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  1. 5 2b 3 2f 2 2j 6 2l a 2l e 2l i 2j k 2f k 2j l 2l,15 21 15 25 14 29 14 2d 13 2h 12 2l,r 2a v 2a 13 2a 17 2a 1b 2a 1f 2a,1v 2g 1t 2c 1p 2a 1l 2a 1h 2c 1e 2f 1d 2j 1h 2m 1l 2m 1p 2n 1t 2n 20 2k 20 2g 1u 2c,g -5k 14 -5g,n -qi 22 -ql,4u -qk 5m -qk,a6 -ul am -uk,d4 -14m dp -157,en -19p gk -19n,ms -1bv nb -1cd,nc -1cc nm -1cc,sd -1di sp -1ec,uu -1ij 100 -1j6,162 -1qd 16i -1qs,1g8 -24p 1h3 -254,1i1 -2bj 1hv -2bl,1j4 -2dt 1j5 -2dp 1j5 -2dl 1j8 -2dh 1jc -2dg 1jg -2dg 1jk -2dh 1jo -2di 1jr -2dl 1ju -2do 1jt -2dk 1jt -2dg 1jr -2dc 1jq -2d8 1jm -2d6 1ji -2d5 1je -2d5 1ja -2d6 1j6 -2d8 1j4 -2dc,1ku -2dk 1kq -2dl 1km -2dm 1ki -2dn 1ke -2dn 1kb -2dk 1k9 -2dg 1k9 -2dc 1kc -2d9 1kg -2d9 1kk -2d9 1ko -2d9 1kr -2dc 1ks -2dg,1ij -2c7 1ig -2ca 1ic -2ca 1i8 -2ca 1i5 -2c7 1i8 -2c4 1ib -2c0 1ie -2bt 1ii -2br 1ik -2bn 1ih -2bj 1id -2bi 1i9 -2bh 1i5 -2bh 1i1 -2bj,1io -2c7 1in -2c3 1in -2bv 1in -2br 1in -2bn 1im -2bj 1im -2bf 1im -2bj 1ip -2bm 1is -2bp 1j0 -2br 1j4 -2br 1j8 -2br 1jb -2bo 1jb -2bk 1jb -2bg,1k3 -2bq 1jv -2br 1jr -2br 1jn -2br 1jj -2br 1jf -2bo 1jc -2bl 1jd -2bh 1jh -2bf 1jl -2be 1jp -2bd 1jt -2bd 1k1 -2bd 1k5 -2bg 1k7 -2bk 1k9 -2bo 1ka -2bs 1ka -2bu,1ki -2bo 1kg -2bk 1kg -2bg 1kg -2bc 1kj -2b9 1kn -2b9 1kr -2ba 1ku -2bd 1l1 -2bg 1l3 -2bk 1l3 -2bg 1l3 -2bc 1l3 -2ba,1le -2di 1ld -2de 1ld -2da 1lh -2d9 1ll -2d9 1lp -2db 1lt -2dc 1lv -2dg 1lv -2dc 1lv -2d8 1lv -2d6,1m9 -2de 1m9 -2da 1m9 -2d6 1mb -2da 1md -2de 1mg -2dh 1mk -2dj 1mo -2dk 1mr -2dh 1mt -2dd 1ms -2db,1o0 -2bq 1o0 -2bm 1o0 -2bi 1o0 -2be 1o0 -2ba 1o0 -2b6 1o3 -2b9 1o6 -2bc 1oa -2bd 1oe -2bd 1oh -2ba 1of -2b6 1ob -2b4 1o7 -2b2 1o3 -2b2 1nv -2b2 1o2 -2b3,1le -2c4 1le -2c0 1ld -2bs 1ld -2bo 1lc -2bk 1lc -2bg 1lc -2bc 1lb -2ba,1m2 -2bg 1lu -2bi 1lq -2bj 1ln -2bg 1lm -2bc 1lo -2b8 1ls -2b6 1m0 -2b7 1m4 -2b9 1m8 -2bb 1mb -2be 1mc -2bi 1md -2bm 1md -2bq 1md -2bu 1mc -2c2 1mb -2bu 1m9 -2bq 1m9 -2bm 1m9 -2bi 1m9 -2bd 1m9 -2b9,1p7 -2dd 1p6 -2d9 1p5 -2d5 1p4 -2d1 1p4 -2ct 1p6 -2d1 1pa -2d3 1pe -2d5 1pi -2d4 1pi -2d0 1pi -2cs,1q8 -2d2 1q5 -2d5 1q1 -2d6 1pu -2d3 1pr -2d0 1pq -2cs 1pu -2cq 1q2 -2cs 1q5 -2cv 1q6 -2d1,1qv -2d5 1qr -2d7 1qm -2d7 1qi -2d5 1ql -2d2 1qo -2cv 1qs -2ct 1qv -2cq 1qr -2co 1qn -2co 1qk -2cq,1rd -2cq 1rb -2co,1r9 -2d3 1rf -2d1 1rj -2d0 1rn -2cv 1rr -2cu 1rv -2cu 1s3 -2ct 