Anon - Bro-House Full House

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >Another hectic day at the bro house
  2. >Yes, there are mares coming over again and the guys are feeling rowdy
  3. >Can’t blame them though, you’re rather high sprung as well, it’s time for more games
  4. >You feel a bit giddy when you think at what fun you all might have
  5. “This time we’ll make sure a lot of fun little things happen right Anon?”
  6. >Virgo gives you a little poke with his hoof while raising his eyebrow suggestively and smirking
  7. >You smirk back at him
  8. >”Yes, we will”
  9. >Pepper Dust seems a bit embarrassed
  10. “You guys did not stuff any extremes into the box?”
  11. >Virgo puts on his best mischievous look on his face
  12. “I don’t know...”
  13. >You also do the same and Pepper Dust seems more worried and nervous now
  14. >Operator joins in on the conversation
  15. “Don’t worry Pepper Dust, if something happens let it happen”
  16. >Pepper Dust gives an unsure nod
  17. “Yeah, I’ll just have to relax...”
  18. >You wonder if there’s a mare that has caught his fancy since he seems more nervous than usual
  19. “Don’t worry about it Pepper, I’m feeling a bit nervous as well... mostly due to the fact that all the more vanilla options have been already pulled out of that box, all that’s left is most likely the more, interesting, ones...”
  20. >Acteus rolls his eyes while saying the word interesting
  21. >”Good thing we’re expecting company who can handle it”
  22. >Waspy joins the group forming near the table as well
  23. “I just hope we can handle them...”
  24. >Moon Dust pipes up from the storage room
  25. “Which ones are coming anyway?”
  26. “I got Golden Corral interested and she promised to get Meisa and Butterscotch to come over”
  27. >You join Virgo
  28. >”I got Hexferry and Caramel covered, and they said they’d bring Sepia as well”
  29. >You are sure that this huge turn-up was thanks to Goldie and Caramel talking all the mares into doing it, and good thing they did
  31. >Suddenly there’s the sound of the doorbell
  32. >Gemini, being the closest one to the door opens it up
  33. >And behind it you see a lot of mares
  34. >This... this is a record
  35. >Caramel, Meisa, Squeak, Butterscotch, Hexferry, Golden Corral, Sepia, Minty, Peppermint, Lucid and even Shimmer!
  36. >Oh boy, it’s going to be a full house tonight
  37. “Hi boys~”
  38. >Golden Corral makes her entrance with a lewd look, which is nice
  39. >Hexferry and Meisa follow suit with Caramel
  40. “Honestly Goldie...”
  41. “Aww come on Hexxy~ how about you join in on the fun and try to outlewd her?”
  42. >Meisa lets out an awkward laugh as Hexferry glares at Caramel while blushing profusely
  43. >Shimmer seems to stay near Hexferry while looking very concentrated on the floor
  44. >You could even say she’s a bit annoyed?
  45. “Welcome to the humble Bro-house!”
  46. >Virgos flashy outburst seems to earn a few giggles, mainly from Sepia, Squeak, Meisa, Minty and Buttersctoch
  47. “Glad to be here”
  48. >Meisa seems as graceful as ever
  49. “This is going to be so much fun!”
  50. “Yeah!”
  51. >Sepia and Squeak on the other hand are their happy selves
  52. >You can’t help but to smile
  53. “Why are you looking so happy Anon, happy mares your fetish or something?”
  54. >You blush and stutter at Acteus
  55. >”W-what are you trying to imply?”
  56. >Caramel seems to take notice of this
  57. “Anon, this turn you on?”
  58. >You glance at Caramel and suddenly take direct damage
  59. >She’s smiling happily without a hint of lewd on her face, a look a mare would have if she would just have been married to you
  60. >And of course you blush, earning laughs from your bros and some of the mares
  61. >Peppermint plops down and gets comfortable as does everyone else all over the bro-house
  62. >You guys dug up some more stuff to sit/lounge on so now everyone can feel comfy
  63. >Well, with a few exceptions, some of you are sitting rather...close...
  65. >Pepper Dust seems very uncomfortable to be sitting so close to Golden Corral on the bean bag chairs, clear from how he’s doing his hardest to avoid looking in her direction, and in Mintys as well who sits on his other side
  66. >too bad for him Golden Corral seems to take notice of this and you’re pretty sure he’s screwed
  67. >Minty on the other hand does not seem to take any notice of Pepper Dusts awkwardness
  68. >Hexferry herself is sitting so close to Shimmer they are pretty much leaning against each other
  69. >Shimmer seems to blush at this and Hexferry’s currently asking if she’s ok, which makes her become even more embarrassed
  70. >Talking about embarrassed, Moony’s in a situation with Gemini, he just misbalanced himself on his bean bag chair and fell into Moonys lap
  71. >And now both of them seem a bit bothered and try to avoid looking at each other
  72. >You on the other hand are trying your hardest to not take notice of Butterscotches butter booty
  73. >She’s sitting on the couch with you, and you are all pretty much pressed together
  74. >You bet Acteus, Operator and Waspy are a bit envious of you since you’re the one pressing against Butterscotch
  75. “So what have you plotted against us?”
