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  1. Note : Thank you for accepting my apply to this af! And I think it’ll be a long form idk lolololol I get to
  2. details so, hope you’ll not get bored reading it (;-;
  4. User : PandoraNIdamental
  6. Password : My ult bias is Yuta while my ult biaswrecker is Lucas
  8. Slot : Sakura
  10. Backup slot : Tsubaki
  12. Faceclaim : soocolor
  14. Backup faceclaim : Heybiblee
  16. Name : Sabrina
  18. Full name : Sabrina Soeharsono
  20. Age & D.O.B : 17 y’old, June 12’th 2001
  22. Ethnicity : Indonesian (From father), Korean (From mother)
  24. Personality :
  25. - Really calm like ocean’s breeze (or Tsumugi from K-On! :v)
  26. - More mature than her age
  27. - Easy going kind of person
  28. - What makes her calm is that she enjoys on everything she does
  29. - She never gets mad and takes everything slowly
  30. - Soft personality
  31. - Although there might be negative times, she’ll think it in a positive way to finish the problem
  32. safe and not making other people panic or worried
  34. Background :
  35. Lived at the East of Indonesia where many Indonesia’s Ocean Beauty are there. Sabrina’s family
  36. lives near the ocean so she was raised with knowledge about the ocean from either her parents or
  37. grandpa. His father owns a very big fish cultivation, one of the biggest in country while her mother
  38. works as a sea creature specialize vet at a local fish tank exhibit. She often goes fishing with her dad and
  39. grandpa if they have a free time, she really loves doing this activity
  41. She is interested on ocean life because of her grandpa who was a sailor back when he was
  42. young so he talks about his experience to her that make her fell in love with the ocean. Being a nature
  43. kind of girl, she sees everything that catches her eyes as beauty and aesthetic even the bad ones.
  45. She likes to spend her free time at the ocean. Swimming or just making her feet wet by the sea
  46. water. She found it very calming when she interacts with the ocean. She likes the water so much, people
  47. that lives around that place would call her “The Little Mermaid”
  49. Just because she spends most of her time in the ocean or near the shore it doesn’t mean she’s
  50. dumb with technology. She often searches on internet about knowledge and songs.
  52. When she was searching for new songs to hear, she found out about NCT Dream and quickly fells in love with their song
  53. especially ‘We Young’ who has a beach kind of concept and she then picks Renjun as her favorite
  54. member in NCT Dream because of his voice. “His voice is really calming like the calming breeze and calm
  55. waves at night”
  57. How she acquired her survival skills :
  58. She gets her skills from her grandpa who usually takes her to camp at the forest. While they’re
  59. camping, his grandpa will teach her survival knowledge so that she can deal with unexpected situation.
  60. And sometimes they would have a journey with their boat and she would learn how to survive in the
  61. ocean
  64. - Water (concludes water activities especially swimming)
  65. - Sea shells
  66. - Dolphins, she found Chenle’s laugh very funny as well - Fishing
  67. - Camping
  68. - Journey with their family boat
  69. - Fish (especially the colourful ones) - The forest
  70. - The cold breeze on shore - Adventures
  71. - Gummy bears
  72. - Any kind of blue colors
  73. - Shorts (Like male beach shorts)
  74. - Her sea shell necklace (She always wears it, It was from her passed away grandma. It looks like
  75. the necklace that Merliah wears on ‘Barbie in a mermaid tale’)
  76. - Renjun’s voice
  77. - Playing the guitar
  79. Dislikes :
  80. - People making fun of her love on ocean
  81. - Foods that are too spicy
  82. - People crying or getting hurt
  83. - Cursing
  84. - People make fun of ugly things
  85. - Loud noises
  86. - Her sneeze, It’s so big that she’ll jump backwards (Not like a whole jump)
  87. - Being tickled because she’s ticklish
  89. Habits :
  90. - She’ll look up if she’s going to sneeze
  91. - Biting her index finger if she’s thinking
  92. - Writing words if she sees sand
  93. - Scratching her ear if she hears something she doesn’t like
  95. Flaws :
  96. - She can’t be angry although it’s a big problem, it stresses her sometimes
  97. - She has a small scar on her jaw (When her father caught a swordfish when she was little, she
  98. thought it was already dead so she was about to touch the fish from front, but suddenly it
  99. wiggles because it was still alive making its swordie thingy to scratch her right cheek to jaw,
  100. beside her corner of her lips till down to the jaw, it’s a diagonal scratch) She thinks she looks
  101. badass with it though
  102. - Her fingertips are a bit scratched and harden because she plays the guitar everyday
  103. - A messy person
  105. Fears :
  106. - She is afraid of toads (A toad jumped to her face when she was little)
  107. - Swordfish (Because of the scar)
  108. - Clowns (especially the ones who has a painted wide smile, it looks like they would just eat your
  109. face off)
  111. Allergies :
  112. - Peanuts
  113. - Shrimps (sadly lolololol)
  115. Reason :
  116. The main reason was because she wants to test her survival skills by her own, meeting NCT
  117. Dream was a plus reason score for her to have
  119. Her reaction when she won :
  120. Her jaw dropped half with her eyes widen with a blank expression before the girls took her to a
  121. group hug, but after the hug her mouth was still agape and her face still looks blank
  123. How did her parents let her go to the contest :
  124. Her mother didn’t allow her to go because she was the only child on the family. But her grandpa
  125. talks to her mother to let her go and explore the world outside their town plus his father who supports
  126. her. They all agreed and let her go to have her own journey
  128. How she felt before leaving :
  129. She was a bit nervous and slightly feeling weird, like a gut feeling that something not right going
  130. to happen. But she sweeps that away on being excited about the contest
  132. Her thought when they crash :
  133. “I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you mom.. I’m sorry..” She thought in her mind as she closes her
  134. eyes tightly with her hands grabbing tight on the chair holders(?) when the plane falls down(?) with
  135. hope that they’ll survive this
  137. (After the crash) She didn’t panic too much because of her calm nature self and looks around
  138. the situation carefully and tries to calm anyone who’s is deep panic and also everyone else
  140. Love Interest : Huang Renjun
  142. Impression she gave to the other girls : Her fishing skills and calm aura
  144. How did he react after meeting him :
  145. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling and then gives a polite bow to him as a greeting (Deep
  146. inside of her she feels the butterflies flying crazily inside her chest and stomach)
  148. Chemistry between her and love interest :
  149. Good Chemistry :
  150. - Sense of humour
  151. - Songs (Like.. share the same song they both like) - They look at each other at the same time and would laugh for no reason
  152. - They have a good chemistry if they both get to choose something between 2 things
  153. Bad Chemistry :
  154. - Tidiness (Sabrina is the messy person while Renjun is the tidy one)
  155. - Best anime ( Sabrina says One Piece, while Renjun says Naruto) They’ll fight about this
  156. - Calmness (Since Sakura can’t be angry, but it doesn’t mean that Renjun has a huge anger issue
  157. ;_;)
  158. Extra :-
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