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Jan 21st, 2019
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  1. Stellaris
  3. Update 2.2.4 (18 January 2019)
  4. 2.2 ‘Le Guin’ Free Features
  6. Added the new "Legion" flag set, with 6 new flag emblems
  7. Added some missing localization for new 2.2.2 features/fixes
  8. You can now choose not to care about brain implant problems
  10. Balance
  12. 50 years must now pass before the Galactic Market can be founded
  13. Xenophile faction now cares about whether any pops are actually enslaved, rather than slavery policy in general
  14. Increased delay before Caravaneer fleets start roaming the galaxy
  15. Increased Alloy production for relevant Branch Office buildings from 2 to 3
  16. Significantly lowered the priority of drone maintenance jobs as they were always chosen before other simple jobs
  17. Fixed so that newly promoted pops can be instantly demoted if fired within a year of promotion. This should help with cases of pops abandoning basic resource production jobs to take on more specialist roles when the buildings that provide them are activated, crippling your economy
  18. Lowered Tidal Locked modifier on total available planetary districts from -50% to -30%
  19. Syncretic species do not increase xenophile attraction
  20. Biotrophies are now quite upset if they don't have the Bio-Trophy "job" of laying about being pampered
  21. Changed the size of all sectors to be 3 hyperlane jumps
  22. Drone Storage building now increases amenities instead of adding a maintenance drone job
  23. Upgraded Drone Storage building now increases amenities instead of adding 2 maintenance drone jobs
  24. Drone Storage building effect on housing reduced from 5 to 4
  25. Priest job weights have been tweaked
  26. High Priest jobs now also provide 2 society research
  27. Reduced Devastation needed to destroy Contingency Worlds to 50%
  28. Debris Analyzed research points per component increased to 20 x level
  29. Culture Workers, Artisans, Metallurgists, Chemists, Translucers and Gas Refiners have had slight tweaks to their job weights
  30. Quantum Energy States and Advanced Food Processing technologies no longer require the Colonial Centralization technology
  31. Quantum Field Manipulation and Nano-Vitality Crops technologies no longer require the Galactic Administration technology
  32. Gene Crops technology no longer requires Colonial Centralization technology
  33. Several planetary modifiers now force a good mineral or energy deposit to spawn
  35. UI
  37. Added missing modifier icons for Improved Code Standards and Production Quota Surpluses
  38. Fixed incorrect colony type icon on industrial worlds
  39. Fixed slight visual spillout of the Hive Nexus and Hive Core building icons
  40. Removed unnecessary and confusing close button from the caravaneer GUI
  41. Added proper icons for Improved Code Standards and Production Quota Surpluses modifiers, and removed placeholders
  42. Fixed Branch Office value not displaying if over 99.9
  43. When researching Paradise Domes/Organic Paradise, only the building your empire type can build will be shown
  44. Made the Build Megastructure menu a bit less cramped
  45. Fixed the UI committing seppuku if you clicked the population tab on an uninhabited world
  47. AI
  49. AI now properly prioritizes starbase types it has too few of; the prime one being a shipyard
  50. Fixed it so AI can now attempt to counter piracy even when at war
  51. Made AI a lot less likely to split up its fleets in to portions so small, it then calculates it lacks sufficient strength, and will not attack when at war
  52. Lowered the threshold for the AI deciding whether or not to attack, so it shouldn't resort to a Fabian strategy of non-engagement in war
  53. Fixed some AI weights for population control (thanks for the heads-up Glavius, you're rad)
  54. Fixed AI not repairing ruined buildings when it had the resources to do so
  55. AI will now actually follow through on its well-intentioned desire to upgrade buildings
  56. Tweaked alloy budget for fallen empires to better match their needs
  57. Stopped the AI from spamming redundant colony ships
  58. Fixed Gestalt empires not building colony ships
  59. Tweaked budgeting to make the AI less reticent about hiring leaders
  61. Performance
  63. Performance improvement when computing pop factions
  64. Performance improvement on modifiers using a hybrid array
  65. Threaded some fleet calculations
  66. More pops threading for better performance
  67. Optimization: will no longer calculate the country modifiers at the end of the planet daily update serial, but have a pass to calculate all countries that were modified after all planet updates
  68. Optimization: Improved job counting
  69. Parallelized fleet looking for combat for slight performance increase
  70. Added more threading to planet handling
  71. Optimized population calculations some more, reduced unnecessary calculations
  72. Reduced amount of systems the outliner needs to check for planets to populate planet and branch office lists
  73. Adjusted amount of extra rendering for micro and daily ticks
  75. Modding
  77. Ecumenopolises now have properly-set graphical cultures
  78. Updated the is_organic_species and is_robotic_species scripted triggers to use the new is_archetype trigger, to better support modded species classes
