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  1. Aug 08 15:39:33 <ST_Valette>    "And that's why Sun cults can't be trusted. They don't understand divine compassion, and will always indulge themselves to excess. Dangerous. It's lucky that the Forsaken was so reckless with her power that she burned the shrine to the ground."
  2. Aug 08 15:39:37 <Liang_Yaohua>  Tactically speaking: once the fight goes down, it'd be nice if Saffron didn't decide to order her super!Dragonborn to execute the Anathema.
  3. Aug 08 15:40:07 <ST_Valette>    The Immaculate takes a drink from a server carrying a tray, and takes a sip.
  4. Aug 08 15:40:28 <RobesAsRed>    *Acktually the shrine is fine. It was brought far away, safe from those that meant it harm*
  5. Aug 08 15:41:40 <HeiReino66>    "You bring shame upon yourself and your faith by willfully spreading such depraved lies." I stare at her, my features cold and harsh. "Heaven knows the truth of these matters, and those who lie about them will find that memories longer than generations will not forget them."
  6. Aug 08 15:42:09 <Liang_Yaohua>  Preach!
  7. Aug 08 15:42:33 <ST_Valette>    The immaculate clicks her tongue, turning towards you. "How dare you? Know your place."
  8. Aug 08 15:42:45 <ST_Valette>    You may roll a social attack, if you wish.
  9. Aug 08 15:43:17 <ST_Valette>    At stunt 2.
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