+100 hate these need points
  4. Solo Battles Only+ 100 I've seen the power levels involved. I'm good
  5. Punching Ban+ 200 this is actually cool considering my ridiculous regeneration
  6. That Is My Sin: greed= 200 yeah I'm gonna take all the treasure that's not plot relevant to the good guys.
  7. Rolling for location Roll(1d8)+0: 7,+0 Total:7 =Edinburgh a crater to build on nice
  8. pig +100. I'm going to need lots of points
  9. holy Knight-100. It has the freebies and discounts I want and I don't have to be a jerk about it.
  10. Pigtastic free for pig
  11. Big Pig -100 discount for pig
  12. my one truthful King free for holy night . Oh this is wonderful, granted I am seldom below people, but it's good to know what's happening when I am.
  13. my code free for holy night , this is basically a conscience right?!! I need this so badly!!!
  14. Reactor -300 , yep , taking the shortcut here.
  15. Snatch -400 200 taken from stipend for holy night total cost -200 this is a great trick.
  16. Sacred treasure -500
  17. Knightly Armour , free for holy night. Gotta look the part , and this castle motif is cool!
  18. Import Mother box -500 She has 1250CP
  19. convert 50 CP into 50 SP
  20. Sacred treasure : a shield not unlike a giant saw blade
  21. import X staff of light,Trident of Lucifer, Gaia memory/Gashat/runic/demonically enhanced groinsaw, billiards set from Kingdom hearts, Kinetic Cestus, UNITY ring -300
  23. power enhancement -200 yeah all of it's getting all of it
  24. additional forms base form,imports,plus chain whip, elephant goad, -200
  25. autonomous -100 , here comes the awesome part art
  26. mental mastery -100 and since it's based on my ludicrous speed and centuries of mastery and has all the powers of the various items that make it up It's now ludicrously powerful and one helluva drone.
  27. Self repairing -50 I can't believe this thing doesn't have CP insurance! That seems pretty basic
  29. Mother box:
  30. pig +100
  31. holy Knight-100
  32. Pigtastic free for pig
  33. my one truthful King free for holy night
  34. my code free for holy night
  35. location -200
  36. infinity -1200 200 taken from stipend for holy night total cost minus 1000
  37. the plan:I think it's obvious from what I said in the first drawback what the plan is , also were going to find that demon's corpse and steal it so that the "next generation" fiasco doesn't happen. When Zaratras gets iced teleport in and resurrect him before vanishing again, preventing all lot of stupid crap from happening. In the meantime I'm the kingdoms greatest thief.
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