dumdum (twixyou, short, humiliation fetish) to do?

Oct 19th, 2018
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  1. >>I've always wanted to be humiliated intellectually by twilight. I want to be made vulnerable, and beg for her dominance. I want to be denied this while rubbing my cock against my thighs as she chastises me.
  3. >she publicly destroys you in some philosophical debate, smugly smirking as all you can come up with is ad hominems and comments about the size of her rear to hide your shameful erection and your fluttering heart
  4. >you spend the rest of the evening acting grumpy and pouty
  5. >you knew you were going to lose this one, you knew and yet you still ran into it
  6. >you feel your heart skip at the sound of the large crystal door closing, signaling that all your friends have finally left
  7. >that's when it starts
  8. >that's always how it starts
  9. >"Fascist ideology, huh?"
  10. "The producer and writer themselves called it that,"
  11. >you grumble out, but you can't find the courage to turn around and face her
  12. >not that you need to do it to know the kind of face she must be making right now
  13. >"Well, maybe they should have read the book,"
  14. >"Maybe you should have~,"
  15. "Who's got time to read books?!"
  16. >that was a mistake
  17. >but you realized it way too late
  18. >her chest was already pressing against your back, and her lips were already a breath away from your ear
  19. >"Smart people have the time~,"
  20. >is she calling you a retard?!
  21. >you can't let this one go
  22. >say something! something smart!
  23. "I'm not dumb! You are!"
  24. >yeah that'll teach her
  25. >you dumbass
  26. >she raised an eyebrow, a tad surprised at this eloquent response of yours, yet didn't deem it worthy of an answer
  27. >other than that giggle of hers
  28. >that giggle that always serves as a reminder of your place in this hierarchy
  29. >and a reminder of how much you love it
  30. >her
  31. >everything
  32. >if you still had any hope of getting out of this one with some remnants of your pride left, it's now gone
  33. >and the worst part is that, even though you're not supposed to, even though you know you shouldn't, you're enjoying it
  34. >greatly
  35. >"So, is my big, dumb human going to stop pouting so we can cuddle a bit before bed or are you in one of those moods where I have to force you?"
  36. "I-I'm not pouting!"
  37. >"Force you it is~,"
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