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  1. AmyLaeta: licks wifeys back
  2. MalinaLaeta:  purrs softly
  3. AmyLaeta:  she giggles, dragging her tongue up to your shoulder, before genteelly pressing her teeth into your shoulder
  4. MalinaLaeta:  moans softly as she feels wifeys tongue drag up her skin. she lets out a small shiver as she feels your teeth on her shoulder, looking over her shoulder back at wifey
  5. AmyLaeta:  she gives wifey a small smile, right before she kisses up to your neck. Reaching the midpoint of your neck, she drags her tongue across the side of your neck
  6. MalinaLaeta:  runs her own hands up her body and pinches her own nipples as she can feel wifey kissing her skin. Moving her head to the side allowing you better access to her neck as small soft moans escape her with her breaths.
  7. AmyLaeta:  wrapping her lips around your neck pressing her teeth into your skin, she starts to suck on your neck, purposely leaving a mark. she slides her hands up your sides, undoing the knot of your shirt. She places her hands against your breast, gently she runs her thumbs across your nipples.
  8. xllPsychoDreamerllx:  bites my lower lip watching the two of me intently laying back- well then you two are enjoying ourselves
  9. MalinaLaeta:  arches her back as your mouth continues to play with the skin on her neck. Inhales sharply after you untie the knot in her shirt, the cool air from the room hits her skin making her nipples harden along with goosebumps across her skin. Letting out a mix between a moan and gasp as your thumbs touch her nipples. She turns her body more towards you, making your mouth pop off her neck, looking into your eyes she grabs the sides of your face and kisses you deeply, slipping her tongue into your warm mouth.
  10. AmyLaeta:  she grins softly to herself as you turn slightly. Enjoying the view of the mark she left on your skin. She lets out a small muffled moan as your tongue slides into her mouth, Loving the taste of you in her mouth. she presses your breast together as the same time she takes a half of your hard nipples with her thumb and index finger, twisting them, as she gently pulls on them. Since they are turned a bit, she lets her left leg up, forcing its way in between wifeys thighs. Using her on thigh to press between wifeys thighs, contacting her crouch area.
  11. MalinaLaeta:  continues to kiss you deeply, her mouth moving with yours as our tongues dance together. Moves so she is fully facing you, not breaking the kiss, and presses her body against yours while you play with her nipples. Her legs have opened for you as you press your leg to her crotch, she rolls her hips feeling her panties getting wetter from you. Her hand moves to your hips and roughly holds you there with her nails digging into your skin. As her skin gets hot from being turned on, she pushes you back onto the couch, making you lay down and climbs onto of you. Taking one hand off your hips to push your top off so our nipples could rub against each other, allowing her hand to slide up your body and into your hair.
  12. xllPsychoDreamerllx:  bites my lower lip harder- well damn you two are sexy
  13. AmyLaeta: she lets out a short moan as you push her down against the couch. she breaks the kiss to say "Meany I was going to do that" after the comment she shoves her tongue into your mouth, curling her tongue in your mouth. she moans a bit into your mouth as our nipples are grinding in different directions as we move around. she warps her other leg around the leg that is right above it. The right leg still between your thighs starts to grind back and forth against your crouch to make you lose focus. her arms are wrapped behind your back, digging her nails into your skin.
  14. MalinaLaeta: smirks as she hears your comment and giggles into your lips as we make out. The hand that was on your hip slides down to the leg you wrapped around her other leg and pulls it up to her hip, grinds against the leg that is between her legs. Her panties now soaked and the wetness dripping down her leg and onto yours, moaning loudly against your mouth and tongue. As soon as your nails went into her skin, she forgets everything but you, her body jerks as she breaks the kiss and starts to plant little kisses all down your jawline and on your neck
  15. )AmyLaeta: she lets out a small moan as you travel down her face and to her neck, she tilts her head so she can gasp into your ear. since you had move down, she pinches your nipples between her fingers. running her tongue over her lips noticing your fluid dripping down on to her leg, wanting to taste your sweet juices. Not letting her leg back off your crouch, pressing her leg into your crouch in pulses. her own juices running out of both sides of her panties.
