Hora Hora Suki tte Icchaina yo! [Typeset]

Jan 31st, 2016
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  1. Hora Hora Suki tte Icchaina yo! Translation
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  10. [Ladylike Kongou-san]
  11. >....uhh, Kongou.... | You've become more honest lately, haven't you?
  12. >Well, it would be very unfortunate if I were to be seen by the admiral as a clingy girl who only makes trouble.
  13. >Since we've already married (provisionally), it's only natural that I be the Admiral's elegant wife!
  14. >--that's true, it's almost as if you've become a yamato nadeshiko...
  15. >Wha...
  17. >Honestly I'm quite surprised that you were aware that you were slowing down my work.
  18. >[How uncouth of the Admiral, to say that instead of honestly praising me.]
  19. >I am a little ashamed about this as well...
  20. >But even if it troubles the Admiral a little
  21. >I still want to bother the Admiral until he chooses me...
  22. >I see, I see.
  23. >[*Now that she's returned to normal, the Admiral's relaxed.]
  24. >Oy oy!! Couldn't you act a little more moved dess?!
  25. >You don't need to act this cute just because we're married. | What's wrong with acting like normal?
  26. >Please concentrate on your work, Admiral, don't mind me!
  27. >Don't ask me not to mind you...
  28. >When you're this uncharacteristically quiet, I can't keep working.
  29. >...could it be, Admiral, you...
  31. >Admiral, are you lonely because I can't cuddle with you?
  32. >[Just kidding~]
  33. >....Ah--- | that's about right.
  34. >
  36. >Well then, Kongou, | want to cuddle a little?
  37. >Eh...
  38. >...hold on, Admiral?!
  39. >[Ahhhhh--] There, there there~
  40. >Kongou's baffled expression is the cutest.
  41. >[Oy, wot's goin' on?!]
  42. >When Kongou runs into unexpected circumstances, Kongou becomes completely bewildered.
  44. [Although This Isn't The Right Time And Place]
  45. >Admiral, here's your Valentine chocolate, dess~!
  46. >Ah, thanks.
  47. >Although I was kind of expecting it, the Admiral got a lot of valentine's chocolate this year as well. >Everyone sure adheres to their traditional obligations.
  48. >My chocolate isn't obligation, you know! It's real real love!
  49. >I got it, I got it.
  50. >...Plus, I wouldn't real love chocolate from anyone except you.
  51. >Ad...Admiral, are you saying....
  52. >If I didn't, wouldn't you bully the other shipgirls into light damage?
  53. >Light damage...?! I'm not such a violent girl dess!!
  55. >Well, let's leave the jokes at that, I gratefully accept this.
  56. >Although I'm still a little unhappy...Try it out, dess!
  57. >...Hey...Kongou, this isn't sweet at all...
  58. >I figured the admiral'd be sick of sweets, so I made you a super 99% chocolate!
  59. >I see...
  60. > it not good?
  61. >--no, | it's delicious, thank you.
  62. >That's great dess!
  63. >...But next year, I think I'll stick with the normal sweet chocolate.
  64. >Leave it to me!
  66. >[Ahhh...] having to deal with all this paperwork everyday sure is boring.
  67. >Admiral!! A new Letter is here desss!!
  68. >Ohh--...
  69. >[*Marriage Application]
  70. >.........Kongou, this is?
  71. >It's exactly what it looks like dess!
  73. >[I've been played around in the palm of the Admiral's hand recently...]
  74. >[Now I shall be the one taking the initiative dess!]
  75. >Now that the provisional marriage quest is complete, this is the next big quest dess!
  76. >---I see.
  77. >So the reward for completing this is you, huh?
  78. >He stole my line!
  79. > expected of the admiral, your eyes are as sharp as ever.
  80. >This has nothing to do with my eyes
  82. >Hurry up and put your seal in it and finish the ques...
  83. >--st...?
  84. >.....Eh....? ....Admiral?
  85. >Well then, Kongou,
  86. >Will you
  87. >Marry me?
  88. >...Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!!!
  89. >[Marriage?]
  90. >Why are you so shocked, it was your suggestion.
  91. >--This....
  92. >This is bad dess!
  94. >Although I'm really happy, this wasn't in my calculations dess!
  95. >Now please give me my reward.
  96. >[I....I should find something to say...]
  97. >A-Admiral....
  98. >Mm?
  99. >I think it'd be best if we have three children dess!!!
  100. >What the hell are you talking about?
  101. >An idiot lover is forever/An idiot will love you forever.
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