Sweet things (femanonxCaramel, gfd, teasing, edging) WIP

May 11th, 2017
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  1. >Be femanon.
  2. >You've been befriending this stallion for a couple months now.
  3. >Caramel.
  4. >And what a sweet little thing he is.
  5. >Not that he's /small/, he's bigger than the average stallion you see around town. But he's nowhere close to Big Mac tho.
  6. >You can always see him running around town, helping other ponies and running errands.
  7. >Always happy to lend a hoof and always smiling.
  8. >He's also the first stallion you can think of as a friend.
  9. >And somewhere around your mind, you believe he is, or could be, a bit /more/ than that.
  10. >You've been here for a while now, and for obvious reasons, you've stayed completely out of the dating scene.
  11. >Main part being you. Only recently have you started looking at stallions as... potential mates.
  12. >But then, between the fact that all the good stallions are already taken, that a majority of the ponies living here are female, and that you're a weird alien walking on two legs... yeah.
  13. >You do have several mare friends that helped you cope with the loneliness. But it would be nice to have someone else at home, someone you could hug, cuddle and kiss...
  14. >Or rather, somepony. Somepony like Caramel.
  15. >And you believe he thinks the same way about you.
  16. >But you can't be sure yet. You can't risk rushing things.
  17. >The knocking on your door stops you from pondering further.
  18. >You open the door, and as if on cue, there he is.
  19. >Joy starts filling you and you can't stop yourself from smiling.
  20. "Hey! Caramel, what's up?"
  21. >"Hey Annie, I, uh, I was just passing by and was wondering if... you know, we could hang out and... stuff?"
  22. >Oh how you love it when he acts shy. You cock an eyebrow as his timid display.
  23. "Passing by?"
  24. >"W-well... uhm..."
  25. >His eyes leave yours and shifts around nervously.
  26. >You chuckle and your hand shoots forward to rustle his mane.
  27. "Oh come on Caramel, I'm just messing with you!"
  28. >He beams back up when your words hit him.
  29. "I don't have anything better to do, so, yeah, sure. What did you have in mind?"
  30. >Actually you do, but it's all boring shit, going out sounds really nice right about now.
  31. >"Seeing the weather's nice and all..."
  32. >You can see the faintest blush appear on his face.
  33. >"I thought we could just go to the park?"
  34. >He looks up expectantly, hope filling his huge eyes, his right ear giving a nervous twitch in anticipation.
  35. >Ohhhh, so he just wants to cuddle huh?
  36. >You grin, and his expression softens ever so slightly.
  37. "Sure, just let me grab a book or something, I'll be right up."
  38. >The walk there was uneventful, consisting of small chit chat about your respective jobs.
  39. >And you soon arrive to the park, screams and giggles soon filling your ears.
  40. >Damn you miss being a kid.
  41. >Neither of you has to point any direction, you both know /where/ you're going.
  42. >You cross the bridge and your eyes set on it. The bench. Not just any bench mind you, it was placed right under that huge tree, promising protection from the summer sun, and far enough from the play grounds not to get hit by any rogue balls.
  43. >It was your bench. That's also where you met him, but that story is for another time.
  44. >You're still wondering why pony benches have backrests...
  45. >You sit down without waiting, and he follows suit, resting on his belly.
  46. >Not close enough to touch you. Not yet, that generally comes later.
  47. >Even though you did this ritual at least a dozen times now, he's still acting as if it was your first time.
  48. >It's really hot out, there are no clouds stopping the sun rays and barely any wind to refresh your skin.
  49. >And, to be honest, you've never been the sporty kind, so you get worried about your perspiration.
  50. >You stretch a bit, adjusting your tank top, subtly whiffing to detect any odor.
  51. >Then you notice him gawking, your girls being the obvious target.
  52. >You smirk.
  53. >It's not the first time it happened, of course. All the ponies, male or female are curious about these.
  54. >And then they blush, when you explain them that they're your 'teats'.
  55. >Oh and how /he/ blushed when you told him that for the first time! The poor guy kept apologizing for half an hour.
  56. >But /this/ is an opportunity, and you love these things.
  57. >You stretch your arms forward to give him a little show.
  58. "Damn, why is it so hot today..."
  59. >His head instinctively turns to the side when he thinks he got caught, but soon enough comes back on you when he realizes you're not even looking his way.
  60. >You keep your acting, opening your book with a hand and using it as a fan.
  61. >Then, using your left hand, you pull the hem of your top, exposing that much cleavage.
  62. >That's when you strike.
  63. "Seeing something you like, big guy?"
  64. >You give your voice some sultriness, which proves way too much for him.
  65. >"W-whu-a-I didn't..."
  66. >He shakes his head, blushing and stammering like a foal looking up a mare's tail.
  67. >"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare, I was jus--"
  68. >Your hearty chuckle cuts him off.
  69. "Oh Caramel, sweet sweet Caramel!"
  70. >You sing song teasingly, the way you know he hates, the way you know he loves.
  71. "You're just too easy!"
  72. >His mouth opens up but no words come out. Then he grumbles something you can't catch before turning his head to the side, showing you that pouty expression.
  73. "Awww, I'm just teasing! Come here."
  74. >You place your book on your lap and stretch your hand towards his neck.
  75. >His body jolts slightly when your digits make contact with the fur then you pull him towards you. Or try to.
  76. "Come on, cuddle with me."
  77. >He grumbles some more at your playful tone, but still doesn't feel like moving.
  78. "I know you want to. Come on, I'll even rub your ears!"
  79. >And right on cue, you see his ears quiver at those words.
  80. >You quickly found out that Ponies are really bad with blackmailing.
  81. >"I-it's not like I came here for that you know..."
  82. >You roll your eyes. You're not even sure if he's trying to convince you, or himself.
  83. "Why then?"
  84. >You're sure some ponies would consider you evil at this point.
  85. >He mumbles some more, then starts cooperating with your limb, slowly shifting closer to you, doing his best to avoid eye contact.
  86. >You feel like you could melt on place, and you're not sure if the sun is the culprit.
  87. >A breeze finally comes, cooling your naked arms and shoulders.
  88. >He's been leaning against you for a good ten minutes now, his head placed on top of his crossed hooves.
  89. >And you've been caressing his mane and, from time to time, fondling his ears, sometimes stopping to turn the page of the book you're reading.
  90. >He's been silent, save for the hums he gives you every times your hand hits a weak spot.
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