Movies With Zionist Agenda

Nov 17th, 2013
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  1. Movies With Zionist Agenda
  3. 50 First Dates
  4. Alexander - Oliver Stone
  6. American Graffiti - George Lucas
  8. American Pie - This movie came out when file-sharing was starting to become popular, figuring people would download the song of the same name by Don McLean. The song references religion in a positive way, as well as referring to 'the day the music died'. When in reality, the music came alive. The American flag on the album cover is a diversion from the true origin of the lyrics.
  10. Analyze This/That
  11. Artificial Intelligence - Steven Spielberg
  13. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight - At the beginning of The Dark Knight, a bank is being robbed. The 'manager' takes out a shotgun and tries to 'defend' the bank, because... the bank is owned by the mob. The movie depicts that the bank is run by the Italian mafia. Very far from the truth and that is why they show this in the movie, to try and plant that falacy into the minds of those who are not aware of the truth which is in reality that Jews have the market when it comes to banks, including the biggest private bank, the federal reserve. In another part of the movie, two cruise ships are rigged with explosives, one carrying criminals, the other carrying citizens, each with a detonator for the other ship. Whoever detonates the other ship first, lives. This brings up the issue of 'pre-emptive strike', as we know, the 'pre-emptive strike' against Iraq was based on false information about non-exitent weapons of mass destruction to wage a war in the Middle East against Israel's enemies. In the movie, neither ship detonates the other and both survive, if only this would hold true in real life. If you look at what's happening to the Palestinians, who have already lost much of their homeland to Israel since it's inception in 1948, every day Israel attacks, pollutes, denies medical attention, levels crops, shoots unarmed civilians and steals more land to put illigal outposts on. What are Palestinians to do? Israel is 'detonating' Palestine every day, at some point you must fight back. The situation is not much better in America, it's basically a hold-up, everything and anything to keep the Federal Reserve pumping out worthless paper, with interest. People have died so as to be able to put the story on 'CNN' to threaten the rest of us. Every day we get threats and lies, we pay $12 to go to a movie theatre, more threats! Put forward by actors and actresses forced to read Isreali scripted bs! We cannot hold off any longer against this direct and stated threat, to us, to our economy, to our media, to our rights, freedoms and everything we hold dear. Every day, more of the same, they will not stop, until they are stopped.
  15. Blade Runner
  16. Blades of Glory
  17. Blazing Saddles
  18. Bridge to Terabithia
  19. Cabin Fever
  21. Cast Away - Saving private Ryan, on a raft.
  23. Catch Me If You Can - Steven Spielberg
  24. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  25. Clerks II
  26. Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Steven Spielberg
  27. Cry Wolf
  28. Derailed
  29. Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo I,II
  31. Dude, Where's My Car - "buddy pic" filled with Zionist agenda situations.
  33. Dodgeball
  35. Don't be a Menace - Threats and insults toward Rappers and African-Americans.
  37. Dickie Roberts former child star
  38. E.T. - Steven Spielberg
  40. Election - A movie attempting to lower Matthew Broderick because of how amazing the movie Ferris Beullers Day Off is.
  42. Failure to Launch
  43. Fear Dot Com
  45. Fun with Dick and Jane - After winning an MTV movie award surfboard Jim Carrey started to scream, followed by "Do you like that?" (scream) "Do you like to hear me scream?" (scream). (Quoted as best recollected)
  47. Get Rich or Die Trying - An MTV (Viacom, Zionist) movie. 50 Cent got out One real album (Get Rich or Die Trying), the rest have been Israeli scripted.
  49. Glory Road
  50. Guess Who
  52. Hook - Steven Spielberg - Based on the Disney animated movie Peter Pan.
  54. Hostel
  55. House of Wax
  57. Independence Day - A Jewish 'fight for survival' themed movie (even though throughout history it is they who have plotted, and worked towards, our enslavement). In one scene Judd Hersh's character says that they should pray, one of the children says, "But I'm not Jewish", to which Judd Hersh's character replies "Well no-ones perfect".
  59. Indiana Jones I,II,III,IV - George Lucas
  61. James Bond Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace - The upsurgence in popularity of card games were the "draw" for Casino Royale, once in the theatre threats of torture.
  63. Jaws - Steven Spielberg
  65. John Tucker Must Die
  67. Jumper - Hayden, who played a young Darth Vader, shows visible signs of torture throughout this movie, hence the title.