  76. >Lucid turns to Peppermint and rolls her eyes
  77. “Most likely something stupid that’ll earn them some action...”
  78. >Acteus turns to Lucid
  79. “Hey, not all of us are like Virgo”
  80. >Virgo lets out a humorous “oh come on” while faking hurt, before joining in on the laughter himself
  81. >Hexferry sighs
  82. “I hope this won’t go like last time...”
  83. >Sepia turns to look at Hexferry
  84. “I thought you had fun the last time?”
  85. >Hexferry blushes a bit and turns to look away
  86. “W-well I did but...”
  87. >Minty turns to look at Hexferry while looking happy
  88. “You should have fun this time too then!”
  89. >Then you decide to take the initiative and speak out
  91. >”Well then, the game we had in mind is a girls vs guys thing. Each round we’ll all pull out a slip of paper with something written on it from this box, and take turns completing them, and in the end the ones who completed more will win”
  92. >There’s some discussion and a few nods amongst the mares, but then Squeak speaks out
  93. “There’s more mares than stallions”
  94. >before you can answer her Caramel speaks up
  95. “I’m sure the guys won’t mind~”
  96. >Before any of you can say anything Virgo says “Nope” and pretty much sums up what you all are feeling inside
  97. >Since this is a game not about winning, but just getting the mares to do stuff and enjoying it
  98. >With the majority of the mares ok with it, and Lucid and Shimmer being the only ones slightly against it you all settle for those rules and divide between the room, all the mares on the other side and all the stallions and human on the other
  99. >And then the box gets passed around and all you pull out the slips
  100. >The order of going trough the tasks on the sips is completely random, and everyone is up to go when they want
  101. >And for some reason you fee like going first
  102. >”I’ll go first!”
  103. >All eyes are on you as you read out the task
  104. >”Seduce somepony...”
  105. >Well, this is really awkward
  106. >Operator is smirking while Acteus, Waspy and Virgo are snickering a bit
  107. >At least Pepper Dust, Moon Dust and Gemini seem like they can feel your pain
  108. >You glance at the mares
  109. >Sepia is looking happy and oblivious; Squeak is also looking very normal / happy just like Minty. Lucid and Shimmer both seem like they would not appreciate you trying this on them.
  110. >On the other hand Butterscotch and Peppermint seem like safe options, with Peppermint being very chill and Butterscotch not letting the game affect her too much, as evident with the whole butt slapping scenario...
  111. >You suddenly recall the sensation and feel even more awkward
  113. >Golden Corral and Caramel are both giving you seductive looks as they noticed you glancing at them and Hexferry seems surprised when she catches you looking at her and turns her face away
  114. >You brace yourself and get up, and make your way to your choice
  115. >You decide to go with Lucid, who raises one of her eyebrows unimpressed as you close in on her
  116. >You can hear some of your bros wondering exactly why you chose her, but you have your reasons
  117. >Seducing someone is awkward, and you are going to make it less awkward for you by trying it on someone who will not be impressed nor affected by it at all, and will most likely just brush it off very quickly and that marks your turn as finished
  118. >You put on your best (worst) game face and go for the kill or fail in this case
  119. >”Well hello there. I was wondering, can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back~”
  120. >Oh man this feels so awkward
  121. >Lucid stares at you with her same usual unimpressed expression and shakes her head
  122. “Smooth moves Anon, you gigolo~!”
  123. >You feel like Acteus is spending a bit too much time with Virgo lately as you return back to your bros
  124. >Pepper Dust is looking at you like he’s impressed by your bravery and you give him a thumbs up
  125. >Operator shakes his head and you hear some soft laughter behind you from the mare’s side
  126. >Haha, suddenly you don’t feel that embarrassed, just amused at your own failure
  127. >As you sit down Caramel raises her slip of paper with her hoof and shouts out that she’s going to go next
  128. >there are a few gulps and hopeful looks from the guy’s side as she begins to read the paper
  129. “Tease someone until they tell you to stop it”
  130. >Caramel smirks and glances at Hexferry who gives her a scrunch, which seems to amuse Caramel, and then she starts making her way towards the guy’s side
  131. >And she stops in front of Pepper Dust
  132. >Poor Pepper Dust looks like a mouse caught in a trap as Caramel leers at him lewdly
  133. “U-umm...”
  135. >Before Pepper Dust can Continue Caramel is on him
  136. >She’s got her hooves around Peppers head and her face is mere inches from Pepper Dusts own
  137. “Shhh~ just relax~”
  138. >Caramels face starts to slowly move towards his and you can feel the burning gazes of the many envious guys on him
  139. >But Caramel does not get far
  140. “S-s-stop!”
