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  1. mentaI: sup noobcakes
  2. Fbc: roflmao
  3. mentaI: so, how did you fuck with task and crypt?
  4. mentaI: i got to know atleast this much
  5. Fbc: task
  6. Fbc: not crpyt
  7. mentaI: ah, wow
  8. mentaI: and what did you do
  9. Fbc: well its not really ownin
  10. mentaI: oh?
  11. Fbc: i jus resetted his overhead account
  12. mentaI: you jacked an account
  13. mentaI: thats it?
  14. mentaI: Scroll Task?
  15. Fbc: yes i didnt jack tho lol
  16. Fbc: i resetted
  17. Fbc: with aol rep
  18. Fbc: and i didnt no any info
  19. Fbc: i took crypts overheads
  20. Fbc: but i gave em back
  21. mentaI: Yeah, far from owning
  22. mentaI: Task is a GOOD friend of mine, and a tutor to me
  23. Fbc: ^
  24. Fbc: kool
  25. mentaI: so you can see how I instaltly raged
  26. Fbc: let me send u a pic
  27. Fbc: connect with me
  28. mentaI: aim express, DC is impossible
  29. Fbc: yehh
  30. mentaI: I came to aim just to laugh at the first person to say they owned him
  31. Fbc: i see that
  32. mentaI: only people who know phones enough to own him are friends with him
  33. Fbc: phones
  34. Fbc: >?
  35. mentaI: i shall not explain it further than that
  36. Fbc: i no phones hommie
  37. mentaI: clarify =
  38. Fbc: how bout i give u my number
  39. mentaI: and do what with it
  40. Fbc: and u clarify dat task will own me lol
  41. mentaI: lol
  42. Fbc: phones fool
  43. mentaI: task has a life away from AOL
  44. Fbc: ani protected
  45. mentaI: I would not bother him with such a thing
  46. Fbc: u finna get ceh madd
  47. mentaI: Lol
  48. Fbc: u wanna buy sns
  49. mentaI: whats your name
  50. mentaI: and i dont mean alias
  51. Fbc: im michael
  52. Fbc: michaelC
  53. Fbc:
  54. Fbc: i use to roll with r0gZ
  55. mentaI: Michael, yet to hear about you for such a badass SE
  56. Fbc: in 9d8
  57. Fbc: ima mean bama jama
  58. mentaI: only michael I know any good is Crypt
  59. Fbc: koool
  60. mentaI: then again, there was a Dubz
  61. mentaI: o.O
  62. Fbc: wanna buy kage
  63. Fbc: for ya pal
  64. Fbc: 50 dollaz
  65. mentaI: I do not care to buy sns
  66. Fbc: i will send pw and asq befor yall buy
  67. Fbc: hey how could i sign on suspd accounts
  68. Fbc: ?
  69. mentaI: I do not know you, number 1 issue, I am sure theres a reset link made for it
  70. mentaI: number 2, I cannot trust you as you OWNED task
  71. Fbc: nope
  72. Fbc: im newb
  73. Fbc: i didnt own no1
  74. mentaI: and suspended accounts might get suspnded, but thats why theres 5.9
  75. Fbc: i have that
  76. Fbc: here try to sign on missle
  77. Fbc: l90307
  78. Fbc: ^
  79. mentaI: i would assume so if your a cracker like im guessing
  80. Fbc: im not white js
  81. Fbc: crack sns?
  82. mentaI: mhm
  83. Fbc: lol i dont crac
  84. Fbc: i got alotta infos on sns that work
  85. Fbc: try missle
  86. Fbc: l90307
  87. Fbc: ^
  88. Fbc: 5.9 wont lemme sign on it
  89. mentaI: AOL Live Help and Superbrewards then
  90. Fbc is online.
  91. Fbc: ?
  92. mentaI: missle?
  93. mentaI: thats not a leet
  94. Fbc: do u got teamviewer
  95. mentaI: will i connect or let you, this is a far better question you should ask.
