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  1. C4082
  2. Initially, he had even wanted to kill Chu Feng to vent his anger on those people who were severely injured by Chu Feng.
  4. But at this moment, he suddenly realized that he was not a match for Chu Feng at all.
  6. The Junior of this Chu Heavenly Clan was even more powerful than he had imagined!
  8. "Do you know who we are?"
  10. "We are the people of Constellation Immortal Island."
  12. Seeing that he was not Chu Feng's match, this Elder Taishang hurriedly brought up his strength, wanting to scare Chu Feng off.
  13. However, Chu Feng laughed coldly, "I know you are people of Constellation Immortal Island."
  14. "You … "You crazy disciple, since you know that we are from the Constellation Immortal Island, you still dare to attack us?" The Lord Elder Taishang asked.
  15. "Heh …"
  17. Chu Feng smiled faintly.
  19. "The one I'm beating is one of you from Constellation Immortal Island."
  22. "Woosh ~ ~ ~"
  23. Chu Feng then disappeared.
  25. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Elder Taishang. He punched out straight at the Elder Taishang's face.
  27. That Elder Taishang had wanted to dodge it.
  29. It was just that he could do nothing as Chu Feng's speed was too fast. He could only watch helplessly as Chu Feng's fist struck towards him, but he could not dodge in time.
  31. "Bang ~ ~ ~"
  32. The moment his fist landed, the Elder Taishang flew backwards and landed ruthlessly on the ground.
  35. By the time he landed on the ground, his face was twisted and he was unable to move.
  37. But Chu Feng followed closely behind, and arrived in front of his.
  38. Chu Feng swung her arms, his fist continued to smash towards the Elder Taishang like a torrential storm.
  39. One punch, ten punches, a hundred punches, a thousand punches ….
  40. Fist to flesh!
  41. When Chu Feng withdrew her hand, that Elder Taishang was already completely unrecognizable. Her tendons and bones were all broken and she did not even have a trace of consciousness.
  42. It could even be said that beneath Chu Feng was no longer a person, but a pool of blood.
  43. However, he was not dead. He still had a breath left in him.
  45. As the saying goes, each debt has its own owner.
  46. If Chu Feng wanted to kill him, she had to kill the island master of Constellation Immortal Island. After all, he almost killed Family Chief.
  47. However, humiliating Chu Feng and Chu Heavenly Clan was also a huge crime.
  48. A death sentence could be avoided, but a crime could not be avoided.
  49. In Chu Feng's eyes, although they were already crippled, they still deserved to be punished.
  51. "Plop ~ ~ ~"
  52. Suddenly, the sound of someone falling on the ground came from afar.
  53. It turned out that one of them had collapsed on the ground.
  55. That person was someone from the Constellation Immortal Island.
  56. He had some matters to attend to before, so when he returned, he discovered that there were sounds of fighting coming from the direction of his tribe members.
  57. As a result, he did not go closer, but hid in the shadows to observe.
  59. Coincidentally, they saw the scene of their Elder Taishang being beaten up violently by Chu Feng.
  60. He did not dare to use his perception to observe, so he could only use his eyes to confirm everything.
  61. Therefore, those people who had been beaten unconscious by Chu Feng.
  63. In this man's eyes, he had become a dead man.
  65. It was fine if they were from the others, but even the powerful Elder Taishang was being beaten to death. This frightened him quite a bit, and she even fell to the ground from fright.
  66. However, he did not dare to stay there, nor did he dare to reveal anything. He quickly got up, and escaped into the distance.
  67. The direction in which he fled in was in the direction of the Island Lord of Constellation Immortal Island.
  68. He was going to ask for help.
  69. But what he did not know was that after he made his move, Chu Feng's gaze also locked onto him.
  71. Furthermore, Chu Feng's current gaze was several times more terrifying than that of a violent beast.
  73. … ….
  74. The current Purple Star Realm was completely different from before.
  76. Many strange things happened, and many heavenly and earthly treasures even appeared.
  77. This was something that had never happened before.
  78. The phenomenon that Chu Heavenly Clan had encountered was only one of them.
  80. At this moment, the phenomenon formed by the Sky and Earth powers had appeared three times.
  81. Without exception, all the energy of the world that had caused this phenomenon had been snatched away by the Island Lord of the Constellation Immortal Island.
  82. At this moment, this island master was using the Star Appraisal Stone to absorb the third energy. It was so dense that it could trigger a phenomenon.
  83. Compared to the Lord Elder Taishang, this place was relatively quiet.
  85. Except for the sound of the phenomenon in the sky.
  86. Those from the Constellation Immortal Island didn't dare to say a word.
  88. They didn't dare to disturb the Island Lord of Constellation Immortal Island.
  89. "Lord Island Lord, this is bad."