  69. Jurassic Park - Steven Spielberg
  70. Just Friends
  71. Kill Bill I,II
  72. King Kong
  73. Labyrinth - George Lucas
  74. Lemony Snikkett: A Series of Unfortunate Events
  75. Lost in Space
  77. Marathon Man - Torture plot.
  79. Mean Girls
  80. Meet the Parents I,II
  82. Men in Black II - Forced on the Men in Black cast because the first one was so good.
  84. Men in Tights
  86. Midnight Cowboy - Comparable to Taxi Driver.
  88. Minority Report - Steven Spielberg
  89. Monster House
  91. Mr & Mrs Smith - A trojan horse movie, the plot starts showing it's true form after the scene with the crucifix dangling from the rearview mirror.
  93. Munich - Based on the events of the 1972 Olympics where 11 Israeli athletes were killed. The movie came out the day before London lost 52 citizens in a 'terrorist' bombing of 3 subway cars and a double decker bus.
  95. Music and Lyrics - An attempt to divert attention away from the reality of forced Israeli scripting of musicians.
  97. Nacho Libre
  99. Not Another Teen Movie - The term 'ism' is mentioned, the response is 'oh, you mean like a defense mechanism?'. "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is nothing of the sort. Zionism regards the creation of an Israeli state, the protocols however (a plot of global enslavement) needs to be considered a declaration of war against the rest of the world.
  101. Pearl Harbor
  102. Pulp Fiction
  103. Rat Race
  104. Rumour Has It
  105. RV
  106. Sahara
  107. Saving Private Ryan - Steven Spielberg
  108. Schindler's List - Steven Spielberg
  109. She's the Man
  110. Shopgirl
  112. Snakes on a Plane - 'Regarding 9-11'
  114. Spaceballs
  116. Spiderman III - Forced on the Spiderman cast because the first two were so good. An attempt to tarnish the first two Spiderman movies.
  118. Stargate
  119. Starsky & Hutch
  120. Star Wars I-VI - George Lucas
  121. Staying Alive
  123. Stealth - A movie about creating trojan horse Israeli scripted movies.
  125. Superman Returns
  126. Talladega Nights
  127. Taxi
  128. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  130. Terminator 3 - Forced on Arnold Schwarzenegger because part 2 was so good.
  132. There's Something About Mary
  133. The 40 Year Old Virgin
  134. The Ant Bully
  135. The Break-Up
  136. The Butterfly Effect
  137. The Day After Tomorrow
  139. The Dukes of Hazzard - The dukes of hazzard has always been israeli scripted, General-ee n01 orange. Johnny Knoxville was forced into the movie 'the ringer', and that's what he is for this movie (as well as Sean William Scott, Burt Reynolds and Willie Nelson) to star with Jessica Simpson.
  141. The Family Stone
  142. The Fantastic Four II
  144. The Fifth Element - Milla Jovovich is 'the fifth element', to be put in Zionist agenda movies.
  146. The Fugitive - It was the one-armed man!
  148. The Graduate
  149. The Grindhouse
  150. The Incredible Hulk
  151. The Island
  152. The Longest Yard
  153. The Master of Disguise
  154. The Pink Panther
  155. The Producers
  156. The Ringer
  157. The Skeleton Key
  158. The Sound of Music
  159. The Terminal - Steven Spielberg
  160. The Wedding Singer
  161. The Wizard of Oz
  162. The X Files, Fight the Future, I Want to Believe
  163. Transformers
  165. True Romance - The 'true romance' is the cocaine, Israeli scripted songs (forced on musicians) refer to thier love for it. Examples would be
  166. 'My humps'
  167. "I met a girl, down at the disco, she said, hey, hey hey let's go, I could be your baby you could be my honey Let's spend time not money, mix your milk with my cocoa puff, milky milky cocao, mix your milk with my cocao puff, milky milky riggght."
  168. 'Fergilicious'
  170. War of the Worlds - Steven Spielberg
  171. Wedding Crashers
  172. When A Stranger Calls
  173. When Harry Met Sally
  174. Wild Hogs
  175. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
  176. World Trade Centre - Oliver Stone
  177. Wolf Creek
  178. You, Me & Dupree
  179. Zoolander
  180. Zoom
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