Heartbreaker Puzzle Solution

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  1. ROUTE:
  3. Child 1
  4. Get skulltulas along the way. Need 20 total by the middle of adult 2
  5. Sword+shield
  6. Sticks
  7. Slingshot
  8. Break web to b1, burn web to b2, push block for safety later
  9. 3 skulls in deku`
  10. Kill gohma+double KO
  11. Pokey for ocarina
  12. Cucco bottle
  13. Vine clip to chus
  14. SQ to kokiri
  15. Aqua escape
  16. 2 skulls in river=5
  17. 5 skulls in night kak=10
  18. Lots of pots skull=11
  19. Castle tree skulltula=12
  20. DoT skip
  22. Adult 1
  23. Egg, hookshot, shield, chu weirdshot to crate, dmg boost to seam for shadow early+hover boots
  24. Buy fairy for dc hookshot jump
  25. lower DMT skulltula = 13
  26. blow up DC entrance (one breakable wall)
  27. Hookshot jump to bombs
  28. Light eyes
  29. Reverse DC for staircase skulltulas = 15
  30. Kill KD and savewarp out
  31. Hyrule field lone tree grotto skulltula near kak = 16
  32. Steal epona with ONE HOVER + dmg boost onto gate, then across roofs to oob load
  33. Epona to kokiri
  34. House of Twins skulltula = 17
  35. Lost woods grotto for bugs
  36. SFM skulltula = 18
  37. Entrance forest temple skulltula = 19
  38. Forest bk skip skulltula = 20
  40. Beat phantom ganon (get a bunch of sticks from big baba if you’re low)
  41. Forest cs skip
  42. Trade up to mushroom, have timer running
  43. Aqua escape to zoras river, megasidehop to domain, clip past KZ to fountain
  44. Log clip, swim beneath weirdclip boulder
  45. Chu up the shaft to blow boulder but not FW (second chu. NO MORE)
  46. Timer back to lost woods, trade for mushroom, megaflip to bridge, hyrule field
  47. Epona to kak, mushroom for odd potion
  48. Epona to lake hylia
  49. Bottle on B with fairy from grass and odd potion c-right (0001 1000 (sapph, ruby))
  50. Use fairy on B with empty bottle c-right for empty third bottle
  51. House clip to water temple
  52. SQ for blank B
  53. Leave temple, RCE epona
  54. stand on tree root, hookshot tree to snap back to epona
  55. Ride to lab, A to get off epona, link will jump sky high to heart piece (goal #2)
  56. Bring epona back toward castle/kak
  57. Catch a Poe in Hyrule field
  58. Trade for poacher’s saw
  59. Bottle on B with fairy from grass and poacher’s saw c-right (ZL and prelude)
  60. Equip sword
  61. Stone of agony (00111000)
  62. Climb trail to magic via seamwalk and JS to load on top of mountain
  63. Megaflip to double magic
  64. Prelude
  65. Epona to gerudo
  66. If fewer than 4 chus, ledge clip to GTG, weirdshot to 5 chu chest
  67. Waste chus down to 4
  68. Megaflip gate skip
  69. Get requiem
  70. Adult spirit without hover boots until statue main room
  71. Lower child side door for 10 chus (14 total, don’t use any now)
  72. Use ZL hand key to enter child side upper door
  73. Clip past knuckle door
  74. Silver Gauntlets
  75. Minuet to lost woods, aqua escape
  76. Megasidehop with chu (13 now) past waterfall, get FW
  77. Minuet to SFM, fairy fountain for bottle on B
  78. Stick on B
  79. Adult dot skip with stick+hovers (ToT hovers only!)
  80. Bottle on B (dupe bugs over 0 sticks)
  82. Child 2
  83. Poe c-right points to 13 chus
  85. Adult 2
  86. FW on B
  87. Set FW in kokiri after coming out of house of twins
  88. DC, catch fairy from pot in back room
  89. FW WW to hyrule castle
  90. Hold forward into water box
  91. Die with fairy while floating up, walking while talking on talon to skip guards
  92. Clip into dins fire
  93. Epona to lon lon
  94. Get on epona, start malon’s obstacle course from on epona
  95. Fail the race by skipping a fence and jumping the next
  96. Now you have FW on temp B
  97. Equip sword
  98. Dot skip with MS
  100. Child 3
  101. DO NOT EVER DIM THE B BUTTON (water, vines etc)
  102. Play minuet
  103. Deku tree
  104. WW to collapse (00111100)
  105. Instaclip Kappa
  106. Begin ganon fight to lose sword, OI Prelude
  107. Die
  108. Child FW on B!
  109. Set FW in ToT from front entrance
  110. To Castle
  111. Megaflip from boxes to guards
  112. Walking while talking with zelda and bomb guard
  113. FW Wrong warp to SoT as the dream loads (00111101 (agony, stones, SoT) = 61)
  114. Savewarp to kokiri and grab a stick
  115. DoT skip
  117. Adult 3
  118. Double Defense with seamwalk
  119. Stick on B
  120. DoT Skip w/ stick
  121. Bottle on B (dupe bugs over 0 sticks)
  124. Child 4
  125. Buy green potion to bottle 1, empty bottle 3
  126. Gerudo as child
  127. RBA green potion with fairy, release fairy
  128. Bottle 3 empty c-right
  129. Swing bottle
  130. Mushroom chest trade item duplication to get mushroom on C
  131. Kakariko (dont savewarp or you get cojiro!)
  132. Potion shop clip
  133. Trade for odd potion
  134. Odd potion c-right points to 00111101
  135. DoT skip
  137. Adult 4
  138. Biggoron sword (giants knife?) on B
  139. Requiem
  140. Seamwalk to colossus skulltula
  141. Hookshot jump above NL with palm tree and skulltula token
  142. JS clip into NL (check if works with BGS?)
  144. G fucking G
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