Mar 19th, 2019
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  1. [Keys]
  2. //look up microsoft virtual keycodes to find the code for your desired key//
  3. toggleblips=0x76
  5. [Options]
  6. //0 for false, 1 for true//
  7. addInteriorBlipsAtStartup=1
  8. addStoreHoldupBlipsAtStartup=0 //enabling store blips may remove some other blips such as ammunation or LS customs for some reason//
  9. toggleKeyTogglesStoreBlips=0
  10. worksInDirectorsMode=0 //warning: enabling this may cause some even greater issues while playing missions//
  11. loadMultiplayerMap=1 //loading multiplayer map allows access to more interiors, but will cause problems when playing missions and maybe other problems//
  12. penthouseStyle=1 //customize the interior of the penthouse. values from 1 to 8 are valid. only works if multiplayer map is enabled//
  13. motorcycleClubStyle=1 //customize the interior of the two motorcycle clubs. only values 1 or 2 are valid. only works if multiplayer map is enabled//
  14. officeStyle=1 //customize the interior of the office. values from 1 to 9 are valid. only works if multiplayer map is enabled//
  15. freeMovement=0 //lets you run around freely and take out your gun inside safehouses (may cause issues)//
  16. openAllDoors=0 //opens up every door in the game (e.g. shop doors when your character model isn't Michael, Franklin, or Trevor) (this is untested and may cause issues)//
  18. [Advanced]
  19. disableOnlineApartments=0 //you should only use this is you are using a safehouse mod or something//
  20. disableOnlineGarages=0 //you should only use this if you're using a garage mod//
  21. disableGlitchedInteriors=0 //if you're a perfectionist and/or can't stand glitched interiors then turn this on. disables: bahamas mamas, comedy club, cinema, iaa building & torture building//
  22. disableTeleportMarkers=0 //disables those blue circle markers that show you where a teleport is. not recommended to disable them//
  23. disableBennysBlip=0 //disable this blip if you're using benny's mod//
  24. disableProps=0 //disables the props from loading inside the player safehouses. not recommended!//
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