1s5 -2ct,1op -2ba 1oo -2b6 1on -2b2 1on -2b6 1op -2ba 1ot -2bd 1p1 -2bd 1p5 -2bc 1p6 -2ba,1p9 -2b4 1pd -2b2 1ph -2b1 1pl -2b2 1pp -2b3 1pq -2b7 1pm -2b9 1pi -2b9 1pe -2b7 1pd -2b3 1ph -2b1 1pl -2b0 1pp -2b0,1pm -2b1 1pq -2b0 1pu -2b0 1q2 -2b1,1qg -2b6 1qc -2b8 1q8 -2b7 1q6 -2b3 1q9 -2b0 1qd -2av 1qh -2b0 1ql -2b1 1qk -2at 1ql -2ar,1r4 -2bf 1r4 -2bb 1r2 -2b7 1r1 -2b3 1r0 -2av 1qv -2ar 1qv -2an,1rc -2b2 1r8 -2b3 1r4 -2b3 1r3 -2av 1r7 -2au 1rb -2as 1re -2ap 1rh -2am 1rj -2al,1oq -2df 1om -2df 1oi -2df 1oe -2dc 1oe -2d8 1oi -2d6 1om -2d6 1oq -2d7 1ot -2da 1ou -2d6 1ou -2d2 1ov -2cu 1ou -2cq 1oq -2co 1om -2cn 1oi -2cm 1oe -2cm 1ob -2cp 1ob -2cs,1rh -2da 1rg -2d6 1rf -2d2 1re -2cu 1rd -2cq,1rg -2b2 1rc -2b2,1s7 -2b9 1s6 -2b5 1s6 -2b1 1s5 -2at 1s4 -2ap,1s6 -2ac 1s2 -2ae 1s4 -2aa 1s8 -2aa 1s6 -2ad,-n 2p -o 2l -o 2h -n 2d -l 29 -i 26 -e 24 -a 24 -7 27 -6 2b -5 2f -5 2j -9 2l -a 2n,-l 2c -h 2d -d 2d -9 2d,-a -2q -a -34,-l -3n -10 -3n,-1f -7r -n -7s,-1t -ac -1g -ac,-4e -dd -2d -dh,-24 -o8 -1d -op,-7f -ff -7v -ff,-8t -m1 -8c -mk -7h -mh#2f -3o 2f -3k 2f -3f 2f -3b 2f -37 2f -33 2f -2v 2f -2t,2u -3l 2v -3h 2v -3d 2v -39 2v -35 2u -31,2e -3b 2i -3b 2m -3a 2q -3a 30 -3a 33 -3b,36 -3c 33 -39 33 -35 34 -31 37 -2u 3b -2t 3f -2t 3j -2u 3n -30 3r -32 3s -36 3r -3a 3p -3c,h -3d l -3d p -3d t -3d 11 -3d 15 -3d 19 -3c 1d -3c 1h -3b 1l -3a 1p -39 1t -39 21 -38,3m -3b 3i -3c 3e -3d 3a -3d 36 -3c,46 -3l 45 -3h 45 -3d 44 -39 44 -35 44 -31,4t -38 4p -3a 4l -3b 4h -3c 4d -3b 49 -39 48 -35 49 -31 4d -30 4h -30 4l -30 4p -32 4t -34 51 -37 53 -3b 53 -3f 54 -3j 52 -3f 52 -3b 52 -37 52 -33 52 -35,63 -3i 62 -3e 62 -3a 62 -36 62 -32,65 -3i 69 -3i 6d -3i 6g -3f 6f -3b 6c -38 68 -38 64 -38 68 -36 6c -35 6g -32 6k -31 6o -30,6u -3c 6v -38 6v -34 71 -31,7o -39 7k -3b 7g -3b 7e -37 7h -33 7l -32 7p -32 7t -31 7v -35 80 -31 7u -2t 7r -2q 7n -2p 7j -2o 7f -2q 7d -2u,87 -3j 87 -3f 87 -3b 87 -37 87 -33 8b -35 8e -38 8h -3b 8l -39 8m -35 8m -31,91 -3k 91 -3g 92 -3c 92 -38 92 -34 91 -30,8s -3c 90 -3b 94 -3b 98 -3b 9c -3b 9g -3b 9i -3c#G 0 k -b8,C 0 -3e,B 1jl -28a -8c,B 1ki -297 -70,B 1je -287 -8s,B 1kp -29q -6u,B 1kt -26n -5,B 1ki -27b -am,T 1lb -27o,B 1nb -278 -2j,B 1mp -26e -15,B 1m3 -26h -u,B 1lm -29a -5k,B 1mg -28t -4i,B 1n9 -287 -32,B 1ll -2a0 -6e,B 1mu -297 -4p#BMX
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