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The daily life of a Perskule-chan

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Aug 31st, 2021
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  1. The daily life of a Perskule-chan
  2. Chapter 1 - Time flies by
  7. A loud noise can be heard from little perskule-chan’s alarm shouting “POOPYHEAD,
  8. POOPYHEAD, YOU’RE A POOPYHEAD, POOPYHEAD!”. Perskule-chan wakes up and stares at a blacked out monitor. In her reflection she can see that the pringles she ate yesterday are stuck to her cheek. She groans and says: “Why in FECKS NAME did I down that entire bottle of sake?”. After which she immediately slammed down her fist onto her phone with such a force that it could be felt throughout the entire neighbourhood. With the same ferocity she slammed her mouse button into oblivion until her monitor lit up and gave the little perskule a taste of her own medicine. The monitor was far too bright for the hungover perskule-chan and as such a sharp throbbing pain could be felt in the brain of this fair maiden. After adjusting to the brightness of the monitor she saw that the current day was Monday, a dreadful day for the small Perskule-chan.
  11. Why? Well dear reader this is Perskule-chan we are talking about. An otaku at heart who loves to play dating sims, watch anime and read manga she is not overly fond of going to school and actually conversing with people. Alas it was required of her to go to school, not to get good grades no, it was because of a certain someone she made a promise to. Someone named Jabba. I could give the entire rundown of their relationship, but that would include some nasty stuff, which I rather not talk about. However if I had to summarise their relationship I would say their relationship looks a lot like a childhood friend's relationship with a Harem protagonist. The idiotic perskule-chan made a promise when they were small in a playground not too far from where they both live. The promise even developed into a written contract, where it was stated that if one of them were to stop with school this included university and such, then the other had the right to date their crush. Yes, a crush but not just any crush. This was not any ordinary male of the human species, it was someone in peak physical condition, someone who could seduce any female of its species and his name was Whip. Whip you see was their senpai and they have both had a crush on the guy for ages. Even though they did both like their senpai they still developed a close bond together which would last centuries or so I am told.
  14. Perskule-chan finally got up and took off the crisp that was stuck to her cheek. She went to the bathroom and made herself ready to go to school. She had quite a nice breakfast consisting of a bagel with blueberry jam and a nice glass of mountain dew on the side. She made her way to school and met Jabba along the way. Jabba told our dear Perskule-chan about the dream she had that night. She dreamt that she was on a beach with Whip and Whip was reading her poems whilst he was applying sunscreen, obviously it was just a dream, but our dear Jabba took it as a sign. Perskule-chan however said nothing about an event that occurred last year which strongly resembled the dream she was having about Whip-senpai but instead of it being Jabba who was being seduced it was Perskule-chan.
  21. Eventually the girls made it to the school and sat down in their homeroom. A small, but yet muscly man came up to Perskule-chan. Perskule-chan knew this boy, it was Dakka-kun. He was a classmate of Perskule, but a year younger. He asked Perskule if she would help him with his Math homework. Perskule agreed and Dakka gave her a tap on the shoulder. Perskule-chan looked at the window until class began. The sensei was Miss Nova, a young woman of only 22 years old. The subject she was teaching was Quantum Theory, not that Perskule paid much attention as Whip-senpai was playing football outside with his class. The class was nearing its end and Perskule saw something strange. Whip-senpai ran into the school building and after a minute or two he stood there in the door opening. Right as he tries to shout something everything went black.
  24. Perskule opened her eyes and saw a linen bed sheet and when she looked around all was wooden and moldy. She touched herself to see if everything was the same as it used to be. She clenched her fist, but when she did a menu popped up showing stats and writing:
  27. * HP - 100
  28. * MP - 10
  29. * Stamina - 5
  30. * Species - Human, Class - L*li Assassin
  33. Perskule-chan’s face lit up with a passion and for the first time in her life she finally knew what to do.
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