  16. xllPsychoDreamerllx:  Licks my lips before biting my lower lip- oh it does very much so
  17. MalinaLaeta:  continues to kiss down your neck and in between your breast, moving her kisses and licks to your right breast and kisses and sucks on your nipple until she taste blood then moves onto your other nipple. Once she is done with your nipples, she moves back to kissing the middle of your chest, down your squishy pale tummy stopping at the top of your panties and skirt. Leaning back into her calfs she undoes your legs from her legs and puts them on either side of her body. Her hands slide up your smooth legs and yanks at your bottom half outfit, pulling it off. She winks to you before she wraps your legs around her neck and plunges into your pussy tongue first
  18. AmyLaeta: the instant you touch her sensitive nipples she arches her back against the couch moaning out and breathing heavily. the whole time you are sucking on her nipples she is panting, and moaning. Still breathing heavily trying to catch her breath. she tries her best to assist in removing the lower half of her clothes. as she is now naked laying down on the couch. Follows your lead and wraps her legs around her neck. she instantly lets out long moans as wifeys tongue touches her wet pussy as her back is arched, she takes her own hands and pinches her nipples, twisting them at times, her head leaned back against the couch with her mouth wide open moaning
  19. xllPsychoDreamerllx: Watching the two of them closely his body getting hotter he slowly undoes his pants sliding them down slowly till his hard dick springs free, his hand grasping his dick firmly as he slowly strokes it up and down as he watched them play with each other his thumb slowly sliding over the tip of his dick, as his free hand slid up and down along his chest clawing himself in anticipation, biting his lower lip harder- gawd u two are to fucking sexy
  20. MalinaLaeta: her tongue flicks at your clit a few times because licking down to your waiting pussy, she darts her tongue in and out of your pussy. Her hands grip at your ass pulling you closer to her until her face is smoothered by your sweet pussy, she lets out moans into your pussy. Her ass sticks up in the air and sways back and forth as she tries to ease the aching between her own thighs.
  21. AmyLaeta: her body twist and turns under every touch of your tongue against her pussy. she is panting out of breath, her body shacking from the pleasure she is getting. As your pully her body even closer to you, her moans become screams as she is cumming against wifeys face, letting the cum come out for you before she moves. She pulls away from you, giving you a sweet little slap on the ass before she pushes you off the couch, and on to the floor facing up. she steps over you, so you are between her legs. she gets down on her hands and knees, with her pussy at wifeys face, forcing your legs open for her own access. Frist, she spits on your pussy, before darting her tongue between your pussy lips, touching your clit with her tongue.
  22. xllPsychoDreamerllx: Starts stroking his hard dick a bit faster, as he watches Amy push mal down onto the floor and straddle her face enjoying the sight
  23. MalinaLaeta:  she feels you start to cum and licks up all your cum that is on her face/ Before she knows it you have pushed her off the couch and onto the floor, she lands on her back with a umft and looks up at you and winks while licking your cum off her lips. Watches as you stand over her and opens her legs inviting you in, waits until you lower yourself onto her face. She wraps her arms around your thighs so you can’t move and continues to tongue fuck your sweet wet pussy, moaning softly against it as well
  24. AmyLaeta:  she lets out long moans against your  dripping pussy, she uses both of her index fingers to open up your mound, running her tongue back and forth from your clit to your dripping hole, Shaking her face against your mound, slurping up your sweet juices. panting out of breath, she lips two fingers inside of your pussy, curling her fingers inside of you. at the same time, she bucks her hips against your mouth.
  25. MalinaLaeta:  she grinds her mound into your face and rocks her hips when you insert two fingers. Letting out a loud and crude moan into your pussy as she cums hard against you, her body shakes and she forces her face into your mound deeper. Her nose rubs against your clit as her tongue continues to plunge into your pussy hole. The arms that are wrapped around your thighs tighten as one hand snakes to your ass and her fingers work their way to your asshole. slams a finger into your asshole as the same rhythm as her mouth is on your pussy
  26. AmyLaeta: she lifts her head off your pussy to let out a long moan as you put a finger into her asshole. Still panting heavily, she wraps her lips around your swollen clit, gently sucking on it then flicking it with her tongue. She keeps pumping her fingers into your over following pussy.  she pulls her fingers out of you, unlatching her lips from your clit again. placing her fingers into her mouth cleaning them off your cum.  She fills up the hole right away using her tongue. Her hips begin to buck as she is cumming from her asshole being played with.
  27. MalinaLaeta:  drinks all you’re cum from your body and pushes you off her after she finishes cumming. Breaths heavily as she tries to catch her breath from you making her cum, flips over onto her stomach and crawls so she is faced to face with you. Kissing you deeply before pulling you into her arms to snuggle
  28. AmyLaeta:  she returns the kiss still enjoying the taste of you in her mouth. cuddling into you, still panting out
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