  141. >Pepper Dust lets out the signal rather hurriedly before the situation can turn any more intense for him
  142. >He’s blushing really hard and doing his best to look at the wall instead at Caramels bedroom eyes
  143. >Caramel lets go and smiles
  144. “Aren't you sweet~”
  145. >And before he knows it, there is a light peck on Pepper Dusts nose and he lets out a panicked squeak as he goes beet red
  146. >Caramel gives him a wink and returns to the girl’s side where Hexferry and Meisa seems bit surprised and shocked at the stunt, while Golden Corral and Peppermint are laughing
  147. >Shimmer averts her gaze and seems to blush a bit? Or was that your imagination?
  148. >Lucid shakes her head and Sepia seem not affected at all with Squeak
  149. “You lucky guy...”
  150. >Pepper Dust blushes even deeper at the envy some of his bros are feeling towards him as Acteus speaks up
  151. >You have to admit you’re feeling a bit envious as well
  152. “My turn!”
  153. >Virgo jumps up from his seat and reads his slip out loud
  154. “Choose two mares who will have to put on a lewd show~”
  155. >Before any of the mares can complain or react in any other way Virgo points at two
  156. “Shimmer and Hexferry”
  157. >Both of the option seems surprised, and then Shimmers face turns into one of shock and Hexferrys into one of embarrassment
  158. “Wait a minute Virgo, she’s just recently starting t-“
  159. >Shimmer interrupts Hexferry
  160. “I... will do it...”
  161. >Everyone seems surprised by this, which Shimmer notices and seems a bit more annoyed now
  162. >Hexferry seems the one who’s the most surprised, but then her face softens
  164. >Virgo, he must have planned this choice much better than you thought he would have. That moth never ceases to amaze you when it comes to stuff like this
  165. “Well... if you feel like doing it then...”
  166. >And then Hexferry seems to remember exactly what she needs to do and blushes again
  167. Shimmer looks at Hexferry, and then looks away with a slight blush, and Hexfery herself is also avoiding Shimmers eyes and the two of them get closer to each other while their blushes intensify
  168. >It is like all the mares are holding their breaths, and you do not blame them, it was not too long ago When Shimmer started to get along with more and more ponies, and now she’s even doing this
  169. >But, the moment they touch each other Shimmer soon pushes Hexferry away
  170. >Hexferry seems a bit sad, but then sighs
  171. “Yeah, we’ll not be able to do this after all”
  172. >Hexferry even seems a bit apologetic and Shimmer looks annoyed and just sits back down
  173. >Virgo shurgs
  174. “I guess that’s no point for the guy team then”
  175. >Hexferry glances at Shimmer
  176. “Thank you...for giving a try...”
  177. >Shimmer seems a bit embarrassed now but turns to look away and says nothing
  178. >She still has ways to go it seems
  179. >Almost as if sensing the need for some lightening of the mood, Butterscotch lifts her hoof up
  180. “I can go next. Choose somepony of the opposite gender and let that pony decide what you wear for the rest of the game from the outfit box?”
  181. >Butterscotch lifts her gaze from the slip of paper
  182. “You have a box full of costumes?”
  183. >You all say nothing and point at Gemini who blushes embarrassedly and rubs the back of his head while Butterscotch goes “oooh”
  184. >Butterscotch then looks at all of you for a small while before reaching a conclusion
  185. “Gemini can choose what I wear”
  186. >Gemini seems happy about Butterscotches choice and the two of them go over to the box of clothes
  187. >Gemini wastes no time starting to rummage trough the box and wondering out loud on what to choose
  189. >You can’t help but to smile at the change between his usual shy self and being more outgoing
  190. >Women’s clothing does wonders for that stallion
  191. “How about you choose something extra sexy for her Gemini!”
  192. >Butterscotch blushes a bit and shoots a soft glare towards the grinning Golden Corral
  193. >Gemini also seems a bit embarrassed but hands some clothing to Butterscotch who thanks him and then goes to change into the small room you have for storage and whatnot
  194. >Gemini returns to sit with all of you
  195. >You can hear Waspy whispering “What did you pick?” and Acteus also seems to reel in to listen
  196. “You’ll see soon”
  197. >Gemini smiles happily as the two seem a bit disappointed he did not reveal it right away
  198. >But he did not need to as Butterscotch walks back in, looking a bit shy
  199. >Gemini... you glorious trap...
  200. >Pink fancy socks that have some frills and cute small red bows on them, and a pink saddle with and even bigger bow on it and more frills
  201. >Caramel and Golden Corral both give her catcalls which make her become even more embarrassed
  202. “Oh stop it you two...”
  203. >Even Lucid seems a bit impressed at Geminis hoofwork
  204. >Taking of the trap moth, he’s getting a lot of congratulations from a few of the guys, minus you and Operator, with whom you exchange small smirks with
  205. >Like an unspoken agreement that it does look really good on her
  206. “I must say Butterscotch that looks absolutely beautiful on you”
  207. “Are you sure Meisa? I think it’s a bit too frilly...”
  208. >Meisa shakes her head as Butterscotch takes her seat
  209. “Nonsense Butterscotch, they really suit you. Gemini has good sense in clothing”
  210. “Not to mention those bows make you want to unwrap her like a big Christmas present right?”
