Double Cross - Explosions and Parks and Bright Lights Part 1

May 15th, 2015
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  1. 22:25 Midnight_ A mysterious note from Jamie appears one day at your home.
  2. 22:25 Midnight_ "I think I have a lead on some False Heart activity, something major. Meet me at the park, don稚 tell anyone."
  3. 22:25 Midnight_ If anything, it at least warrants some attention.
  4. 22:28 Ian_Goodwill Ian heads into the secret armoury he's set up in the back of the Western-style home he lives in, planning to clean his weapons that day, only to find out someone broke in, somehow. Cautiously, he investigates it, and finds a note left behind by Jamie. A frown comes to him, but he still gears up and heads to the park to investigate.
  5. 22:30 Michiko_Mary "Ah, a love letter?" Mary snatches the letter away from her poor, underaged landlord. "Oh, it's or me. That's less fun." At the requested time, she makes her way to the park, pausing only to follow stray animals and get lost once or twice on the way there.
  6. 22:33 Tsuboki_Junko Junko joins the others at the appointed time at the appointed place. She's wearing the school's uniform skirt today with spats beneath it, already smoking and that is deffinately a black eye.
  7. 22:35 Michiko_Mary "... Ara~. Junko-chan, I don't carry masking foundation, but..." She's dressed in her long red skirt and white shirt under a beige shawl, hair pulled back into a pristine bun.
  8. 22:36 Midnight_ Jamie is sitting on a bench, waiting for the others and looking nervous. "Oh man, guys I'm so glad you came. None of you mentioned this to anyone, right? Especially not the UGN?"
  9. 22:37 Michiko_Mary "... No?" Mary tilts her head a little, "Is something wrong?" A hesitation, "Are you in trouble?!"
  10. 22:37 Tsuboki_Junko "If this is False Hearts related, why shouldn't we?"
  11. 22:38 Ian_Goodwill Ian is leaning against a tree, giving Jamie an odd, dissatisfied look, obviously upset about the break in. "No, came here as fast as I could, actually."
  12. 22:40 Midnight_ She shakes her head. "It's been a mess. I followed a trail on some wierd activity, had my people pull up everything they could. I think there's someone in the UGN working against us...And with the False Hearts."
  13. 22:41 Ian_Goodwill Ian scoffs as he lights a cigarette on his lips. "Yeah, it's called the bureaucracy and its paperwork."
  14. 22:41 Tsuboki_Junko Junko frowns, crossing her arms.
  15. 22:41 Michiko_Mary "Junko-chan makes a point..." Mary clasps her arms in front off her, fingers interlacing. "But..."
  16. 22:52 Midnight_ Jamie stands. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important. I wouldn't have gone to so much effort to contact you. But when I find evidence of an enemy mole, I tend to not just let that slide."
  17. 22:53 Michiko_Mary "A spy in the castle is something to worry about indeed." She nods a little. "There was nobody you could trust but us though?" She smiles a little, flattered probably.
  18. 22:54 Midnight_ "Who else am I going to tell? I needed people I could trust."
  19. 22:54 Tsuboki_Junko "Hanase."
  20. 22:54 Midnight_ She looks away.
  21. 22:55 Michiko_Mary "Who?" Mary tilts her head.
  22. 22:56 Ian_Goodwill Ian glances at Jamie, then Mary. an unimpressed look in his eyes. He's carrying a cello case around with him, swung over his back, motorcycle helmet under his arm. "After all we've been through, I suppose we are one big family now, eh?" still he does not seem to mind the situation.
  23. 22:58 Tsuboki_Junko "UGN guy, kinda like a handler for Illegals. Kinda stern, seems to like his job though." Junko does her best to describe The Hound to Mary.
  24. 23:00 Michiko_Mary "Oh... I suppose they don't look for me all that much." She laughs a little to herself.
  25. 23:00 Midnight_ "I'll be honest. I wasn't sure where exactly to look to find you either Mary."
