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Cibles Feb 28th, 2020 114 Never
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  1. Dear MrBean35000vr,
  2.     As an active user in your Discord Server, The Bean Corner, I am requesting for you to give more strict rules to the server and add more moderators to the server. I have given you 3 reasons as to why this request is valid and reasonable. Clearly underage people (Under 13) are joining the discord server and lying about their age. The rules are not strict. Moderators are inactive.
  3.     Underage people are joining this server. When underage, we are referring to people under 13. Which is fine to be under 13, but being under 13 and being on Discord is against Discord's Terms of Service. Not only that, but these people have a big lack of common sense. These people join and interrupt conversations to ask questions that can easily be asked in #tech-support, or can be Googled. Then when asking these people to stop, they get butt-hurt about it and either call us ridiculous names or insults that are childish.
  4.     Which brings me to my next point, the rules are not very strict. Overall, these rules are just flat out basic. The rules need to be more in depth. Such as, instead of simply saying, No NSFW Content, put "no racial phrases or slang" or "no sexual content", etc. In terms of "Keeping the Channels on Topic" there should be a list in #greetings, or somewhere else that explains what content goes where. I know it seems self explanatory for what channels have a purpose of what, but some people don't seem to find it specific unfortunately.
  5.     Finally, Moderators are highly inactive in the server. Not to say they AREN'T inactive entirely, but they are more inactive than the average user on the server. There needs to be more Moderators. Such as the people who are already highly active on the server. For example, the Moderator @Steven#7244 has not relayed a single message since 8/23/2019. Now I have nothing against this person, in fact I don't know them at all so I'm not trying to call this person out or anything. It just goes to show, that the moderators don't really understand entirely about the troubles we face while in chatting here.
  6.     So this is why I and many others are kindly asking of you to please change these things in your Discord Server. Please update the rules and give us active mods by giving moderators to users who are active and have common sense. Or open up Moderator applications to the server. This can easily be done on Google Forms. Please get back to us on this and there isn't any rush for it either considering you have been working hard on releasing 24 Players so we don't want this to be a major priority of yours. Just please consider doing this in the future.
  8. Sincerely,
  9. Cibles
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