  211. “P-peppermint...”
  212. >Butterscotch scrunches a bit at Peppermints comment while Caramel and Golden Corral congratulate her about it
  213. “I wouldn’t mind to unwrap that present...”
  214. >Virgo must have caught Operators quiet exclaim
  216. “You and me both my operating friend...”
  217. >You give a nod to no one in particular
  218. “I wanna play too!”
  219. >Squeak waves her slip of paper in the air to catch everyone’s attention and then reads the slip of paper
  220. “Choose something for somepony to wear for the rest of the game”
  221. >Squeak flies off to the box and starts to dig through it, throwing clothing around as she digs deeper
  222. >Soon enough she settles for something and then turns to look at all of you
  223. >Actually, you in particular
  224. >Your growing concern is proved true as she points her hoof at you
  225. “Anon”
  226. >Before you can be properly shocked Squeak flies in front of you and holds the garment in front of you
  227. >It’s a wig
  228. >A rainbow colored afro wig
  229. >Squeaks smiles excitedly while looking at you as almost every one of the ponies break out in some sort of laughter or giggle
  230. >Virgo in particular is rolling on the floor
  231. >You take the wig from Squeak and put it on, and then look at her
  232. >”Well, it’s on now. How do I look?”
  233. >Squeak holds her hooves in front of her mouth and tries to hold in her bursts of giggles
  234. “Silly!”
  235. >You do a silly pose which seems to delight Squeak as well as Minty who holds her hoof in front of her mouth while giggling happily
  236. >To your surprise you could have sworn even Shimmer smiled for a brief nanosecond there
  237. >Lucid points her hoof at you while smiling amusedly
  238. “That suits you a bit too well Anon”
  239. >you just shrug
  240. >”But it’s pretty pimp though”
  241. >You hear Virgo joking something about clown pimps behind you as you sit down
  242. >And just then you notice something curious
  243. >Moon Dust has yet to look at his slip, it’s folded closed in his hooves
  244. >”You saving that up or something?”
  245. >Moon Dust looks at you and then at the slip of paper
  246. “Oh this? I thought I’d not read it until it’s my turn, kind of gamble you know...”
  247. >You raise your hand up immediately
  248. >”Moony should go next, he has not even looked at his slip of paper yet!”
  250. >The moths agree with you and Moon Dust looks a bit nervous now
  251. “W-well, if you all want me to...”
  252. >He folds the paper open and reads it out loud
  253. “Feed the pony next to you strawberries with your mouth?”
  254. >Moony looks at Waspy who’s sitting next to him, who’s now looking at Moon Dust in shock
  255. >Oh yeah, now that you remember it, these were originally meant for games where there were no teams... crap
  256. >Moon Dust blushes hard now and Virgo seems overjoyed
  257. “Come on you two, take one for the team!”
  258. >He even has some strawberries readied
  259. >You get the feeling Virgo is using this chance to get back at the two for throwing away some of his magazines when you all cleaned up the place a few days ago
  260. “Yeah you two! Quit beating around the bush and go for it! Make it extra steamy~”
  261. >Moon Dust and Waspy both shoot a look at the grinning Golden Corral
  262. “Yay you two, you can do it!”
  263. >Sepias now joining the cheering, she must be oblivious to the whole awkwardness of it like usual
  264. >Lucid seems very interested in the game now and pays extra attention to the two
  265. >Moon Dust looks at the floor and blushes even redder
  266. “F-fine...”
  267. >Waspy on the other hand opens his mouth in shock and whips his head to look at Moon Dust
  268. >Moon Dust glances at him quickly and then immediately back at the floor and now Waspy seems to feel uncomfortable as well
  269. >Virgo hands Moon Dust the bowl of strawberries who takes it while scrunching his mouth
  270. >You all stare intensely as Moon Dust puts one of them between his teethes and then turns towards Waspy
  271. >Waspys ears go flat and then he opens his mouth as wide as he can and closes his eyes
  272. >Moon Dust starts to move his head towards Waspys while starring at his mouth, only to get embarrassed every now and then and glance away from it
  273. >Golden Corral making catcalls is not helping the two at all
  274. >The strawberry makes contact with Waspys teeths and he opens his eyes
  276. >Moon Dust averts his to the side and Waspy quickly takes hold of the strawberry with his mouth and Moon Dust lets go and quickly pulls his head back
  277. >Waspy eats the strawberry while still blushing
  278. “These strawberries taste really good...”
  279. >Virgo smirks and does not let this chance escape him
  280. “Must be Moony who’s making them taste so sweet~”
  281. >Waspy goes beet red and shoots a glare at Waspy while Caramel and Golden Corral let out a sweet little “aaaawwww~”
  282. >Sepia and Squeak join in just for the fun while Hexferry shakes her head and Shimmer raises an eyebrow at the whole thing
  283. >Peppermint takes notice of the somewhat...rapey... smirk on Lucids face and raises her eyebrow at her
  284. >Lucid notices this and her face quickly returns to her usual impression
  285. >Even Butterscotch seems a bit embarrassed for the two
  286. “T-there, I fed him one...”
