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  1. Jess had been saddened enough by going to Leslie's funeral. Even when after he had read one of the euologies he still felt empty. He had never had the time to ask her if she had loved him. He loved her, but she didn't know it. She never even knew it. Maybe she didn't even love him.
  3. It wasn't until after the funeral that Jess found out the truth about Leslie's love for him.
  5. "Jess?" Bill had asked him.
  7. "Yeah?"
  9. "I wanted you to have this." He handed him an envelope with Jess's name written on in neat handwriting.
  11. "Who's it from?"
  13. "Leslie." Bill said slowly.
  15. As her name reached his ears, Jess hurried away and opened the envelope in private. Inside, there was a letter, for him, written by Leslie Burke, on the night before her death.
  17. Addressing the Mighty King Jess: King of Terabithia,
  19. I just wanted to say some things to you before, but the rain was very intimidating and I completely forgot.
  21. 1. I was hoping that you could meet me in Terabithia tomorrow for a special occassion.
  23. 2. I think P.T. caught the scent of another Giant Troll...
  25. 3. Thanks for saving me from those Hairy Vultures.
  27. And finally 4. I love you Jess. Just in case anything happens in the years to come. I just wanted you to know that I love you, as much as my heart can. I'll always love you, Jess, even when I'm gone.
  29. Love,
  31. Leslie
  33. By the end of the letter, Jess had been crying, and as he read the last words of Leslie Burke. She had loved him too. I'll always love you, Jess, even when I'm gone...
  35. When Jess finally returned to his family, they were just about ready to leave. As he followed Brenda, Ellie, and May Belle into the car, Jess tore up Leslie's letter, threw the pieces into the wind, put his hand in his pocket, and sat down. As they drove onward, Jess glanced about to make sure no one was looking and took his hand out of his pocket. Inside his fist, was a strip of paper, written on were the words I'll always love you, Jess, even when I'm gone. Jess smiled. When I come back to you Leslie, I'll be happy and content. And as they continued their drive, Jess could have sworn that he could hear Leslie, laughing with the wind jus like she used to in Terabithia.
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