Doki’s VS Katawa’s pt 1

Feb 18th, 2018
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  1. The year is, 202X or something Monika, stands on the empty side walk, with her eyes closed listening to the sound of the approaching Helicopter. Monika opens her eyes and sees the flying craft.
  2. “Attention citizens of Moecity, As of today your city is here by condemned by planetary empress, H Clintonstien due to the rising crime rates and global poverty.
  3. All police and citizens are hereby ordered to evacuate. Let the gangs fend for themselves.
  4. Monika smiled at the news as a gust of wind picks up her hair.
  5. On her walk back to her club building. She crosses path with a tall slender blonde girl walking the opposite direction with a pink haired girl with an amusing hair style.
  6. As if sensing her presence the blonde one looks at Monika with an eerie emotionless expression.
  7. Shrugging it off and walking to her base of operations.
  8. Monika approaches the alleyway and checks both sides before entering.
  10. Lily, thanks Misha for escorting her through the mainstreets as the two enter their abandoned school classroom.
  11. “Oh look everyone is here lily, Even... Shizune.” Hisao points out to her.
  12. “I assume we all heard the news about today, we will have to stand our ground and put up a good fight. If all goes well then it will be like our own kingdom” Lily says addressing her fellow Katawa’s who were all in attendance.
  13. Emi, Rin, Hanako, Hisao and her least favorite, Shizune, along with her slave lesbian lover Misha.
  14. “It seems we are long over due in addressing our ranks and functions in our circle of friends. Being the most skilled in combat it would be prudent if I, Lily were to be in charge”
  15. The girls have mixed reactions namely Shizune,
  16. “Hanako, I know how recluse you are, so you will be defense and guardian of our near perimeter. You will be a captain in charge of the other students who will be placed on guard duty”
  17. Lily, looks over at Emi. “With you being a big extrovert with great speed, I hereby appoint you on the offensive with the other students fit for such an operation. I trust you to bring down our enemies the Doki’s”
  18. “Shizune, you shall be our sniper, because it would be dangerous to have you in close range. And I did not having you in such close proximity”
  19. Misha reaches into the closet and retrieve’s a Type 97 and hands it to her. Misha being her spotter straps a Winchester Model 37 around her shoulder.
  20. “Ah Last but, not least Rin, seeing how you are a bit, uh... umm... Well our intelligence officer and senior strategist and Master of Spies... We do have some of our school mates capable of spies right”
  21. Rin appears in different at having her three titles.
  22. Lily, calls in the other school mates to get to be briefed.
  25. Monika sits in her office,
  26. Typing carefully at her Alienware lab top.
  27. Her focus sharp. A bead of stress appears on her forehead.
  28. Outside, Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri and MC sit at a round table awaiting their president.
  29. “While we may be out numbered, I’m sure Monika will find someway to boost our numbers”
  30. Yuri sighs deeply.
  31. MC-Kun stares blankly at the door.
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