  287. >Virgo shakes his head
  288. “The slip said strawberries right? You need to feed him more than just one”
  289. >Moon Dust opens his mouth almost as if he was about to protest, but then closes it and looks a bit annoyed
  290. “Let’s just get this over with!”
  291. >And with that he grabs another strawberry and hands it to Waspy with his mouth while looking a bit grumpy
  292. >Waspy quickly accepts it and gulps it down quickly while Moon Dust replies back to Virgo
  293. “T-there, two strawberries, it’s done”
  294. >Caramel whispers something to Hexferrys ear which makes her face shoot beet red and shoot a dirty look at her
  295. >Now you’re kind of curious what she said
  296. >Hexferry gives Shimmer a little poke with her hoof
  297. >Shimmer looks at her and then at the slip of paper, she seems to be a bit in though
  298. >But before she can say anything Sepia speaks up
  299. “I can go next! Put on something hot”
  300. >You can already see the mental image of her wearing winter clothing in your head but then Golden Corral quickly whispers something into her ear
  301. >She must have noticed you were paying attention since she gives you a little smirk and a wink
  303. >Sepia herself makes her way to the box and digs something out before disappearing to put it on
  304. “Did you also see that Anon?”
  305. >You turn to look at Acteus and nod before whispering back to Acteus
  306. >”Yeah, Goldie told Sepia something”
  307. >Virgo joins in on the whisperparty
  308. “What, seriously? Oh boy, this is going to be good”
  309. “What are you guys whispering about?”
  310. >So does Gemini
  311. >”Before Sepia went to change Goldie said something to her, this could be good”
  312. “Oh, ok. She’s looking at us by the way”
  313. >You among many of the others look in her direction and Goldie gives a little smile and a wave with her hoof
  314. >Hexferry notices this and looks at Goldie while looking a bit annoyed
  315. “ did not tell her anything weird did you?”
  316. >But before Golden Corral can answer Sepia returns, wearing...
  317. >A lot of scarves, hats and hoof warmers
  318. “Now I’m dressed very hot!”
  319. >Sepia smiles happily as you look at Golden Corral, who’s trying not to laugh
  320. >She played you all good
  321. >Even Operator gave out a small “chk”
  322. “I...”
  323. >You all turn to look at Shimmer in surprise
  324. >She looks like she’s struggling with her words and getting annoyed in the process
  325. “I’ll go next”
  326. >Butterscotch, Peppermint, Squeak and Lucid seem surprised at her. Hexferry on the other hand looks a bit proud, as does Minty as well while smiling happily, most likely glad that everyone is getting along
  327. >It also seems like Shimmer has done the same as Moon Dust, her slip of paper is closed and she just now opens it up
  328. “Tell about something embarrassing”
  329. >Shimmer stares at the slip of paper while in though and all faces are focused on her
  330. “I... slept with Hexferry”
  331. >The reactions are colorful to say the least
  332. >Your mouth hangs open, Virgo drops his can of soda, which is pretty much empty thankfully to the carpet, Acteus, Waspy and Operator all look very surprised, Gemini gasps and Moon Dust looks like his mothpony eyes are not sure what they are hearing and seeing
  334. >Hexferry looks at Shimmer in shock while as red as she can be, Caramel looks surprised, Golden Corral raises both of her eyebrows while going “whoah”, Butterscotch looks shocked while holding her hooves in front of her mouth, Sepia tilts her head while looking unsure why everypony seems so shocked, Squeak’s mouth hangs open, Peppermint looks like she was already having suspicion something like that was going on, Lucid shakes her head, Meisa chokes on the drink she’s sipping and Minty lets out a nervous laugh while looking a bit unsure on how to react
  335. >There is a thunder of questions to Hexferry from various moths
  336. “You naughty mare~ When did you do that?”
  337. >Golden Corral
  338. “I always knew you swung that way”
  339. >Lucid
  340. “Yeah, I always had the suspicion as well”
  341. >Peppermint
  342. “Hexferry? I-I’m not judging you but I’m just so shocked!”
  343. >Meisa
  344. “Did you get a good night sleep?”
  345. >Sepia
  346. “So that’s why you did not fall for my advances...”
  347. >Virgo
  348. “W-wow...”
  349. >Moon Dust
  350. “That’s pretty awesome...”
  351. >Acteus
  352. “Mind if I join in the next time~?”
  353. >Caramel
  354. >Butterscotch still looks pretty shocked and does not seem to be able to get anything out from her mouth and Squeak still has her mouth hanging open
  355. >Pepper Dust is blushing very hard now as is Gemini, and even Operator looks a bit coy
  356. >You mimic Squeak while Minty still seems unsure if she should say anything at all
  357. >Hexferry goes as red as she can before yelling out
  358. “Y-You idiots! N-not like hat! We just slept on the same c-couch! Get you head out o-of the gutter!”
