Chapter 62 of Shieldbro & Co Vs The Retarded 3

Sep 22nd, 2014
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  1. That Bitch!
  2. Chapter 62
  4. Common Destiny
  6. "Ah.....Melty......To think you would be brainwashed by the devil of the shield."
  7. "Elder Sister?"
  9. The second princess gives the bitch a look of astonishment.
  11. That bitch......
  12. This is absolutely disgusting.
  13. What kind of shield can brainwash. If I had such a thing, I wouldn't be having such a hard time.
  14. To think she would claim I brainwashed someone without even flinching.
  15. I mean the purpose of religion is brainwashing.
  16. What a joke.
  18. "Does the wicked shield possess the power to brainwash? It seems fake......"
  19. "I don't know if you have heard, but this was a suspicion of the church's from a month ago."
  21. That's when I started peddling.
  22. Selling medicine to sick people was my priority back then.
  23. After that, rumours of me being the saint of the holy bird started spreading.
  24. Indeed, that cannot be a coincidence. It turned out to be convenient for the church in various ways.
  26. "this situation proves it. Were you guys not being clouded by the information he provided?And also about to help him? Is it common to help out with criminals?"
  27. "Some of the countrymen are also acting strange. If the Hero of the shield can make an old grandmother energetic, he also might be capable of brainwashing."
  29. That grandmother......I instantly know who that is.
  31. However, don't I have a say in this? These guys......
  32. It is true that a lot of people have helped me recently.
  33. However, that's just repaying me for saving them.
  34. What I don't know = The enemy's strategy.
  35. These guys are also stupid enough to believe it.
  37. "He is probably brainwashing his companions to talk for him too. We are currently preparing some church authorized personnel with the power to remove the brainwashing."
  38. "What kind of power is that!"
  40. No one reacts to my retort
  41. No, Raphtalia, Firo, and the second princess are also dumbfounded.
  42. Let's think about this situation, The government is ordering the country to gather information, and also placing a high bounty on me.
  43. A lie that I have the power to brainwash was fed to the three heroes by the bitch, she also has convincing fake evidence. Is that it?
  44. Realistic forgeries.That's not impossible.
  46. "Is the hero of the shield-sama that powerful?"
  48. The second princess looks at me anxiously.
  50. "Do I look like that to you?"
  51. "Umm......I don't think so."
  52. "I kind of hoped for an immediate answer."
  54. I wouldn't be struggling so hard if I had such a convenient shield.
  55. If I can brain wash the soldiers, knights, magicians, and villagers I could just become the lord.
  56. I need to defend myself in this situation.
  57. In other words this was arranged when they put that bounty on my head, the authenticity that the shield can brainwash is doubtful to say the least.
  58. Do you god damn heroes not understand something so simple?
  60. "So Raphtalia-chan and Firo-chan are being brainwashed forcefully by that guy!"
  61. "You're wrong! We're not brainwashed!"
  62. "We'll rescue you!"
  63. "Firo wants to be with master!"
  65. Motoyasu you bastard, still not given up on Firo and Raphtalia yet!?
  66. Just how much do you like women?
  68. "We've heard enough! Hand over the second princess!"
  69. "Eh!?"
  71. The second princess was surprised to gasp.
  73. "......Will you tell us what happened?"
  75. Ren takes the lead and asks. This is a volatile situation. I want to avoid wrong choices as much as possible.
  77. "In the first place I have no such power as brainwashing-"
  78. "I do not believe it!"
  79. "Shut up! You're annoying, Shogun!"
  81. Since Itsuki prevented me from explaining I told him to shut up.
  82. Aren't you a hypocrite deciding on right and wrong only after you get one-sided information?
  84. "Anyway, this is a conspiracy. The King, that woman over there, or the church attempted to assassinate the second princess and frame me for it."
  85. "......I understand what you said. We'll just have to take you into custody first. I promise not to harm your companions. Just wait till the inspection is complete."
  86. "You actually believe it!?"
  87. "That's right!"
  88. "Hero of the Sword-sama! Don't listen to the words of the devil!"
  89. "I would rather end this without fighting. The truth can be confirmed later."
  91. As expected Ren is the only one staying calm in this situation and analysing.
  92. ......Should I consider it?
  94. "......No"
  96. The second princess clenches my hand tightly and begs.
  97. She is trembling and her face is pale.
  99. "I will most likely be murdered......"
  101. I confirm the surrounding situation.
  102. The second princess probably will receive treatment different from us.
  103. Since in order to remove the brainwashing the second princess will be subjected to magic by magicians of this country.
  104. And what happens will be as follows: A brutal curse will be removed from the second princess, but she will die because of its power.
  105. Such a scenario will play out.
  106. Ren will surely believe it and I will be branded the culprit.
  107. The possibility that this is an event orchestrated by Bitch to frame me is very high.
  108. To even aim for your younger sister......
  110. "Help......"
  112. A small voice could be heard.
  113. There is also no way to prove my innocence.
  114. Sigh......
  116. "Didn't I promise?"
  117. "Eh?"
  119. During that day I was falsely accused to rape. Nobody believed me.
  120. And now this matter concerns the life and death of the second princess.
  121. Brainwashing...... what a convenient plot used by those that want to kill the second princess.
  123. This is too obvious.......
  124. Even I know that much.
  125. The second princess's death means our defeat.
  126. We definitely have a common destiny. Who would trust an untrustworthy person?
  128. "Too bad. You cannot be trusted. Even if the second princess is handed over I will still be screwed. I promised her that I would absolutely protect her."
