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Ultra Fire Red XD Item Description List (WIP)

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  1. Pokemon Ultra Fire Red XD Item Description List (WIP)
  3. Master Ball - A Ball that catches any wild Pokémon without fail. Want more? Just inject lol
  4. Ultra Ball - A Ball that works better than a Great Ball, but wasn't made for Ultra Beasts.
  5. Great Ball - Goodness, gracious! This Great Ball's on fire!
  6. Poké Ball - Do you not know what this is? Do you even know what game you're playing?
  7. Safari Ball - A special Ball that is used only in the Safari Zone. If you have one, you  cheated.
  8. Net Ball -
  9. Dive Ball - A deep sea Ball and also how Masuda pronounces what he spends your money on.
  10. Nest Ball - A Ball that works well on weak Pokémon, just like your current team.
  11. Repeat Ball - Gotta catch 'em all over again!
  12. Timer Ball - Stall players rejoice! We made a Ball just for you!
  13. Luxury Ball - If you don't catch your Pokémon with these, it's because you hate them.
  14. Tryhard Ball -
  15. Potion - A staple item of any RPG. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 20 points.
  16. Antidote - Gets rid of that dumb beeping you hear when you're poisoned.
  17. Burn Heal - Use this whenever your Pokémon gets pwned hardcore.
  18. Ice Heal - A near-useless item that defrosts frozen Pokémon.
  19. Awakening - Use this whenever your Pokémon can't wake up.
  20. Paralyze Heal - Makes your Pokémon move, because it's standing still.
  21. Full Restore - An item that late-game NPCs use too often. Fully heals a Pokémon's HP and status.
  22. Max Potion - Named by the inventor of potions, Dr. Maxwell Potion. Fully heals HP.
  23. Hyper Potion - Restores HP of a Pokémon by 200 points. Has a tendency to bounce off walls.
  24. Super Potion - Similar to a normal Potion, but in 16-Bit. Heals 50 HP.
  25. Full Heal - Cures everything, from poison to SuperAIDs.
  26. Revive - Brings back a fainted Pokémon with half HP. Considered haram by some.
  27. Max Revive - It's like the Pokémon never fainted. Absolute haram to some.
  28. Fresh Water - It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 50 points. Hashtag Drink Water Nation.
  29. Soda Pop - Mostly sugar water. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 60 points.
  30. Nomelade - When life gives you Nomels, restore a Pokémon's HP by 80 points.
  31. Moomoo Milk - A bottle of Mega Milk. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 100 points.
  32. Energy Powder - Restores a Pokémon's HP by 50, but it makes them angry. Is this cocaine?
  33. Energy Root - Restores a Pokémon's HP by 200 points. Is this a Pokémon's arm?  
  34. Heal Powder - Heals a Pokémon's status but makes them mad. What's in this stuff?
  35. Revival Herb - Fully revives a fainted Pokémon, but makes them mad. That poor Oddish...
  36. Ether - Restores a Pokémon's move by 10. Ether use it don't.
  37. Max Ether - Fully restore a single attack to keep spamming.
  38. Elixer - You get 10 PP! And you get 10 PP! Every move's getting 10 PP!
  39. Max Elixer - Allows you to show them your moves all over again.
  40. Lava Cookie - Heals a Pokémon's status. Baked in only the finest of volcanoes.
  41. Blue Flute - Awakens sleeping Pokémon, just not certain Snorlax.
  42. Yellow Flute - Play it and your Pokémon will stop hitting itself.
  43. Red Flute - Begone, thot! Cures infatuation.
  44. Black Flute - Scares the shit out of wild Pokémon. Literally. It plays the brown note.
  45. White Flute - Lures wild Pokémon. You go, you crazed pied piper you.
  46. Berry Juice - Fresh-squeezed from the inside of a Shuckle shell. Heals 20 HP.
  47. Sacred Ash - Capable of summoning the dead. Use wisely.
  48. Gold Pass - A 4chan Gold Account Pass that is said to be able to evolve a certain blob...
  49. Red Shard - A red block. Collect the whole set!
  50. Blue Shard - A blue block. Collect the whole set!
  51. Yellow Shard - A yellow block. Collect the whole set!
  52. Green Shard - A green block. Collect the whole set!
  53. HP Up - Raises a Pokémon's HP IVs by 10. Don't know what IVs are? Git gud.
  54. Protein - A training supplement that raises a Pokémon's Attack IVs. Not FDA approved.
  55. Iron - Do you lift bruh? This stuff'll make your Defense IVs go up by 10. Crazy!
  56. Carbos - Carbo-free diets are for slow people. Boosts Speed IVs by 10.
  57. Calcium - Makes your teeth, bones, and Special Attack IVs stronger.
  58. Rare Candy - Raises the level of a Pokémon by one. Always remember to level responsibly.
  59. PP Up - An item named by a six-year old. Slightly raises a move's PP.
  62. Leftovers - A Smogoon favorite. A magic apple that can be eaten forever in battle.
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