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  1. [15:27:13]  EeveeLution∞Army: Notes
  2. [15:27:14]  EeveeLution∞Army: The 8-Ball does not necessarily have to be town-aligned. Should the Mafia believe that one of them are likely to be lynched, it may be beneficial to select that person as the 8-Ball.
  3. [15:27:23]  Sir Mister: oh
  4. [15:27:25]  Sir Mister: hmmm
  5. [15:27:48]  EeveeLution∞Army: yall still locking in cud right?
  6. [15:28:05]  EeveeLution∞Army: or
  7. [15:28:10]  Sir Mister: me
  8. [15:28:16]  Sir Mister: I wanna be 8-ball
  9. [15:28:17]  EeveeLution∞Army: kk
  10. [15:28:21]  Sir Mister: it's my dream
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