  359. >Shimmer seems to catch on to what everyone is thinking and goes very red before looking a bit angry
  360. “I did not sleep with her like that!”
  361. >This seems to clear out the misunderstanding as many of you start to look incredibly embarrassed for misunderstanding it
  362. >Well, most of the guys, you included, seem a bit disappointed
  363. “Aww... I thought you finally got a bit rowdy...”
  365. >Hexferry looks at Caramel angrily and then hmphs at her
  366. >Operator speaks up now
  367. “How about I go next. Try to swoon somepony by singing to that pony”
  368. >Well, this is going to be interesting, you do not remember ever hearing Operator sing anything
  369. >Many of the mares seem intrigued by this as well as they start to pay more attention to him now
  370. >Operator gets up and starts to walk towards a mare
  371. >Operator stops before Minty and then
  372. “I was walking along, minding my business, when out of the orange colored sky...”
  373. >You are all surprised by his singing voice, damn he can sing pretty well
  374. >You can’t help but to smirk at his choice of song, he did like looking at you play that particular game
  375. >Amongst the mares the most impressed ones seem to be everyone excluding Sepia, Squeak and Hexferry, all other mares seem more or less impressed
  376. >You can practically see his stock rise in their eyes and you can’t help but to feel a bit envious
  377. >Minty herself smiles to Operator and after a few more verses he stops and gives a small bow to Minty who returns it happily
  378. >And with that Operator takes his leave and returns to sit down with all of you
  379. “Operator, that was really good!”
  380. >Gemini congratulates Operator
  381. “And you did it so calmly and without getting embarrassed...”
  382. >Even Pepper Dust admires Operators courage now
  383. “It was nothing”
  384. >Operator seems pretty confident, but you take notice of a few slight twitches on his face and smirk at him
  385. >He’s just doing his best to hide any awkwardness that caused
  386. “I’ll go next”
  387. >You all turn to look at Golden Corral who smirks now
  388. “Give an erotic dance show”
  389. >Now we’re talking
  390. >Caramel gives Golden Corral a high five as she gets up and walks to the centre of the room
  391. >Golden Corral turns to look at all the guys with bedroom eyes
  392. “A little music please~”
  393. >Acteus, Virgo, Waspy and Moon Dust all rush up and race each other to the cd player and pop on some music
  395. >You yourself did not since you do not want to get up right now
  396. >Your imagination is already running wild
  397. >The music starts and Golden Corral gets a very appealing look on her face, thick with lewdness
  398. >The stallions quickly return to their seats and look like little children on Christmas morning
  399. >Hexferry, Meisa and Lucid are all three shaking their heads while the rest watch Goldie
  400. >Golden Corral starts by swaying her butt from side to side ever so slightly, and then picks up the sway while letting her tail joining on it more and more as the music speeds up
  401. >Then she throws her head back and whips it back so that her mane gets a bit messy
  402. >U-unf that messy mane makes her look very hot right now
  403. >Not to mention she’s now gyrating her hips to the beat
  404. >All of you guys keep your gaze deeply planted on her as she starts to walk towards all of you with sensual steps, before stopping near all of you and turning around
  405. >She gives a teasing look back at you and then walks away, putting extra attention to making her butt sway sexily from side to side as she walks
  406. >then she arches her back and opens up her wings while brushing her mane back with her hoof, and then letting it trail down her face while giving her lower lip a slight pull as her hoof trails over her lips
  407. >Golden Corral tops this by shooting a very smoky glance towards all of you before smiling like she’s extremely aroused right now
  408. >There are a lot of gulps and almost all of you guys start to cover your crotches in one way or the other
  409. “That'll do for now~”
  410. >Golden Corral blows a kiss to all of you and then walks back to her seat
  411. >You are sure she’s moving her hips on purpose like that as she walks away
  412. >As Golden Corral sits down the music still plays
  413. “Any of you going to turn that off?”
  414. >Everyone seems a bit bothered at HEXferrys question as the air fills with murmurs and excuses why they can’t do it
  415. “I’ll do it”
  417. >Minty gets up and flies over to the player and shuts it down
  418. “We should not ask them to get up yet Hexferry”
  419. >Minty gives a kind smile to all of you as Hexferry blushes and lets out a squeak as she catches on what Minty is implying
  420. “Or maybe she just wants to see some~”
  421. >Hexferry does not even bother to shoot a glare towards Caramel this time
  422. >Virgo pokes you with her hoof to get your attention
  423. “I wouldn't mind showing her mine of she shows me hers~”
  424. >You have to hold in a giggle
  425. “Here, I’ll go next. Choose someone who can tell you to do anything at all”
  426. >Gemini looks a bit around the room before reaching a conclusion
  427. “Anon”
  428. >You look at Gemini who looks at you with a bit of an unsure look in his eyes
  429. >Ah, he must be a bit embarrassed and chose you so he won’t have to do anything too extreme
  430. >”Put on something sexy”
  431. >Gemini looks at you with shock on his face
  432. >You give him a smile and he just shakes his head a bit before smiling at you
  433. “Allright!”
