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  1. As a young brat, you’ve always been fascinated with heroic tales, saving people from peril, taking on myriads of enemies, conquering through every trial and tribulation until meeting a girl in distress, making her fall in love and saving the world with a big smile in your face. Long have you admired the fortitude and perseverance of these heroes even up to now, as a young adult, your high on these stories never went away as it gives you a small glimmer of hope that perhaps, if you can muster the same courage that they show in their exploits would allow you to face the mundane normalcy of everyday life.
  4. Normal, in a sense of helping these same heroes over the phone that is...
  6. ...
  8. Waking up to the prickling sun and soft humming of birds, you turn around and see the books by your bedside. Yet another night, falling asleep reading books about heroes and warriors and at the same time, it is beside the paper that tells you of your schedule for this week. Yet another rough shift heading your way but nonetheless, helping these heroes in distress is somewhat gratifying. Getting up, you immediately look at the mirror and crack a smile on your weary face. Sure, the shift yesterday was hard but somehow, you manage to stay alive to live another day to take another phone call or in this case, a wallet that is near empty. Nevertheless, with your workplace just a few blocks away, that spares you of going further into debt in the aspects of transportation fare.
  10. With that in mind, you then turn on your computer and read through your email, browsing through every unread message and getting a mix of emotions from it. Your angry supervisor shouting about a messed up assistance or your workmates asking you to get wasted once salary hits, the typical stuff mostly but as you go through the company newsletter, you see something that is not the typical stuff
  14. “Now, that is something you don’t see every day.” You whisper to yourself while scrolling down and seeing the faces of this team but before that, you can’t help but wonder why in the world are you in this job in the first place?
  16. In a world where magic and technology work hand in hand, warriors brave unknown lands, fight off demonic and supernatural invasions and save countless lives but who will save them from their daily struggles, who will make sure that they use the right spell or right move to save the day?
  18. Not to worry though, as MagicPerformax is here to help you out and make sure you succeed in being the hero that this world needs. Our trained supports and representative are on the phone, 24/7 waiting for your call and making sure that you get out of that dungeon alive, seal that demon king and of course, save that damsel in distress! Call today!
  20. You did not really ask for this but with being a hero being so expensive nowadays, and having pretty much no money to go to a university, let alone a training academy, you are one of the many people who go into customer service. At first, you’d think that you’d be a salesman, selling plastic containers or weapons but when you discovered your LOB or Line of Business, as your colleagues would term it, you can’t help but feel elated as you will be, somewhat a part of a hero’s journey even if that is, you are telling him to go check her nearby blacksmith to make sure his sword is sharp or something.
  22. Heaving a sigh, you turn off the screen of your computer and go downstairs.
  24. “Oh, you’re up.” A disappointing voice greets you while also hearing a loud sizzle of something being seared on a pan.
  26. “Not really the pleasant morning that I’m expecting, mom.” You greet your mother while sitting down on the dining table. “You do know that this the only time that my body clock has its sanity.” You chuckle while getting the nearby cup of coffee and taking a quick sip.
  28. “Well, it’s not my fault that you’re in that predicament.” Your mom sighs in reply while grabbing a plate and placing on what seems to be bacon and eggs. “Though, your salary is really keeping this family alive. Things are so expensive nowadays.”
  30. “Blame the war about that.” You scoff while standing up and looking for the morning paper. “That, and the mass influx of expeditions have cranked up our call volumes as of late and it is still August, for crying out loud!” You scratch your head in annoyance.
  32. “At the very least, you’re not taking phone calls anymore right?” Your mom then comforts you while handing you a plate of crisp bacon, omelet, and bread.
  34. “Yeah, but I’m the one who’s taking the supervisor calls now and you do know, that it can be a pain right?” You argue while sitting back down and taking another sip at the coffee.
  36. “Fair enough, but what do you want to do then, Quit?” Your mother asks with a small smile.
  38. “You do know that I can’t do that.” You immediately snap back.
  40. “Then, grab your sword and don’t look back~” Your mother muses while sitting in front of you and grabbing the toast on your plate.
  42. Well, if there is anything, you do well know that you can’t quit your job. Not with you and your family’s current financial standing. Nowadays, MagicPerformax is one the very few companies that while, it will mentally and emotionally run you dry with the responsibility, compensates really well and no to mention, the promotion process is better than other companies out there and of course, it is also one of the very few whom most heroes, wizards, and adventurers trust with their needs.
  44. “Right.” Dropping the newspaper, you finish your breakfast and grab your phone, scrolling down your email and seeing a few new messages from your supervisor and workmates. Even during your rest days, the work seems endless.
  46. “Can’t you give that a rest for now?” Your mother then blurts out as she finishes her coffee. “You’ve been working six days for the last few months for sure, you can have your one rest day to yourself at the very least.”
  48. “I wish.” You heave a sigh while opening the email and reading it silently. “But ever since that war between two major families started the volume of calls and mishandled supports have increased and the things that I’ve mentioned from earlier as well.” You tell her.
  50. “Is there not someone who’s taking your place when you’re at rest day that they really need to bother you?” Your mother then asks while standing up and grabbing your plate.
  52. “Well, that goes to sure that your son is someone that the management can trust.” You wink at her while also standing up. “Anyways, I need to go now.” You show her the countless unread emails with a small grin at your face. “Time to make you proud.”
  54. “Whatever.” Chuckling, your mother then turns her back to wash the dishes. Heading back upstairs, you then feel your phone vibrating. Picking it up, you notice a string of numbers that look all too familiar. Shaking your head, you pick it up and almost immediately you hear a scream from the other line.
  56. “Are you the supervisor?!” The voice angrily asks.
  58. “What in the world is going on…” You mutter in disbelief while hitting the mute button. Taking a deep breath, you press the mute button once more to respond to the irate customer.
  60. “Yes ma'am, I am one of the floor supervisors at MagicPerfomax speaking in a recorded line…how can I be of assi-“
  62. “Well, my fucking delivery of swords and staves has not yet arrived! And I was promised two day delivery on this mind you!!” She screams before you could say anything. “Also, my potions that you guys have promised me to be delivered within the next day have not yet arrived!” She continues screaming into your ear. “How are we supposed to defeat the demon army with this unacceptable service huh?!” She exclaims. “Do you want to be responsible for the death of the human race, supervisor?!” She screams.
  64. “I do understand that it has been an arduous process ma'am and on behalf of MagicPerformax, I would like to apologize for the icon-“
  66. “You better stop apologizing then and do something!” She interrupts you once more as you get to your computer and open your company’s messenger to find a note from your supervisor.
  68. Take this and talk to the support who handled this call later on. This is a bit too much for me to take.
  70. “Of course…of course.” You whisper while shaking your head and looking at the case number that was also forwarded to you. Reading through the notes, it seems like that this lady, Lalaine, a Magus of the Reinfelt Kingdom is on an expedition to push back the demon invasion coming from the western portion of their territories. Perusing through her file, you try to think of several options to perhaps, calm her down and making sure that she keeps on trusting the MagicPerfomax brand.
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