  26. 23:00 Michiko_Mary "I suppose we're a little like a family. I guess there's only one that could be the otou-san though, hm?" She grins wickedly at Ian, "You cheeky boy."
  27. 23:01 Michiko_Mary "Well, I don't really live there... exactly..."
  28. 23:01 Michiko_Mary Mary laughs nervously a little.
  29. 23:03 Midnight_ "Well at least you got here alright."
  30. 23:05 Ian_Goodwill Ian adjusts his sunshades at Mary's remark, a cheeky grin on his lips indeed. "And there could only be one okaasan here. But more seriously, this is not why we're here. How can we help, Jamie?"
  31. 23:08 Midnight_ "Well, I've had some trouble figuring out how they relay messages, my hacker can't find any traces at all. They must be giving away the info in person. I figure we need to find the mole and stop them, but first we have to find out where they talk to the False Hearts."
  32. 23:11 Ian_Goodwill "And how are we going to do that? Do you have a plan?"
  33. 23:13 Midnight_ She sighs. "I was hoping one of you might. I'm running on fumes here, I need fresh ideas."
  34. 23:14 Ian_Goodwill "So, they don't talk online, don't communicate by phone... hey, by chance, is there maybe a pay phone near the UGN's building?"
  35. 23:16 Midnight_ "Actually...Yes, there is."
  36. 23:18 Ian_Goodwill "Shot in the dark, maybe he uses it to set-up meetings? I know that's what I do when I need to talk to- y'know what, nevermind."
  37. 23:22 Ian_Goodwill "Y'know, though, I can try to use some of my own contacts, see what they could dig up about this."
  38. 23:23 Ian_Goodwill "In fact, give me a minute, I need to use the pay phone."
  39. 23:27 Ian_Goodwill Ian returns a few minutes later, a bit of a disgruntled look on his face. "Well, unless someone has another trail. I volunteer to watch over my lead, though."
  40. 23:28 Michiko_Mary "For catching a mole... how do we know if there is even a spy?"
  41. 23:31 Michiko_Mary "Did a plan get leaked? Did something go wrong?:
  42. 23:31 Michiko_Mary Mary frowns, pursing her lips as she thinks.
  43. 23:34 Midnight_ Jamie pulls out a sheet of paper. "I figured you guys wouldn't totally believe me, so I got this." She passes the paper between them all. It's a detailed list of UGN assignments that could only have come from the desk of a handler or higher up.
  44. 23:35 Michiko_Mary "Well... If we know how the information got out or what happened, we could use that to try and lure them out and catch them," Mary crosses her arms and pouts.
  45. 23:36 Michiko_Mary "What is that?" she inches forward, trying to still look like she's pouting.
  46. 23:36 Ian_Goodwill Ian steps closer to take a look at the assigmenets as Mary looks them over.
  47. 23:36 Ian_Goodwill "What's so special about them?"
  48. 23:39 Michiko_Mary "So somebody with access to that kind of thing could've leaked them... From UGN Japan?" She makes a worried face.
  49. 23:40 Midnight_ "Well, almost all of them are ours, for one. And another, look at the bottom..." There at the bottom is an assignment that is scheduled for a later date. Something catches your eye, after that it simply reads: 'Burned.'
  50. 23:41 Michiko_Mary "Burned...?" Mary shudders, reaching up to rub her arms, "Dead? Somebody killed?"
  51. 23:41 Ian_Goodwill "Wait, are they planning on getting rid of us?"
  52. 23:42 Midnight_ "Well, for an agency it usually means disregard. But for our case, well...They keep a tight reign on their overeds, don't they."
  53. 23:42 Michiko_Mary Mary gets a panicked look in her eye, standing up straight and stepping back away from the paper, "They wouldn't... I mean, we have Junko-chan."
  54. 23:43 Ian_Goodwill Ian throws away his cigarette. "Really now? There's gonna be people that vouch for us, we're probably their most efficient agents!"
  55. 23:44 Midnight_ "So, we have two choices. Either believe that the UGN itself is out to get us, or...there's a mole with enough power to get rid of us because we're too good at our jobs."
