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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. /*Make Nespresso Coffee for Kate
  2. Prepare Materials and Utensils
  3. Select Nespresso Pod
  4. Get Mug (preferably a Salesforce one)
  5. Get Spoon
  6. Get Milk Frother
  7. Get Milk
  8. Prepare Machine
  9. Turn lever all the way Right to open and eject old pod
  10. Place Nespresso pod in cartridge holder
  11. Close lid
  12. Turn lever all the way Left to lock
  13. Brew Coffee
  14. Put mug on tray
  15. Use spoon to scoop 1/2 teaspoon sugar in mug
  16. Press Brew on machine
  17. Stir in sugar once brew is complete
  18. Froth Milk
  19. Place milk frother on base
  20. Fill with milk to line
  21. Place lid on frother
  22. Press Start button on milk frother
  23. When light turns off, remove lid
  24. Pour milk in mug over brewed coffee
  25. Enjoy
  26. Remove mug from tray
  27. Drink!
  28. */
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