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  1. 5:23 PM]Kytt.Rose:You got a few minutes after this to discuss the ER?
  2. [5:23 PM]Danni:I got time yeah.
  3. [5:23 PM]Kytt.Rose:Alright. A few questions. Did you notice any mistakes? What were they?
  4. [5:26 PM]Danni:Biggest thing:
  5. Fucked with the poison, I forgot about it half the time.
  6. [5:26 PM]Danni:thankfully, it didn't really matter.
  7. [5:29 PM]Kytt.Rose:Remembering poison is tough
  8. [5:29 PM]Danni:Yeah. There's no easy inbuilt tracker for it
  9. [5:29 PM]Danni:Should've just included on the weapon notes but I didn't want to instantly reveal the effects of the poiosn.
  10. [5:29 PM]Danni:Would change that around next time.
  11. [5:30 PM]Kytt.Rose:Poison is a pain, lol.
  12. [5:30 PM]Danni:The sheet set the to hit of the Grimstalkers to be one higher than intended which I caught after the big full round... slight mess up with setting the NPC sheets. They default to whisper rolls.
  13. [5:30 PM]Danni:First fight could've been tougher with more mites.
  14. [5:30 PM]Kytt.Rose:Yeah. I do that every time.
  15. [5:31 PM]Kytt.Rose:Alright. Now the hard question.
  16. [5:31 PM]Kytt.Rose:What did you do well?
  17. [5:35 PM]Danni:I wanna say the NPC RP was entertaining and odd enough to be interesting. I had no intent to have the minor stones be part of the teleport but it made sense so I improv'ed them in, which I think some players definitely liked.
  19. I do hope I made the combat go smoothly, I frequently made sure that players were EOTing and the alike. I do think that adding slightly more flavour to strikes of players and monster made it more enjoyable.
  20. [5:36 PM]Danni:(Off topic, do I still need to have the ERRT double checked by someone for this?)
  21. [5:36 PM]Danni:(and by someone I mean the spectator. )
  22. [5:36 PM]Kytt.Rose:Yeah. It'll be checked by me.
  23. [5:38 PM]Kytt.Rose:One more question.
  24. [5:38 PM]Kytt.Rose:Do you think you can run at least once per month?
  25. [5:39 PM]Danni:That's the goal. I already gm a super dungeon twice a month and adding AT least one game in shouldn't be an issue.
  26. [5:40 PM]Danni:Ideally, I would something like one arena a month and one  or more standard ER
  27. [5:40 PM]Kytt.Rose:Alright. Is there anything you want to discuss with me?
  28. [5:41 PM]Danni:I don't think so. Thank you for your time. Hope I did you proud.
  29. [5:44 PM]Danni:The entire ER is a metaphor for the english conquest of ireland. Bodhmall is literally name from a celtic myth. William of Orange was the one who took over Ireland.
  30. [5:47 PM]Kytt.Rose:I did notice that, lol
  31. [6:02 PM]Kytt.Rose:Spending a lifetime around DnD you get pretty good with mythology and history
  32. [6:02 PM]Danni:Imagine so.
  33. [6:02 PM]Danni:I just know from being around Irish people
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