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  1. Included Mods:changelog by Jubakuba
  3. -Toggles
  4. -Center Clock/No clock/Right Clock
  5. -AM/PM display
  6. -AOKP clocks and Digital Clock
  7. -New Wallpapers
  8. -Volume rocker moves cursor when keyboard is open (optional)
  9. -Nova/Stock launcher included
  10. -%1 battery mod and CircleMod battery
  11. -Brightness adjustable via statusbar if auto brightness is disabled. It even shows your current brightness percentage as you slide!
  12. -There's also a "Emergency Broadcast Settings" that allows you to check/uncheck for notifications of "Amber Alerts" and other such Local Emergencies. I personally haven't seen this yet in the other Jelly Builds.
  13. -Change NavBar targets and long-press actions
  14. -Battery Bar
  15. -Change NavBar height
  16. -Volume Panel (Volume Rocker allows you to change ALL volume levels in one Menu)
  17. -Notification Counter
  18. -Disable Boot Animation
  19. -AOKP Statistics
  20. -Device Options (Color Tweaks)
  21. -Led Options (Color and Pulse Rate)
  22. -NFC Polling Mode (NFC with Screen Off or Locked)
  23. -Theme Engine
  24. -Quiet Hours
  25. -T9 Dialer
  26. -Notification Shade Wallpaper Changer (And Transparency)
  27. -Lockscreen Wallpaper Changer
  28. -Wait To Lock Screen
  29. -Volume Wake
  30. -Quick Pin Unlock
  31. -Phone Face-Down Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)
  32. -Headphones Plugged in Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)
  33. -Bluetooth Connection Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)
  34. -Lockscreen Weather
  35. -Performance/Color Settings
  36. -Brightness Control Slider
  37. -Added Device (Color) Settings To Maguro
  38. -Flip Phone To Silence Incoming Call
  39. -NavBar Open/Close Notification Shade Option
  40. -A Plethora of BugFixes and Updated Translations
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