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PvtCinnamonbun May 6th, 2015 (edited) 479 Never
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  1. Becored:        Very cool Japanese runner, I think everyone loves this guy
  2. CavemanDJC:     Blew Chibi THE FUCK OUT, dank memer, oldboi, really good stream despite 300kbs bitrate
  3. Cheffybro:      Hella epic beard, runs Myst and Startropics
  4. Cyberdemon531:  DANKEST MEMER, runs like 20 games, always fun to watch, great to hang out with, has idiot friend I can make fun of
  5. DsS:    He's based
  6. Dudleyville:    Fellow history major, >our boi, runs Ristar, fun to banter with, likes wrestling
  7. Dugongue:       Comfy as hell, >our boi, runs like 10,000 shitty games so you have to respect that
  8. Glaedrl:        Started out as a shitter but mellowed into a cool dude
  9. Grav:   Insanely dedicated to his games, comfy and hype at the same time, >our boi
  10. halfcoordinated:        Incredibly humble and nice guy, good runner, I'm convinced he's a robot so I'm nice to him so he doesn't kill me
  11. Hexade: Chill runner, >our boi, kinda dorky but in a cool way, good at his games
  12. Iongravirei:    Maybe the nicest /srg/ dude, really good at his games and always fun to watch
  13. JoshuaSalkeld:  Only Unleashed god that regularly streams, funny guy
  14. Kirkq:  Inspired me to get better when I was just getting into the community, smart guy, likes Bomberman
  15. Lazerlong:      Dank memer, >our boi, runs tons of crazy games
  16. Meows:  Comfy, >our boi, really chill
  17. mkobayashi:     Hillarious guy, cuhrayzee-fag, make god tier videos
  18. moofin: Never boring to be around, always starting crazy projects, >our boi
  19. MURPHAGATOR:    Knows more about arcade games than I ever will about anything, very fun guy to watch
  20. Naegleria:      Fun and opinionated person, good taste in speedgames, good speedrunner, never boring to be around
  21. Nero:   He's fucking hilarious and blew puncayshun the fuck out
  22. peaches:        He's based
  23. Poopdeckseamen: One of the most chill Cyberdemon cronies
  24. Pyatters:       Fun as fuck to be around, >our boi, I want to ERP with Pyatters!
  25. Raikou99:       Excellent Tomba runner, comfy, rage moments are fun to watch, huge dedication to his game
  26. RingRush:       Smartest person I know, funny as fuck, excellent at his games, >kinda our boi
  27. Shepski:        Runs a game that shouldn't be run, oldboi nobody has ever heard of
  28. Shibbypod:      More detecated to a racing game than I will ever be to anything, chill guy, but he vapes so he's a loser lol!
  29. Slayer: Dank memer, >our boi, absurd dedication to FC3, always fun to be around and watch
  30. SluckySeven:    Came along and destroyed one of my times with insane dedication, good runner, runs tons of games I like to watch
  31. Sonimayo27:     I fucking love Sonimayo, prime bully target, only other person besides me and Gregi who stuck with Rooftop Run
  32. stri:   Comfy no mic runner, >our boi, too bad he's dead
  33. Sunkir: Gimmick runner, Katamari runner, he and Grass are literally the same person
  34. superSANIC_:    God-tier runner nobody knows of, always exciting to watch
  35. tekkie55:       >our boi, dank memer, but runs games I don't like so fuck him and his furry ass
  36. Therio: Comfy, >our boi, knows insane amounts of stuff about random subjects like music and pinball, awesome to talk to
  37. Toufool:        Very funny guy, >kinda our boi
  38. unusualcook:    Dank memer, >our boi, comfy as everloving fuck, good at his games
  39. Vallkyr:        Blew me the fuck out in Unleashed, great runner, good stream
  40. Wally:  >our boi, fun to be around
  41. Wutangclam:     Comfy as hell, >our boi, ran Pac-Man, like Twin Peaks
  42. Yashichi:       Dank memer, fun person to talk to, got me into Bomberman Hero
  43. Yoshipro101:    Memer extrordinaire, very good at his games, >our boi
  44. Yvathacal:      >our boi, great taste in anime and manga, very smart person
  45. Zastbat:        Good runner, >our boi, got me through some hard times, good taste in anime
  46. Zetssu_:        Fellow toku fan, fun to talk to
  47. zewing: Like GX, have had good conversations with, >kinda our boi
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