  434. >You are not sure but somehow you got a feeling of impending doom from that smile
  435. >Gemini disappears to change his clothes
  436. “So that’s the way you swing huh Anon?”
  437. >You turn to look at Caramel and shake your head
  438. >”Did not want to give him too much of a free pass at not getting embarrassed”
  439. >Caramel smirks at this
  440. “Aren’t you the little devil~”
  441. >You feel somehow more playful than usual
  442. “Not as much as you~”
  443. >You and Caramel both laugh a bit, but then you hear Gemini return
  444. >You turn to look at him and almost drop your jaw
  445. >Gemini is blushing furiously with lacy socks on that much the lacy underwear he has on
  446. >But the most appealing part of the whole thing is the matching lacy corral on his neck
  447. “Wow~”
  448. >Golden Corral seems impressed and you share her opinion
  449. “You look almost like you’ve done this before...”
  450. >Gemini rubs the back of his head embarrassedly, Butterscotch must not be aware of Geminis little hobby...
  452. >Now that you think about it, you think that Meisa, Caramel, Hexferry and Golden Corral are the only ones that know
  453. “I’m more interested why they have mares clothing that fits them in this bro-house of theirs...”
  454. >Moon Dust gulps as Lucid says that
  455. “I hope you’re not implying something there...”
  456. >Lucid looks at Waspy
  457. “It’s just a funny coincidence...”
  458. >Waspy blushes a bit and Lucid smirks for an instant
  459. >But just then Gemini sits next to you
  460. >He’s got his face in a scrunch
  461. >”...Gemini, why are you sitting so close to me?”
  462. >Gemini puffs his cheeks up a bit
  463. “Revenge...”
  464. >You can’t help but to admit he looks cute like that
  465. >Suddenly you feel very aware at how much Gemini looks like a mare and you blush and lean away from him
  466. >And this does not escape Caramels eyes
  467. “Hmmmm~”
  468. >She’s got a mischievous look on her face as she looks at you and you blush even more
  469. >You need to move the attention away from Gemini making you feel uncomfortable
  470. >”S-so, how many more are left on round one?”
  471. >Lucid, Meisa, Waspy, Acteus, Hexferry, Minty and Peppermint raise their hooves up
  472. >”Allright, who wants to go next?”
  473. >You feel Gemini lean against you and turn to look at him
  474. >He still seems a bit annoyed and now has a scrunch on his face and refuses to look at you
  475. >Acteus raises his hoof up
  476. “I’ll bite. Tell which pony of the opposite sex you find the most attractive personality wise”
  477. >Acteus seems really calm while reading this out, you bet he did some mental preparation for this during everyone else’s turn
  478. >Acteus points at Meisa
  479. “Meisa, I think she’s got the best personality”
  480. >Acteus does surprisingly well to keep his face from looking embarrassed as he says this
  481. >Meisa gives Acteus a smile
  482. “Why thank you Acteus, that’s a very sweet thing to say”
  483. >Acteus looks almost triumphant at Meisas reply and sits back down while smiling confidently
  485. “I can be the next one, choose someone and sit in that persons lap for the rest of the round”
  486. >Minty gets up as many of the stallions look hopeful
  487. >and then sits in operators lap, much to his surprise
  488. “Hello Operator”
  489. >Minty smiles at Operator in his lap and operator seems a bit unsure
  490. “Hello”
  491. >Minty settles down more as Operator starts to blush a bit while keeping his pokerface on and says nothing more
  492. >And then you all wait for the next pony to speak up
  493. >All the moths who have not yet completed their tasks look at each other, almost telling hat someone else than themselves should go first
  494. >But Caramel breaks the silence
  495. “Here, Hexferry can go next”
  496. >Hexferry seems surprised at this and glances at Caramel who just shrugs at her
  497. “F-fine... Give Virgo a big sensual hug...”
  498. >You turn to look at Virgo who seems triumphant
  499. “I knew writing all those Virgo slips would pay off in the end!”
  500. >Acteus and Operator just shake their heads, but on the other hand Pepper Dust and Moon Dust seem to look at Virgo with slight admiration
  501. >You and Waspy must be both so used to Virgo that you do not react in any way
  502. >Hexferry makes her way to Virgo who seems overjoyed
  503. >As Virgo throws his hooves open for the hug Hexferry scrunches her face and slowly wraps her hooves around Virgo and presses against him
  504. “Y-you better not get any funny ideas...”
  505. >Virgo says nothing as his face is one of absolute bliss
  506. >The two of them stay like that for a while before Hexferry starts to speak
  507. “I-is this enough already...”
  508. >She seems really embarrassed
  509. >Virgo’s face is still looking goofy and happy
  510. “Yeah, it’s good”
  511. >Hexferry quickly lets go and then returns to her seat while Virgo slowly walks back to all of you and sits down
  512. >”Well, was it good?”