  130. I place the second princess on Firo's back and tell Raphtalia to get on as well.
  132. "Firo I know you hate it but abandon the wagon and run!"
  133. "Okay~!"
  134. "See ya."
  136. I also jump on and Firo takes off.
  138. "Ah, wait-"
  139. "Okay let's go-!"
  141. We are instantly 7 meters away. As I expected, Firo's leg strength is truly fearsome.
  142. But those three aren't falling behind and keep pace.
  144. "You think you can escape!?"
  146. Itsuki shoots magic arrows at us.
  148. "Air Strike Shield! Second Shield!"
  150. I turn around and chant the skills. Blocking the attacks aimed at us.
  151. The shield shattered with a loud crack, but the attacks have been neutralized.
  153. "You won't escape!"
  155. Itsuki's starts to prepare another arrow.
  156. I cannot use the shield any more due to cooldown time.
  158. "Eagle Piercing Shot!"
  160. Itsuki's arrow glows after being shot and flies straight at us.
  161. What the hell. The one you should be protecting, the second princess is here too.
  162. Why are you using such a strong skill!
  163. While riding on Firo I am forced to change my posture to receive the arrow.
  165. "Master are you okay?"
  167. Firo supports me so that I don't fall over.
  169. "That arrow...... Firo! It's coming!"
  170. "Yeah, It's very fast."
  172. The arrow which Itsuki shot is fast enough to catch up to the light-footed Firo.
  173. At first glance I understand that it's a lump of energy.This doesn't look like a beginner skill.
  174. I change my shield to the Chimeric Viper Shield and prepare.
  175. I hope I can endure this.
  176. I stare that the lump of energy. Then, I see an arrow.
  177. It's flying fast and in a straight line.
  179. ......Can it be done? Firo might fall over from the impact if I take it badly.
  181. No.....Judging by the name of the skill, this is meant for penetrating.
  182. Because I played a fair amount of Net Games, the name of bow system attacks aren't unfamiliar.
  183. This arrow is meant to pierce a hole right through me.
  184. It is a skill used specifically since I am here, such high efficiency.
  186. Then it's not possible to receive this arrow.
  187. Can't be helped...... the only way to escape this penetration attack is to either get out of range or to catch it.
  188. Can I do it? If I fail this will dangerous.
  189. Seriously, you guys totally forgot about the second princess right?
  190. ......I start to focus.
  192. I intensely concentrate on the flying attack, While lightly putting my hand over it's energy, I catch the arrow by it's shaft just before it reaches me!
  194. "What!? He caught my Eagle Piercing Shot with his hand!?"
  196. Itsuki responds to my action by expressing his shock.
  197. The shot of energy is unexpectedly weak, I just dispersed the power and caught the arrow.
  199. "Wait!"
  201. Ugh! Ren and Motoyasu catch up and take out their weapons.
  202. I had to make some unnecessary movements to catch Itsuki's arrow and just barely stop falling off.
  203. Our speed fell a bit as a result.
  204. To think that they would have companions that could catch up.
  206. "I do not want to attack Firo-chan, this is all your fau--Gefu"
  207. "Hindrance."
  209. Firo stomps Motoyau in the face. Was it that unexpected?
  210. This isn't the time now. Ren aims his sword at me.
  211. Dokun......
  212. The shield pulsates, and I unconsciously stretch my right hand towards Ren's sword.
  213. Fresh blood scatters and pain runs through my hand.
  214. Why!? It is different from what I expected. Ren's eyes do not shift, as if he's being manipulated by something.
  215. My shield suddenly glows red, and black flames are fired at Ren.
  217. "Wh--"
  219. This was probably unpredictable. Ren desperately defends with his sword.
  220. Is that Dark Curse Burning? Did the core of the dragon killed by Ren react and counter attack from the shield?
  221. To think the shield would change without permission and flash red.
  222. Dokun......Dokun......
  223. Oh shit. It would be impossible for Firo to run away from here if the shield of anger comes out.
  225. "Raphtalia, give me your hand......"
  226. "Yes? Naofumi-sama!? You are injured!"
  228. An anxious Raphtalia looks at me with concern and stretches out her hand.
  229. The pulsations settled down and subsides.
  231. "Firo are you okay? Escape as fast as possible!"
  232. "Okay~!"
  234. Firo regains her balance and runs at full power.
  235. We lose the heroes in no time.
  236. After that, Firo ran at full power till she was exhausted.
  238. "We should be safe for a while here."
  239. "Yeah, Firo-chan is fast~!"
  240. "Firo is a little tired."
  241. "That's fine......but we lost all our luggage and our wagon."
  242. "Can't be helped."
  244. I have some stuff one me, portable rations, money, a knife, and simple cooking utensils.
  245. But we lost Raphtalia's armour......
  246. I feel uneasy. I think it's showing on my expression.
  248. "Since we did not cross the border, what will we do now?......"
  250. We can probably run around the country aimlessly.
  251. But we have to at least try to get to Silt Welt by a detour route.
  252. We'll continue our fugitive lifestyle
  253. By the way, I cured the injury with a Fast Heal.
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