TWEET Complete Script Submission Template

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  1. [center][b][size=4]Script Name+Version Number[/size]
  2. Creator name[/b][/center]
  4. [u][b][size=4]Introduction[/size][/b][/u]
  5. Script description/usage goes here. Be descriptive and give as much information as possible but do not go too in-depth, make it a 2-3 lines description(Recommended but not required).
  7. [u][b][size=4]Features[/size][/b][/u]
  8. - List all your feature here.
  9. - If your list is too big(+10 features),
  10. - Then use the quote or spoiler tag(if spoiler tag is supported by the forum later).
  12. [u][b][size=4]Screenshots[/size][/b][/u]
  13. Include around 2 screen shots of your script in action WITHIN quotes or spoiler tag(if spoiler tag is supported by the forum later). This does not apply to all script, specially to those which don't have any visual effect. Put screen shot only if your script have any new visuals like new windows/new battle system/etc...
  15. [u][b][size=4]How to Use[/size][/b][/u]
  16. Give instruction on how to install and use the script. Also, make sure that you include the instruction in the script header(together with the version number and your name) so that the user can consult it when needed).
  18. [u][b][size=4]Demo[/size][/b][/u]
  19. Make an empty project and include the script and extra resources(graphic, etc...). Make sure that you configure the demo to showcase all feature(or at least the max possible). Some script don't require demo cause they are just plug and play, so these script don't require a demo. Also, make sure that you include a couple of old version of the demo(for older version of the script), these do come handy in several situation.
  21. [u][b][size=4]Script[/size][/b][/u]
  22. Make sure that you place your script using the code feature, do not use quotes. Again, if spoiler tag is available in the future then use the spoiler tag together with the code tag.
  24. [code]Place your script in code tag like this![/code]
  25. [quote]
  26. If you place your script in quotes then this might happen: ;)
  27. This is due to the board formatting smilies as images, and due to the nature of coding, there are bound to be a few lines that the board interprets as a emoticon.[/quote]
  29. [u][b][size=4]FAQ[/size][/b][/u]
  30. Post question and answers to common question here in the following format:
  32. Q: The demo won't open, how to open it?
  33. A: Download Winrar and try again.
  35. [u][b][size=4]Credit and Thanks[/size][/b][/u]
  36. - Include your name first
  37. - Credit people which have help you in making the script.
  38. - Remember the gold rule: Give credit where it is due!
  40. [u][b][size=4]Author's Notes[/size][/b][/u]
  41. This is optional.
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