  513. >Virgos face is still holding that weird happy look
  514. “Better I could have expected~”
  515. >You can hear Caramel giggle a bit
  517. “Look Hexferry, you left such a big impression on Virgo that he’s still looking like he’s on cloud nine”
  518. >Hexferry replies sounding bit angry yet embarrassed
  519. “S-shut up, that does not make me happy at all...”
  520. >You are unsure if she’s acting tsundere like usual or if she does not like Virgo that much
  521. >But wait, didn’t tsunderes act that way towards the people they like?
  522. >Whoa, what if you are on to something here?
  523. >Your musings are cut short by Waspy
  524. “I’ll go next”
  525. >Hexferry is still getting remarks of her hug from a few mares as Waspy reads his slip of paper
  526. “Choose one who will for the rest of the game act like they’re dating you...”
  527. >Whoa, that’s a nice thing Waspy got for himself
  528. “ letting everyone else vote about it except you”
  529. >Oh, maybe not so lucky then
  530. “How will we go about the voting?”
  531. >You turn to look at Butterscotch
  532. >”Well we have extra paper slips, how about everyone writes a name down and puts it in this fedora I have lying around here”
  533. >Everyone agrees and soon the hat is full
  534. “I can count the votes”
  535. >Sepia offers to do it and nobody has anything against it and soon you all wait for the results
  536. >She asked Meisa to help her with it and now it seems that the two have finished
  537. >Meisa clears her throat
  538. “The votes have chosen...”
  539. >Meisa sings to Sepia with her hooves to announce the result
  540. “Lucid!”
  541. >Lucid seems very surprised at this while Squeak, Caramel, Peppermint and Golden Corral snicker a bit
  542. >Lucid glances at the snickering ponies
  543. “Really?”
  544. >All of them nod at her and she rolls her eyes and gets up
  545. >Waspy seems nervous now as Lucid sits down next to him
  546. “Keep your hooves to yourself honey and we’ll get along well”
  547. >Waspy les out an awkward laugh and rubs the back of his head while whispering out “What have you guys gotten me into...”
  548. >You can see a few smirks coming from a few of the guys
  549. “C’mon Lucid, look a bit more intimate”
  551. >Lucid gives an annoyed look at Peppermint but then sighs and rests her head against Waspys shoulder
  552. “Don't get any funny ideas buster...”
  553. >You can’t help but to notice Waspy seems a bit happy at the contact
  554. “I guess I could go next so I’ll get it over with”
  555. >Lucid surprises all of you by agreeing to go next
  556. “Give someone a kiss in the cheek”
  557. >Before any of you can react Lucid plants a quick smooch on Waspys cheek before speaking out while sounding a bit bored
  558. “Don’t get too fired up honey...”
  559. >Waspy moves his hoof to touch his cheek before blushing madly
  560. >You get the feeling Waspy would not wear the pants if this was a real relationship between the two
  561. “That was surprising...”
  562. >Peppermint seems amazed as do Meisa and Hexferry as well
  563. >Sepia and Squeak seem oblivious as the two of them are now playing around with the fedora, laughing at each other wearing it
  564. “So, that leaves me and Meisa right?”
  565. >You give Peppermint a nod
  566. >”Yeah, you two are the only one left of the first round”
  567. “Still at the first round? This game will be a long one”
  568. “So much fun to be had”
  569. >Pepper Dust does not seem assured at Virgos answer; it’s almost as if he seems more nervous as he sneezes
  570. “I can go before, if you don't mind it Pepper”
  571. >Peppermint shakes her head
  572. “Yeah, go ahead Meisa”
  573. “Choose two ponies that shall say something that they like about each other”
  574. >Meisa points at you and Gemini, who’s still leaning against you
  575. >you have gotten a bit used to it now so you can mask how much it distracts you
  576. Gemini glances at you with a hint of annoyance on his face and he blushes a bit as he notices you are also looking at him
  577. >”I guess... You’re really positive to be around...”
  578. >Gemini looks back at you with surprise on his face and you blush a bit
  579. “You’re really dependable...”
  581. >Now you glance at Gemini in surprise but he’s looking away from you so you won’t see his face, but judging by how his antennae are you are sure he’s got a furious embarrassed blush on his face
  582. >Meisa smiles sweetly at the two of you as Caramel goes “aaawwwww~” with Golden Corral, Sepia and Squeak
  583. >Even Minty is joining them from Operators lap, who sits there looking like a stone statue
  584. >You almost stutter out for them to shut up but then Peppermint starts talking
  585. “I’m up then, mine’s says to sit in the lap of someone of the same sex”
  586. >And with that Peppermint gets up and lands on Hexferrys lap, who lets out a small squeak in surprise
  587. >Shimmer glares at Peppermint quickly who smirks a bit at her
  588. >”Well, that’s it for round one then. Who’s keeping the score?”
  589. >The moths look around at each other before looking at you
  590. >”You’re all kidding right?”
  591. >There are a few sighs and whatnots around the bro-house as you rub your forehead
  592. >”How about we just play something else then?”
  593. >The moths agree with you and soon enough you are all arguing on what activity to choose next
  594. >It's going to be lively in the bro-house tonight!
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