The weight of love (twiggyxAnon, fluff, teasing, riding?) UF

Nov 25th, 2017
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  1. >>
  2. >>That's why you never tease the mare. You WILL be fucked.
  4. >not teasing the mare until she snaps
  5. >not wanting her to force you to apologize as she pins you down
  6. >not playing it tough and telling her that if she wants your excuses, she'll have to take them from you
  7. >not trying to keep your strong facade as she starts her affectionate assault
  8. >not trying to keep in any moans and whimpers as she kisses, bites and nibbles at you
  9. >not shaking your head to show her that you will not yield as she whispers her command
  10. >"Apologize,"
  11. >not looking at her instantly getting to work on removing your shirt
  12. >not feeling your heart skip a beat as it makes you realize that she already knew you weren't going to tell her you were sorry, and that she's as eager as you are for the next part
  13. >not clenching your jaw shut to try and stop the words from coming out as you feel a tongue, and then teeth on your sensitive nipple
  14. >not squirming in anticipation as she slides down, and down, and down, her lips, teeth and tongue leaving a wet trail all the way there
  15. >not watching her horn glowing and her magic engulfing the rest of your clothes and sliding them down, slowly
  16. >not seeing her eyes shoot up to yours as your voice betrays you, the simplest of brushes of her magic against your now very evident arousal enough to make a crack on the iron wall of willpower you thought you had
  17. >not looking away as fast as you can, not wanting to get trapped inside the violet pools of her eyes, knowing that you do not have the luxury of doing so, not right now, not wanting to make it any easier on her
  18. >but not without having witnessed the assuredness filling them and the usual smug smirk that always goes with it, allowing to read her mind for a fraction of a second, just enough to know that she thinks she already won
  19. >that she knows she won
  20. >not staying strong, bracing yourself for what was to come, steeling yourself, mind and body, as she started her little play
  22. >not squirming as you feel her lips kiss their way down your stomach, as you feel her warm breath wash over the tip of your pride, but without ever getting there
  23. >not stifling a groan as she shifts to the side, ever slightly so, just enough to make sure she doesn't touch it as she goes down
  24. >not curling your toes as you feel her teeth against the sensitive skin of your thighs
  25. >not feeling your muscles clench in reflex as you feel the tip of her wings on your sides, the soft feathers tickling at first, stroking at last
  26. >not feeling her tail wrap itself around your leg, as if trying to tie you up even more, as if letting you know that if you somehow break free of her magic, you'll still have to fight her body
  27. >or maybe to simply add yet another reminder that she's got you exactly where she wants you to be
  28. >not slowly losing your mind as she keeps repeating her actions for what seems like hours
  29. >not testing her grasp on you every few moments, trying to break free of her magical bindings
  30. >not finding her eyes whenever you try to do so, her eyes telling you, reminding you that you've got no way out of this
  31. >no other way but admitting your fault
  32. >no other way but confessing
  34. >not feeling your wall crumble entirely as she gives your now throbbing member the gentlest of kisses, right on the tip, a simple peck, so quick that you could've missed it if you had blinked
  35. >not hearing her giggle as you whimper your surrender
  36. >not shivering in pleasure as she climbs her way up, as you feel her stroke you with the entire length of her body
  37. >not feeling your heart soaring as you see her face approaching yours, as you try and prepare the words and terms of your surrender, but failing to do so thanks to her robbing you of your every thoughts
  38. >not being able to think of anything else but to kiss her soft lips as they grow closer and closer
  39. >to lose yourself inside of her beautiful eyes
  40. >to tell her how much you love her as you stroke her ears and her neck exactly the way you know she loves it
  42. >not snapping back to reality as her voice reaches your ears
  43. >"So?"
  44. >It takes you a few second to find the words
  45. >A few seconds too long for her
  46. >"This is the part where you tell me how sorry you are,"
  47. >You lips part, and the words nearly come out, but you somehow find some semblance of resistance left
  48. >That is, until you feel her tail gliding against your length
  49. >"What was that? I couldn't hear it~,"
  50. "I'm sorry,"
  51. >"Mmh, sorry about what?"
  52. "For... stealing the last cookie and eating it even though I knew you wanted it,"
  53. >"Yes, yes, and?"
  54. "And... huh... grabbing your horn to stop you from using your magic to take it back?"
  55. >"Yes, you did that, and you know how much I hate it when you do that!"
  56. >There's annoyance and frustration in her voice and written on her face, but the corner of her lips betrays her
  57. >"But you also said something after that, something that you should feel sorry for and bad about,"
  58. >Did you?
  59. >Huh...
  60. >OH
  61. "Uhm, I'm sorry for telling you that your butt got so big I'm having troubles breathing when you're on top?"
  62. >"Yes! You said that! I can't believe you said that! You should know better than to--"
  63. "Because that's totally not true, you're nowhere near fat enough to be a problem and I actually love it,"
  64. >She blinks
  65. >"You love it? Love what?"
  66. "That you took on some weight these last few months?"
  67. >"What?! I did not! ...did I?"
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