  56. 23:45 Michiko_Mary Mary hesitates for a moment, "Well... I think I'm safe on that secound account." She laughs a little bit, a little forced, lifting her shawl to cover her mouth.
  57. 23:47 Ian_Goodwill "I don't like this one bit. Who can we trust, then?" Ian seems concered now, staring at Jamie, as if expecting answers from her. "Who are our allies?"
  58. 23:48 Michiko_Mary "... We have each other?" Mary offers with a little smile, "And other Illegals?"
  59. 23:49 Tsuboki_Junko "We have the UGN too, they're not mercs that'll flip on you for money or crazy False Hearts assholes." Junko lights up a cigarette and sighs.
  60. 23:49 Ian_Goodwill Ian nods and smiles at Mary, a bit more reassured. "Right, well, at least we won't blindly fall into this. What about those soldier types we helped out?"
  61. 23:50 Michiko_Mary "Well... If there is a spy... Do you know UGN people you trust to not..." She trails off, probably uncomfortable with the "kill" word.
  62. 23:52 Ian_Goodwill "The rank and file of the UGN is not my field.". Ian gives Junko a look, "But you, you work with them more than we do, right?"
  63. 23:52 Tsuboki_Junko "Hanase and Tsubaki off the top of my head."
  64. 23:55 Tsuboki_Junko "Oh, and Cho. That's the short list. Don't know the rest quite as well."
  65. 23:55 Michiko_Mary "Mm..." Mary frowns a little, "So... in a worst-case scenario, they might not want to kill us... maybe?" Mary twiddles her fingers, "This kind of thing is a little beyond me... Who in the UGN would want to get rid of us, maybe...?" She doesn't sound convinced with her own line of thought.
  66. 23:55 Ian_Goodwill "Well, then, I suggest we go have a talk with Hanase, then?"
  67. 00:01 Tsuboki_Junko "Guess that's up to Jamie, she's the one that wants to keep it quiet."
  68. 00:03 Ian_Goodwill "We're being observed, I think.", says Ian as he rushes off suddenly, an in a blink of an eye, he's over 200 feet away.
  69. 00:03 Michiko_Mary Mary nods a little. "If we bait them with this we could maybe get them... Ah?" Mary blinks at that moment, "Where did..."
  70. 00:04 Midnight_ Jamie blinks and watches him run off.
  71. 00:05 Ian_Goodwill Ian is now face to face with three strangers. "Can I help you, fellas?". His cello case is way too heavy to let someone run at an Olympic pace, especially not in a business suit.
  72. 00:07 Midnight_ It takes a moment but one of them speaks up in a gravely voice, "You ain't need to be over here. This ain't none o yer business."
  73. 00:08 Michiko_Mary "Should... did you see where he want?"
  74. 00:08 Ian_Goodwill Ian frowns and crakcs his knuckles. "Actually, I think this is my business entirely."
  75. 00:09 Tsuboki_Junko "I uh...is that him over there?"
  76. 00:10 Midnight_ "Uh...Boss?" One of the other two speaks up. The third smacks him in the head. "Shut it she doesn't want them to know about us!"
  77. 00:10 Michiko_Mary Mary turns to look, "... Ara~. So quick to run off." She takes a deep breath, preparing herself. "Are we going to have an amazing party this soon?"
  78. 00:11 Midnight_ Jamie looks around, "What the hell?"
  79. 00:12 Ian_Goodwill Ian begins slinging off the cello case he's carrying. "Who's 'she'?". Ian then glances at Jamie suspiciously.
  80. 00:15 Michiko_Mary Mary blinks, and frowns a little. "Mm... Jamie-chan, what's that thing you told me the other day?" As she speaks, her renegade flares.
  81. 00:16 Midnight_ "The other day?" Jamie looks confused. "How am I supposed to know what you're talking about?"
  82. 00:17 Michiko_Mary "Mm... We met each other a few days ago, didn't we?" She pouts, "Did you forget so soon." She's lying, trying to gauge Jamie's response.
