In the Care of a Cooper [RGRE] oneshot (Anon/OC) (Feels)

Nov 19th, 2017
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  1. > Be Anon, working member of the Coopers' Guild
  2. > Your actual occupation...
  3. > Well, the saying goes "if you want a band around your barrel, see a cooper."
  4. > You're a hugwhore
  5. > It's a fairly comfy job even without the compensated cuddling
  6. > The room you use has a bed, a couch, loveseat, recliner, and a rocking chair
  7. > Tons of pillows
  8. > Soft blankets
  9. > A good fireplace for the colder months
  10. > Hot cocoa supplies, and so on
  11. > And so you wait for your next Jane, content in your place in the world
  12. > The door opens, revealing a slightly pudgy orange unicorn mare, with dark circles under her eyes
  13. > Her short navy mane lies tousled at ear-length
  14. > You welcome her with a warm smile
  15. "Come in, come in. How can I make your day today?"
  16. > She closes the door behind her with a flick of magic, and looks at you with haunted, empty eyes
  17. > "Don't. Don't say what you don't mean. I know I'm not beautiful, or cute, and the only reason why this is happening is because I paid for it."
  18. > You hesitate
  19. > There are mares that like when you talk down to them, that enjoy a stallion pretending to be disgusted about having to cuddle with them
  20. > But you can feel a difference here
  21. "Alright. Hop on up, and tell me what you want."
  22. > The mare climbs up onto the couch next to you, staring at you with a certain wariness that makes your heart break a little
  23. > She lays her head on your lap, and you start petting her automatically
  24. > She sighs, closing her eyes
  25. > "Tell me what you really think about me."
  26. > You consider the matter, her slightly coarse mane sliding under your fingers
  27. "You need to get more sleep, for one."
  28. > She nods, breathing deeply
  29. > You think you know what she needs
  30. "And you would look better if you lost some weight."
  31. > She sniffles at that, but you pretend not to hear
  32. "I get the feeling that you have a hard time reaching out to others, and don't have many friends. Certainly not any close ones."
  33. > A spot of dampness hits your thigh, and now you look down
  34. > The poor mare is thoroughly scrunched, tears leaking from her closed eyes
  35. > You shake your head quietly, and wipe her tears away
  36. > She looks at you, vulnerable and hollowed out by life
  37. > You smile kindly, and gently lift her head
  38. "And you are my favorite kind of customer."
  39. > She stares at you with wide eyes
  40. > "I-I am?"
  41. > You hum an affirmative
  42. "You are. For some ponies, they come to me because I'm convenient, and discreet."
  43. > You gently tug her up into your lap, and lay her head on your shoulder
  44. > She nuzzles your neck instinctively
  45. "They're just satisfying their animal appetite. But ponies like you, well."
  46. > You draw her into a tight hug, breathing in her slightly soapy scent
  47. > She shudders in your arms, wrapping her forelegs around you
  48. "You just want to feel like a pony again, to remember what affection feels like."
  49. > She nods, her hot tears falling on your shoulder
  50. > You stroke her back comfortingly, syncing your breathing up with hers
  51. "You aren't using me, you're asking for my help, when no one else will answer."
  52. > You turn in your seat, leaning back against the armrest of the couch
  53. > The mare melts, her weight and warmth falling on your like a heavy blanket
  54. > She stares at you with wondering eyes, hoping desperately
  55. "And I love being there for you. I love healing your heart, even if it is just a little bit."
  56. > You peck her cheek, and draw her back into your embrace
  57. "So cuddle with me, and forget about the world for a while."
  58. > She timidly kisses your cheek, before turning her head away
  59. > You chuckle, and stroke her mane
  60. > After a few long minutes pass, she swallows
  61. > "I think I love you."
  62. > Oh, this poor dear
  63. "I care about you, my little mare."
  64. > She starts to shake
  65. > "I- I shouldn't have said that, just for-"
  66. > You shush her gently, patting her withers
  67. "It happens. It's hard to receive affection and not return it. All that I ask is that you leave room in your heart for other ponies you may meet."
  68. > You can feel the motion of her throat as she swallows
  69. > "Alright. I promise."
  70. > She relaxes, almost completely limp on top of you
  71. > You wait, patiently and comfortably
  72. > Her breathing deepens, sleep having finally claimed her emotionally overwhelmed body
  73. > You let yourself drift off, content in a job well done
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