  90. Suddenly, a voice filled with panic sounded from the distant forest.
  91. Accompanying the voice was the man who was frightened by Chu Feng.
  92. "What are you shouting for?"
  94. "Didn't you see the Island Lord refine the Heaven and Earth energy?"
  96. Someone asked coldly.
  98. Although his tone was filled with anger, in order to not affect their Lord Island Master, he suppressed his tone to a very low level.
  99. Right at this moment, that man had arrived before Chu Feng and kneeled onto the ground.
  100. "Master, Lord Elder Taishang is dead."
  102. "The people from my island that followed the Lord Elder Taishang are all dead."
  103. The man cried.
  105. "What did you say?"
  106. "Say it again."
  107. A vigorous and powerful voice rang out.
  108. He was the Island Lord of Constellation Immortal Island.
  109. "Lord Island Master, Lord Elder Taishang and the others are all dead."
  110. The man cried.
  112. "Dead? How did he die?"
  113. "Could it be that we've encountered such a powerful purple star beast?"
  115. The Island Lord asked.
  116. "No, it wasn't a strange purple star beast. It was killed by someone."
  117. the man said.
  119. "Killed by someone?"
  120. Hearing those words, everyone present was shocked.
  121. The reason for that was because their Constellation Immortal Island no longer had anyone among the ten powers who dared to oppose the island master ever since he defeated six leader with his own strength.
  122. Who would dare to kill someone from his Constellation Immortal Island?
  123. "Who is it? Who dares to touch my Constellation Immortal Island's people?"
  124. The Island Lord asked.
  125. "It's the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan."
  127. the man said.
  129. "What?"
  130. "Chu Heavenly Clan?"
  132. Hearing the words Chu Heavenly Clan, the shocked expression on the faces of the people of Constellation Immortal Island grew even more intense.
  134. How dare a mere Chu Heavenly Clan kill the people of Constellation Immortal Island?
  136. No, it wasn't a question of whether he dared to or not.
  138. But they simply didn't have the strength to do so.
  139. "Are you sure? Are you really from the Chu Heavenly Clan?"
  140. The Island Lord asked.
  142. "Lord Island Master, it is absolutely true."
  143. "It's that Chu Heavenly Clan from before, Chu Feng."
  144. The man said.
  145. "Chu Feng?"
  147. "Could it be that the rumors are true, and that Chu Feng is truly that powerful?"
  148. When they heard the two words "Chu Feng", the people who originally thought it was inconceivable suddenly felt that what had happened could actually have happened.
  149. After all, even before they had entered the purple star realm, the blue clad man had already spread news of Chu Feng's achievements.
  150. Therefore, the people of the Constellation Immortal Island had heard of Chu Feng's deeds.
  151. Before this, they did not believe that a Junior could possess such power.
  152. But now, even their Elder Taishang had been killed, it was impossible for them to not believe it.
  153. "What a great Chu Feng."
  154. "For the sake of the Purple Star Hall's sake, I was kind enough to spare their Chu Heavenly Clan."
  155. "And now, he actually dared to kill the men of my Constellation Immortal Island."
  156. "Right now, no one can save his Chu Heavenly Clan, even the Purple Star Hall cannot protect them."
  157. "Not only will Chu Feng die, I will kill everyone in Chu Heavenly Clan."
  158. "I want everyone to know what sort of price one must pay if they dare to oppose my Constellation Immortal Island."
  160. In the eyes of the Constellation Immortal Island, rage raged.
  161. As he spoke, he put away the Star Appraisal Stone and stopped absorbing the boundless natural energy.
  163. "Lead the way, take me to that Chu Feng."
  164. He, the Island Lord of Constellation Immortal Island, was going to settle scores with Chu Feng.
  165. After Lord Island Master said those words, the morale of the people from the Constellation Immortal Island also soared. Their killing intent overflowed into the heavens.
  167. Although they were shocked by Chu Feng's power.
  169. But if the Island Master made her move, they felt that Chu Feng was definitely going to die too.
  170. "There's no need to look for it."
  171. Right at this moment, a voice sounded from the forest.
  173. Looking towards the direction of the voice, everyone's expression froze.
  174. In the forest, a shadow was approaching them.
  175. That shadow was in human form, but those eyes were blood-red!
  176. That kind of gaze was extremely terrifying and did not seem like something that a human should have.
  178. And what made them most uneasy was that the figure was actually dragging something behind his back.
  180. It looked like a long snake.
  181. But when they took a closer look, everyone was shocked.
  182. It was not a snake, but a corpse.
  183. The corpses were tied together like a long snake and dragged along.
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