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May 24th, 2021
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  1. Wizard Murphy privacy policy
  2. 1. I only collect user ID‘s and server ID‘s for my bot. That’s all the data I collect from discord.
  3. 2. I need this data in order to use the bots features. For example, I need server ID‘s for the afk command, giveaways, reaction roles. User ID‘s are the exact same reason.
  4. 3. I save the data online, onto a website called MongoDB, which is my database. In my bots code I fetch the data and use it.
  5. 4. I only share the collected data with my friend, BansaheGT. He’s the 2nd developer of Wizard Murphy. Other than him I share collected data to no one.
  6. 5. They can contact me or bansaheGT about their concerns. I’ll explain them everything in peace what we store and what we use it for.
  7. 6. Previously, there was no way to delete your data on my bot. But, I added a <reset command to delete your data on Wizard Murphy. As of writing this, there’s no way to delete server data unless you request a deletion of data to the developers.
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