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  1. [2019-05-14 16:24] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: (Can anyone apply to play a role in that gangbang or are ya gathering peeps/ shotas that fit a specific criteria? Like Pokemon characters only and the like? If ya don't mind me asking, that is.)
  2. [2019-05-14 16:25] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: Anyone is free to join! They don't have to be from a specific series. ^^
  3. [2019-05-14 16:26] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Sweet! Definitely add my name to the pile then. Would love to gangbang a cutie like Mallow.
  4. [2019-05-14 16:26] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: Why thank you! So far you're the only one who has contacted me about it.
  5. [2019-05-14 16:28] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Which is kinda surprising. I thought ya'd have, like, half a dozen takers in 10-15 minutes. Most people are probably still asleep or sumthing. Is the only way this could be explained. Dunno who in their right mind would pass up an opportunity like that otherwise.
  6. [2019-05-14 16:28] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: Exactly~
  7. [2019-05-14 16:30] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Well, let's hope the situation will change ASAP! In the worst case scenario- if ya find yourself in a gangbang mood still later on then I could potentially control multiple characters. Wouldn't be the same as having actual peeps, of course. But I reckon it'd be better than nothing. Just something for ya to keep in the back of the head.
  8. [2019-05-14 16:31] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: True, true. I'll give it another 30 minutes or so.
  9. [2019-05-14 16:32] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: If there aren't at least a couple more takers within that time then something is seriously wrong with the world, mark my words.
  10. [2019-05-14 16:32] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: I mean, I haven't really been advertising myself.
  11. [2019-05-14 16:34] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Ya, but nonetheless. There aren't that many Pokemon gals around in the shota rooms, usually. Not that I've seen at least. So I figured a Mallow appearing would catch many eyes just by the fact alone, even without advertising.
  12. [2019-05-14 16:37] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: If I don't manage to find someone else to do a gangbang with, would you like to go over some kinks for it?
  13. [2019-05-14 16:39] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Yeah, certainly. We could go into far greater detail about which particular kinks to include and such.
  14. [2019-05-14 16:40] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: First of all... The boys should be free to cum inside as much as they want!
  15. [2019-05-14 16:41] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Hell yeah! I love the sound of that already. No protection and all the creampies that they want! Boys will be boys, after all. Can't expect them to pull out in time. Or at all.
  16. [2019-05-14 16:41] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: Would you mind if there is some sloppy seconds action going on?
  17. [2019-05-14 16:42] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Nah, is all good to me. Whether they take turns or go at her all at the same time, is up to ya. I happen to enjoy gangbangs myself too, so I'm quite flexible when it comes to those.
  18. [2019-05-14 16:43] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: I mean, why couldn't they do both? How many shotas would there be?
  19. [2019-05-14 16:45] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Sure, if ya want to include enough boys where both would be an option. And the number is up to you too. As long as I don't have to make them all have completely different personalities and whatnot (though they will have different dicks, of course) the number in question can be a 2 digit one.
  20. [2019-05-14 16:47] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: Wanna keep it to 6 for now? Perhaps there are some more boys who join a bit later?
  21. [2019-05-14 16:49] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Oh yeah, sure. 6 sounds like a good number to me. And if we're doing a gangbang in a public/ fairly public setting then why not? Once the first group has tired itself out maybe a couple others appear having been lured in by the sound or something along those lines. And of course, they all wanna have a go at her once they notice what's going on.
  22. [2019-05-14 16:51] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: I like the idea of having it being somewhat public. Perhaps it's somewhere at playground and they might have advertised that she would be there. Heck, she could earn some nice dough doing it!
  23. [2019-05-14 16:53] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Maybe a fairly open beach house or something like that? And haha, she'd sure have to work quite a few of them over. Is not like kids typically have much pocket change, buuut I'm sure everyone will contribute whatever they can.
  24. [2019-05-14 16:55] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: I mean, with how many she can service... It shouldn't take long before she made some decent money. Like... Admission fee is 4 dollars. With just 6 boys that's already 24 dollars!
  25. [2019-05-14 16:57] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Just 4 bucks, huh? Yeah, she'll have boys lining up in no time at that rate. And be drowning in cum and money bills in no time. And she'll certainly have so much cum inside her by the time all of that is done that if she were to get pregnant figuring out who did it would be impossible. Haha.
  26. [2019-05-14 16:59] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: Mhm. Seems like no one is taking the bait...
  27. [2019-05-14 17:02] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Foolish, foolish people. But yeah, we could do our own thing in that case, if you're still in the mood. Maybe she's offering to show newcomers to Alola some of the local hospitality, which is how the boys get attracted in the first place? And then they'll realize that they hit the jackpot just by paying 4 bucks.
  28. [2019-05-14 18:50] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Mind if I bookmark ya or something? Seeing how it seems we won't be getting to that gangbang today and whatnot, but if you wanna try it again some other time, then I could do that.
  29. [2019-05-14 19:39] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: Go ahead!
  30. [2019-05-14 19:42] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: I'll still probs be around for another hour or so. So if that gangbang does happen then gimme a heads up, mkay? Or we can discuss some more details, if you'd like.
  31. [2019-05-14 19:42] [user]Marsh-Mallow[/user]: Kinda eating dinner niw.
  32. [2019-05-14 19:43] [user]Brad Culpepper[/user]: Ah, that's fine then. Bon appetit.
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