  96. Fbc: teamview me
  97. Fbc: ill show u something
  98. mentaI: trying to find a better way then "would rather slice my nuts" to say no
  99. mentaI: but im at a loss for clever words
  100. Fbc: u would rather cut ur nuts then TV me>?
  101. mentaI: then install it, run it
  102. mentaI: I am not at home
  103. mentaI: therefore connections with anyone
  104. mentaI: is out of the question
  105. Fbc: hehe and u say task tutor u lol
  106. mentaI: He has guided me in my learning yes
  107. Fbc: what u learmn
  108. Fbc: learn u
  109. Fbc: scared to tv me
  110. mentaI: I learned utility companies, and how to manage accounts
  111. Fbc: lol
  112. mentaI: I learned police which every noob knows
  113. Fbc: u a fed nigga
  114. mentaI: I can manage cells, isps, power companies
  115. mentaI: and no, I am not
  116. Fbc: soo
  117. Fbc: u can pull my info
  118. Fbc: u want my house number
  119. Fbc: ?
  120. mentaI: carrier
  121. Fbc: cable vison
  122. mentaI: yes, i can
  123. mentaI: coming tomorrow morning
  124. Fbc: i doubt it lol
  125. mentaI: if you wish for a demonstration
  126. Fbc: yeh plzzz
  127. mentaI: but I am not gonna pull dox blindly
  128. Fbc: can i have urs
  129. Fbc: we can see who gets done faster
  130. Fbc: ?
  131. mentaI: when I call yours, I wish for you to pick up your phone
  132. Fbc: ok
  133. Fbc: call now
  134. Fbc: lol
  135. Fbc: would u call now
  136. Fbc: call from ur house phone also
  137. mentaI: morning, i am not at home like previously stated
  138. mentaI: if you caught on to that
  139. Fbc: u can block ur number if u want
  140. mentaI: you would understand
  141. mentaI: morning
  142. Fbc: my ani will pick it up
  143. Fbc: so okie tomorrow
  144. mentaI: naw, ANI doesnt get blocked with star67
  145. mentaI: only an idiot thinks that
  146. Fbc: kk
  147. Fbc: kk roflmao
  148. Fbc: so call 2morrow
  149. mentaI: sounds fine to me amigo
  150. Fbc: and we well see who gets done faster
  151. mentaI: if i do get your docs tho
  152. Fbc: dont front
  153. Fbc: ull nevr get it
  154. mentaI: that character mobb
  155. mentaI: will be receiving them
  156. Fbc: defiant couldnt do it
  157. Fbc: not even mike virus
  158. Fbc: okie
  159. mentaI: Lol
  160. mentaI: I see
  161. mentaI: you dont get along with those 2?
  162. Fbc: we boys now
  163. Fbc: i mean
  164. Fbc: well
  165. Fbc: we got no beef
  166. mentaI: ah
  167. Fbc: but they couldnt pull
  168. Fbc: i doubt u will
  169. Fbc: lol
  170. mentaI: they use insiders
  171. Fbc: not even hunter and he was a dox master
  172. Fbc: lol im sure they do roflmao
  173. mentaI: actually
  174. mentaI: i do believe
  175. mentaI: i got defiants current shit
  176. mentaI: via null
  177. Fbc: ask null
  178. Fbc: about me
  179. Fbc: lol
  180. Fbc: if he remember me from way back
  181. Fbc: me and silence use to own phone
  182. Fbc: s
  183. Fbc: and dat nigha deaf
  184. Fbc: figga deal me
  185. mentaI: LOL
  186. mentaI: after asking people who MIGHT know you and one that does
  187. mentaI: all your text is being disregarded
  188. Fbc: kk
  189. Fbc: ask people on aim not aol
  190. mentaI: adios amigo aoler
  191. Fbc: im an aimer aol sucks
  192. mentaI: and i did foo
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