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May 11th, 2016
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  1. Procurer / Coercer ( | Having intentions of moving to Gelhan and settling in, Imperium Galactic Empire alliance ran into issues without first acquiring New Order mining permits. Having lost a Mackinaw as a result the miners attempted to rally and wrest control of the system from The New Order of High Sec with a procurer and coercer. While they put up a good fight, they were no match for the experienced combat prowess of Kalorned and lost their fight.
  3. Hookbill ( | - Biggun1 was ready and roaring to go in pushing back against Kalorned enforcement operations in the Odatrik area. A week prior biggun1 had made tall threats - The entire pastebin is worth reading at however of note:
  4. [ 2016.04.08 23:50:30 ] Biggun1 > Keraina Talie-Kuo > Kill: Lleindra your my new best friend i know you and your friends names
  5. [ 2016.04.08 23:50:54 ] Kalorned > oh dear
  6. [ 2016.04.08 23:51:22 ] Biggun1 > yah your a trool other wise you would be in null fighting
  7. Chalking it up to another vague threat, kudos to biggun1 for following up on his threats. Unfortunately Biggun1 didn't make the right choice of ship for his engagement with Kalorned and promptly lost his fight. Biggun1 wasn't a very good sport about this and replied to his termination notice attempting to cast the fight as pre-determined, clearly Kalorned had fallen into some sort of exotic trap that Biggun1 had laid out wherein Biggun1 knew he would lose. The next step in this plan is unknown at this time, Kalorned remains on high alert though. Biggun1 also then seemed to lose a piece of his sanity and began ranting about something related to his people as well as more dire predictions for Kalorned's future.
  9. Thorax ( - Evol Dacella had been on a losing streak before he escalated matters and engaged directly with Kalorned, having previously lost an Iteron and Venture earlier that day. The miner in his rage however failed to consider that with a 0-2 record so far the chances of winning the 3rd match probably weren't that great.
  11. Maller ( - Bignasty Lake was not thrilled about Kalorned's recent patrol route expansion into Abudban; Typical of a system that had lacked active enforcement for sometime it was filled with people such as Bignasty who were rebellious to New Order efforts at stabilizing and restoring order to the system. Having previously failed to save a Mackinaw and making excuses for it, Bignasty sought to redeem himself by engaging Kalorned's Orthrus. The battle ended in predictable fashion.
  12. [ 2016.04.23 05:40:22 ] Kalorned > [05:35:34] Bignasty Lake > space bandit hold if he fire on you ill kill him
  13. [ 2016.04.23 05:40:26 ] Kalorned > You haven't killed me yet?
  14. [ 2016.04.23 05:40:40 ] Bignasty Lake > Kill: Keraina Talie-Kuo (Catalyst)
  15. [ 2016.04.23 05:40:49 ] Kalorned > Kill: Space Bandit (Mackinaw) I think this one is better lol
  16. [ 2016.04.23 05:40:58 ] Kalorned > good try though, very gf
  17. [ 2016.04.23 05:42:24 ] Bignasty Lake > lol he got to far way from me
  18. [ 2016.04.23 05:42:33 ] Bignasty Lake > i couldnt do anything to save him
  20. Bignasty wasn't all bad though. Having lost his second engagement with Kalorned, he did give a 'gf', so props!
  21. [2016.04.23 05:43:48 ] Bignasty Lake > gf
  22. [ 2016.04.23 05:44:25 ] Kalorned > gf
  24. Dominix ( - BUDKING's corporation, Deus Et Patria, had a day or two prior declared war on the corporation of a code compliant miner, Bexol Regyri - Bexol always followed The Code and even with a permit mined in a Skiff in a very compliant fashion, and so Kalorned seeking good fights sought it fitting to assist him with his war in Gamis. While waiting outside the station Kalorned's opportunity came when BUDKING undocked his Dominix. Hastily bumping him off the station to prevent retreat, Kalorned demonstrated elite tactics and ability destroying the battleship.
  26. Mackinaw ( - Zanith Solette was a typical anti-New Order rebel, regularly taunting Kalorned while on patrol and placing rebellious statements in his bio. Typically Zanith was good about following The Code with compliant fits such as flying procurers and ventures while staying alert and warping out when criminals entered the system, however on this day he made a mistake. While patrolling Kalorned noticed Zanith attempting to return to his home in Jarizza from Bar in a Mackinaw - Kalorned jumped after him and intercepted his mackinaw on the gate and began bumping while waiting for the NOGA team's criminal timers to run-down so they could gank the mackinaw. Whilst waiting out the timer Zanith even managed to slip away from Kalorned, only to warp to the Ammatar Battle Site. Kalorned chased and caught Zanith once again; It was at this time Zanith made another mistake, while being bumped he decided he had a fighting chance of defeating Kalorned in traditional PVP and stuck his drones on the Orthrus. Without a point to aid in keeping him pinned, Kalorned expertly kept Zanith bumped long enough to destroy the Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Booster fit Mackinaw.
