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  1. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:40 PM
  2. Mhm, alright. Well, uhm, I feel like I've enjoyed the roleplaying in this game a lot, but also that everyone's gotten a little bit... fatigued? By how little things have changed. I also feel that the trials haven't been particularly challenging (both times I've gone in hoping it's not the obvious person, and both times it's ended up being the obvious person), which... I mean, there's not a huge amount you can do about that since it's up to the PCs, but...
  3. Haha, this is a little difficult to explain cos it's hard to tell like, where your influence ends and the format's influence begins ;A;
  4. RhymeBeatToday at 5:41 PM
  5. Basil really should have stolen his own article.
  6. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:42 PM
  7. Oh yeah, that was another thing I wanted to say, it almost felt like there was too much evidence in the Basil case?
  8. RhymeBeatToday at 5:42 PM
  9. So what kinda change do you think I can do?
  10. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:42 PM
  11. Like, any chance of him getting away with it ended when Ari pointed out the B
  12. RhymeBeatToday at 5:42 PM
  13. Yeah, though most wasn't that conclusive.
  14. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:42 PM
  15. which I'd already noticed and avoided pointing out
  16. RhymeBeatToday at 5:42 PM
  17. The trouble with smart characters
  18. Especially one's who wanna be professional writers
  19. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:43 PM
  20. > So what kinda change do you think I can do?
  21. Probably nothing this loop... idk, part of me feels like there's issues inherent in the format
  22. RhymeBeatToday at 5:43 PM
  23. Format?
  24. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:44 PM
  25. > Format?
  26. Haha, well... hmm.
  27. Like, going into a trial, there's at most 8 suspects - 10 PCs, but at least one's dead and Ursula can't kill anyone for meta reasons. Of those, some have pretty obvious alibis (Ada wouldn't kill anyone since she and Ariel can't escape together, etc.) or just don't seem like the killing type, and then there's the fact that killing someone implies kicking their player out of the game, and players have different activity levels... even the most anti-metagame-y player isn't going to accuse Yuzuki or Ariel because Immies is busy and UD is too polite. So like, going into the trial, you've already eliminated most suspects even before any actual evidence comes into play?
  28. RhymeBeatToday at 5:49 PM
  29. Ah. Hmm...
  30. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:49 PM
  31. I think what I'm trying to say is, between players' irl activity levels and the... implications of the DR rules, the trial is actually really unbalanced against the killer.
  32. RhymeBeatToday at 5:49 PM
  33. Yeah.... Hmm...
  34. I'll try to have less evidence next time at least
  35. And next loop Ursula can be a blackened if the situation calls for itm
  36. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:51 PM
  37. I feel like "less evidence" isn't right, though
  38. More like... less obvious evidence, more things that could be evidence (some of which aren't, or don't mean what they seem to at first)
  39. Like... Fujisaki
  40. RhymeBeatToday at 5:52 PM
  41. Honestly it would have been neat if Basil went back and wrote Somnus in blood.
  42. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:52 PM
  43. That'd have been one angle, yeah
  44. You ever played Mafia?
  45. RhymeBeatToday at 5:53 PM
  46. Nope
  47. naomimyselfandiToday at 5:53 PM
  48. Okay, you should, it's gr8
  49. Actually, can I add Becky to this?
  50. RhymeBeatToday at 5:56 PM
  51. Sure
  52. naomimyselfandiToday at 7:43 PM
  53. > Or maybe next time Ada is the mastermind
  54. btwubs
  55. RhymeBeatToday at 7:49 PM
  56. Sorry, Ada is the same character this loop as the next.
  57. That includes whether or not she's the MM
  58. naomimyselfandiToday at 7:50 PM
  59. Er, okay.
  60. RhymeBeatToday at 7:50 PM
  61. Sorry
  62. naomimyselfandiToday at 7:51 PM
  63. I just feel like fatigue is enough of a problem this loop
  64. RhymeBeatToday at 7:52 PM
  65. You can give me advice which I can pass on to the MM.
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