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opNorthKorea FAQ

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Apr 5th, 2013
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  1. We the people, for the people, do release this
  2. #opNorthKorea FAQ (frequently asked questions):
  4. Q:
  5. What are your demands?
  6. A:
  7. the resignation of Kim Jong-un
  8. the installation of free democracy in North Korea
  9. North Korea shall abandon nuclear ambitions
  10. free and uncensored internet access for all citizens
  12. Q:
  13. Are you related to USA government / to CIA?
  14. A:
  15. LOL! No way!
  17. Q:
  18. You said what your demands allegedly are, but what
  19. are your real goals?
  20. A:
  21. Freedom, peace and democracy.
  23. Q:
  24. What do you think you will achieve with your actions?
  25. A:
  26. Raise international awareness about the horrible
  27. conditions the North Korean citizens live in. DONE.
  28. Liberate their data. DONE.
  29. Hack their shit. DONE.
  30. Spread information. DONE.
  31. Create ninja gateway. IN PROGRESS.
  32. Win public opinion and support for the upcoming
  33. citizen's uprising. DONE.
  34. Support the actual uprising when it happens. IN PROGRESS.
  36. Q:
  37. What is ninja gateway / what is Kwangmyong?
  38. A:
  39. In North Korea, only a few selected officials do have
  40. access to the actual internet. Some citizens do have
  41. a dial-up access to Kwangmyong which basically is
  42. something like the internet, but much smaller, existing
  43. only within the country of North Korea, content is only
  44. a few sites that ran through a censorship process.
  45. There is no physical connection between Kwangmyong and
  46. the real internet. "Ninja gateway" is a project to bring
  47. the real internet into the country and connect it to
  48. Kwangmyong. The people who build it do risk their lifes.
  49. For security reasons they work in tiny independent cells.
  51. Q:
  52. You make things worse, N.K. government could see your
  53. actions as an act of war and use it as an excuse to launch
  54. missiles!
  55. A:
  56. LOL! So you really think peaceful resistance and posting
  57. some funny pictures on a social media account can lead
  58. to that? If that's the case, the whole world is doomed
  59. anyway. And if that's an act of war, what country did
  60. commit it? LOL.
  62. Q:
  63. Who are you?
  64. A:
  65. We are Anonymous
  66. We are Legion
  67. We do not forgive
  68. We do not forget
  69. Expect us!
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