  28. Orthrus ( Kalorned was waiting out his suspect timer after ganking a non-compliant miner in Odatrik when another Orthrus piloted by Chelsea Nolm appeared and slowly crept towards him. After a moment or two Chelsea decided to go all in and begin engaging, later revealing in a mail that his motivations were the bounty on Kalorned's head. Chelsea had admirable manners and rendered a proper and fitting 'good fight' in a mail after the battle
  30. Rifter ( | - xOmegaManx was unhappy with Kalorned's enforcement operations in the Gelhan system and decided that his rifter was up to snuff to win against Kalorned's Orthrus. This ended as badly as one would expect, and to top it all off xOmegaManx was sporting a 700m ISK pod that he also lost to Kalorned. OmegaMan wasn't a good sport about all this at all. In addition to the standard "I knew I was going to lose anyways" tripe, OmegaMan had an interesting worldview on fantasy versus reality, believing that reality doesn't take precedence over his fantasy. It's amazing all of the interesting and unique diversity we encounter dealing with rebels each day!
  31. [ 2016.04.14 21:10:02 ] xOmegaManx > if i cared i wouldnt have engaged
  32. [ 2016.04.14 21:12:17 ] xOmegaManx > i have read that bs new order document, and i really find it comical that u extort isk from players under the excuse of making them better players
  33. [ 2016.04.14 21:12:53 ] xOmegaManx > ide have more respect for u guys if u just called it what it is
  34. [ 2016.04.14 21:15:35 ] xOmegaManx > unfortunatly this is a game of fantasy, so if u really think your reality takes precedence over my fantasy, then you are truly dillusional
  36. Hurricane - Having just lost a different drake and a hulk to Kalorned roach hi called for backup from his friend enose. Unfortunately the pair weren't studied up on high sec aggression mechanics and enos ended up going criminal attempting to deal a final blow to Kalorned - So much for the Safety feature!
  38. Typhoon ( - Kalorned had just ganked a miner in Juddi and after doing so kurk lazuras undocked his typhoon with unknown intent. Kalorned decided to begin bumping him while prodding for a motive. During his interview kurk said many distasteful things in local.
  39. [ 2016.05.10 03:10:14 ] Kalorned > Want to buy a mining permit?
  40. [ 2016.05.10 03:10:22 ] kurk lazuras > fuck no
  41. [ 2016.05.10 03:11:04 ] kurk lazuras > fuck that shit dont need one
  42. [ 2016.05.10 03:11:15 ] Kalorned > I think you do though
  43. [ 2016.05.10 03:11:21 ] Kalorned > which is why im bumping you
  44. [ 2016.05.10 03:11:46 ] kurk lazuras > i could give two shits about what you think
  45. [ 2016.05.10 03:11:59 ] Kalorned > Well you seem to be having problems warping because of me
  46. [ 2016.05.10 03:12:03 ] Kalorned > So maybe you should
  47. [ 2016.05.10 03:12:26 ] kurk lazuras > haha you think i care about warp
  48. [ 2016.05.10 03:17:39 ] kurk lazuras > good one good one
  50. But it turns out kurk did care about warping. He delayed long enough for Kalorned's suspect time to run out, but Kalorned sensing that kurk still had a spirit of rebellion in him decided to offer a dual to allow kurk to see first hand how futile his resistance to The New Order was, which Kurk accepted. Kurk was not in a good mood by the time the battle was all but decided:
  51. [ 2016.05.10 03:18:37 ] Kalorned > If you get a permit plus pay an inconvenience fee I'll let you go
  52. [ 2016.05.10 03:18:58 ] kurk lazuras > go FUCK YOURSELF
  53. [ 2016.05.10 03:19:06 ] Kalorned > Whoah now
  54. [ 2016.05.10 03:19:15 ] Kalorned > No need to be hostile
  55. [ 2016.05.10 03:19:17 ] Kalorned > I can make you a great deal here
  56. [ 2016.05.10 03:19:29 ] kurk lazuras > I AM actually guite calm
  58. Kurk didn't obtain a permit that day, but as James has always said 100% compliancy in High Sec is a marathon, not a sprint. I eagerly await the day that kurk encounters another agent and receives a chance at redemption.
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