  79. Added "purge = purge_type" to job types. Pops doing that job are getting purged in the type indicated (purge_normal, purge_matrix, purge_neutering, purge_displacement, purge_labor_camps, purge_processing )
  80. Added "purge = purge_type" to pop categories. Pops in that category are getting purged in the type indicated (purge_normal, purge_matrix, purge_neutering, purge_displacement, purge_labor_camps, purge_processing )
  82. Bugfixes
  84. Tweaked wording regarding strategic resources offered by the Dessanu to no longer falsely imply they are unique to the L-Cluster
  85. Fixed democratic election lacking candidates due to leaders having no mandates
  86. Fixed being able to purchase some unique Numistic Order products more than once
  87. Fixed the terraforming swaps for the Geothermal Vents planetary feature
  88. Fixed a crash that could occur when giving fleet patrol orders in late game
  89. Fixed ships sometimes not being able to complete special projects when part of a multi-ship fleet
  90. Fixed a literally unplayable broken string in a tooltip when trying to build more than one Mega Art Installation
  91. Fixed figuratively unplayable typos
  92. Fixed missing reference to increasing Anomaly discovery chance in the tooltip for the "Diamond in the Rough" Anomaly
  93. Fixed text description of one of the Vengralian Trium's caravaneer deals wrongly stating it costs 1200 alloys, when in fact it deducts 2000
  94. Fixed triply duplicated message about needing to close branch offices before declaring war in the diplomacy screen
  95. Fixed pop habitability tooltip being shown as a fraction instead of a percentage, and not displaying the base number nor any of the modifiers
  96. Fixed event-based buildings wrongly being buildable on Thrall-Worlds
  97. Fixed Resource Processing Center improperly creating administrators jobs and a rulers stratum for gestalt empires, while someone played the Internationale on a mandolin in the dusty hills of Aragon
  98. Corporate Monuments can no longer be built (but can still be used) by Spiritualist Megacorporations, as the latter have Temples
  99. Fixed duplicate text in mechanized mining technology description
  100. Removed a bunch of formatting/line break errors all over the place
  101. Fixed Clone Vats being buildable on Resort Worlds (reluctantly...)
  102. Fixed habitability wrongly being displayed for unsurveyed worlds
  103. Updated Residence citizenship type tooltip. Pops can engage politically, but they have less political power
  104. Devouring swarm tooltip now correctly shows Biology research bonus
  105. Wrongly applied culture shock modifier has been removed for Gestalt empires
  106. Made improvements to the Alien Machine event chain to help you out if a wormhole was created to a system you've not yet surveyed
  107. Added missing description for the deposit added by the "Of Transmissions Decoded" event
  108. Rugged Woods planetary feature now properly converts to another planetary feature when the planet is terraformed, rather than simply disappearing
  109. Clamped research costs so they wouldn't overflow with late game repeatable techs, and become free
  110. Fixed the "Single-Minded" anomaly sometimes causing duplicate planet modifiers in a weird rebellion against its own name
  111. Fixed planets with anomalies showing the resources from them before being surveyed
  112. Fixed having artificial intelligence set to outlawed disabling ruler jobs after synthetic evolution
  113. Fixed a crash on autosave
  114. Fixed Economic Policy modifiers affecting a country's total income rather than just job output
  115. Devouring Swarms will no longer attempt to digest robots as food, and will break them down into alloys instead
  116. Fixed clicking on your fleet in the galaxy view also selecting alien ships in the same system, disabling giving orders until the aliens were deselected
  117. Fixed planet with rudimentary robots wrongly showing ethics info from the last selected player empire planet
  118. Fixed the plasma accelerators tech wrongly stating it would unlock caravaneer ship weapons as well
  119. Updated the Dessanu L-Gate outcome from Distant Stars to properly work with the 2.2 resource rework. It will now provide monthly rare resources
  120. Fixed some instances of orbital deposits being wrongfully placed on habitable planets, via anomalies or events (Silent Behemoth, Cunning Flora, Echoes From The Deep, etc). Also replaced some of these cases with usable planetary features
  121. Fixed a Vengralian Trium caravaneer deal's description text wrongly promising a 10% trade value increase, when the tooltip and gameplay result is 15%
  122. Fixed newly added democratic mandates not registering progress on them correctly, making them impossible to fulfill
  123. Federation Associate now also counts as a non-aggression pact for the purposes of faction demands (fixes an issue with pacifist faction demands)
  124. Fixed so that unemployed pops of the same strata are chosen for a job before promoting new pops for it
  125. Fixed some techs having a discrepancy between area and expertise, ie, physics techs requiring the engineering field's "materials" expertise. This also fixes issues with tech weighting