  83. 00:18 Ian_Goodwill Quite suddenly, Ian pulls out his grenade launcher from the cello case, swinging it back and threatening the men with it. "Who's 'she'?". His tone is more insisting than last time.
  84. 00:19 Midnight_ The guys back up, looking at eachother. "Hey now buddy." The first one starts. "Our boss ain't gonna like this."
  85. 00:21 Midnight_ "O-of course we met! You were talking about the shrine of course!" Jamie stammers.
  86. 00:22 Midnight_ The big man in the back yells out. "Boss! WHatta we do?!"
  87. 00:22 Michiko_Mary "... Aaah, Jamie-chan, I'm glad." She lets out a sigh of relief, and then from over her shoulder, her Moonlight Beam attacks whoever this person is.
  88. 00:23 Ian_Goodwill "Jamie, why are you spying on us?". Ian calls out and turns around, only to spot Mary using her renegade powers in broad daylight.
  89. 00:29 Michiko_Mary The beam is about as wide as her fist, and it seems to come from nowhere but a tiny hole over her shoulder. "Lying is a sin, you know?"
  90. 00:29 Michiko_Mary "And the heavens look most unkindly on a liar."
  91. 00:31 Midnight_ The beam of light shatters as it smashes into her. "AH. Bitch." She smiles as her body slowly changes, skin becoming dark and hair shrinking. "Well now you made me mad."
  92. 00:32 Michiko_Mary "That is most unfortunate." She smiles a little, "I should say the same off you though."
  93. 00:33 Ian_Goodwill Ian then deploys a warding, hoping that he'll at least not have to face those three people in front of him. Him being in front of three overeds would end terribly.
  94. 00:43 Ian_Goodwill Ian freaks out when he realizes what's going and backs off 30 meters, then uses his grenade launcher, mixed with his overed power, to strike at both the group before him and the fake Jamie behind himself.
  95. 00:49 Ian_Goodwill The denotation forms a ring of flames around Ian, circling all the way back to the fake Jamie, the bone-shattering detonation sending her broken body down onto the dirt, the men before him managing to stand still. Sirens are probably heard in the distance shortly afterwards, really.
  96. 00:51 Michiko_Mary Mary shields her eyes and face at the explosion, "W-was that Goodwill-san?"
  97. 00:51 Ian_Goodwill Ian is about 40 meters away from the group.
  98. 00:51 Midnight_ The woman gets up. "Alright! That's it!" A bone slides from her arm and into her hand, sharp and deadly. "I'll enjoy killing you."
  99. 00:56 Midnight_ She comes in with a swing at Mary, keeping a defensive stance.
  100. 00:57 Michiko_Mary Mary watches the woman's strike, and carefully steps back at just the right moment, combining her step back with a powerful kick up, launching herself into the air.
  101. 00:58 Midnight_ "Seriously? This one flies? Why don't they take her on missions? Jesus."
  102. 01:00 Michiko_Mary "The lack of proper address probably has to do with it," Mary smiles, and in the next moment a bow seems to come into existence into her hand, drawn from the aether. "Junko-chan invites me to the parties though!"
  103. 01:07 Midnight_ The woman's eyes widen as she see's junko transform and charge her. Tentacles grow from her body and lash out but the girl gets past her guard.
  104. 01:07 Tsuboki_Junko It took some time for Junko to really understand what was going on but if it was okay for Mary to hit Jamie then it had to be okay for her to, right? She let her arm transform and lash out, fingers like butchers knives sinking into the imposter's body.
  105. 01:10 Midnight_ The three men in front of Ian all grin and begin to grow, their bones popping into new, scary shapes. Each one grows knife like fingers and sharp teeth.
  106. 01:11 Ian_Goodwill "Oh, hey guys, this is gonna start sucking for me.". Ian winces and prepares himself for the worst.
  107. 01:18 Midnight_ They close on Ian, running on all fours, their tongues hanging out like dogs.
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