  126. Fixed the machines sometimes rising up twice, since there's only so many Terminator spinoffs one galaxy can take
  127. Fixed Offworld Trade Companies, Mineral Purification, Food Processing techs wrongly being blocked by not having access to rare resources
  128. Fixed Pops continuing to grow while under occupation by Crises
  129. Fixed so that the Subterranean Aliens event correctly spawns armies that can properly invade you
  130. Researcher job no longer evaluates trait_syncretic_proles because syncretic proles cannot be specialists
  131. Researcher job now evaluates trait_intelligent and trait_brainslug separately because a pop can have both of them
  132. Manager job now evaluates trait_thrifty and trait_nuumismatic_administration separately because a pop can have both of them
  133. Colonist job now has weights for trait_robot_domestic_protocols, trait_charismatic and trait_repugnant
  134. Merchant and Executive jobs now check for Thrifty and Numistic Administration separately for both modifiers and chance weights
  135. Heritage Sites tech path is now properly unlocked by Rare Crystals rather than Volatile Motes, although the Leaning Tower of Pisa made entirely of C4 would be pretty cool
  136. Criminal job types should no longer appear at all in Gestalt Empires, only Deviant Drones
  137. Fixed broken graphical assets for the Contingency crisis
  138. Fixed Cracking or Pacifying a Contingency World causing it to not be counted as destroyed
  139. Fixed Phaseshifted planet anomaly rerolling planet deposits every time it shifts. Will also no longer wrongly generate orbital deposits
  140. Gene Banks tech now grants the ability for Assimilators to produce Clone Armies once again, without needing the Clone Vats building
  141. The following anomalies will now clear orbital deposits if they are of an incompatible type with the anomaly outcome: Energetic Spectra, Life Electric, Blackhole Hologram, Dead God, White Hell, Heavy Metal Frost
  142. Titanic Life and Dangerous Wildlife blocker drop rates adjusted and made non-recursive so they don't give you planets with negative districts
  143. Removed obsolete reference to tiles in Docile Migrating Forests modifier
  144. Fixed an issue where the War in Heaven would involve Awakened Empires that had previously woken up for other reasons
  145. Fixed the Micro-Replicators and Self-Assembling Components techs not applying their modifiers
  146. Fixed finding the Galatron in every Reliquary after getting it once, which did reduce the sense of cosmic wonder a touch
  147. Fixed not being able to form research agreements with fellow Federation members
  148. Fixed the Prethoryn Scourge and Contingency Crises not purging pops properly
  149. Event chain objecting to construction of a Dyson sphere will no longer trigger between countries with very hostile opinion of each other
  150. Fixed outposts and station's tooltips showing a mystery question mark icon, for reasons
  151. Fixed Engineered Evolution ascension perk tooltip not mentioning unlocking Clone Vats building
  152. Fixed terraforming from Hive and Machine worlds resulting in planets with no Planetary Features
  153. Fixed tooltip for purges of non-organic species wrongly referring to food production
  154. Fixed AI using the Market causing prices to always increase, even when it was selling and not buying
  155. Fixed Nomadic trait not reducing resettlement cost
  156. Fixed Shipyard construction speed modifiers not being applied to civilian ships
  157. Fixed the Chthonian Planet modifier not adding a Mineral planetary feature
  158. More traits are checked when evaluating pops for Merchant and Manager jobs
  159. Fixed Contingency not purging (found something at the last minute where the last pop on a crisis occuppied world will not be purged, we'll get it sorted, but didn't want to make you wait until next week for the patch)
  160. Disabling sector automation now REALLY disables it. Previously it would continue to build if it had resources left. Good initiative, but...
  161. Fixed tooltip for the Fender Bender anomaly stating it grants 9 eng research when in fact it only gives 3
  162. Fixed tooltip for the Rudimentary Robots anomaly stating it grants 3, when it actually gave out 2, by just saying "hell with it give 4 instead"
  163. Entertainer job now properly applies the modifiers for the Domestic Protocols, Charismatic, and Repugnant traits
  164. Fixed a crash when hovering over empire comparisons in observer mode
  165. DLCs are being sent at the start of a MP game. Fixes instant OOS as well
  166. Fixed potential CTD when loading market and certain empires no longer exist
  167. Fixed issue where the Marauder Horde was not dealt with properly if the Khan died of old age
  168. Fixed total wars creating empty sectors
  169. Biotrophy deviancy will no longer cause unemployment event to trigger nor will unemployed biotrophies be affected
  170. Mardak Vol now spawn as a Stone Age civilization as described in the event
  171. Enigmatic Ascension is no longer aborted upon moving capital. Event added for when homeworld is occupied during enigmatic ascension
  172. Fixed crash on load when a planet you had a branch office got destroyed
  173. Fixed a couple of literally unplayable typos regarding the Kilik Cooperative
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