Undead love (vampirwaifuxAnon, short, fluff) to do

Jun 29th, 2017
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  1. >"I need it Anon..."
  2. "R-right now? But we're in public, can't we--"
  3. >"It'll be fine, ponies will simply think that we're kissing,"
  4. >You're not sure if that's any better to be honest.
  5. "O-okay, but just a little alright?"
  6. >A tiny grin appears on her face, signaling you how relieved she is of your compliance.
  7. >You sit on a bench nearby, and she steps in front of you, before giving a quick flap of her wings to get in your laps.
  8. >She's so tall, and yet so light, you never understood how it worked.
  9. >But you have other things in mind, like her hungry piercing stare, and the hammering organ inside of your chest.
  10. >As if it was trying to accelerate the flow of red, to aid her in her task.
  11. "Let's do this quick,"
  12. >You slightly cranes your head back and to the side to expose your neck.
  13. "I really don't want ponies to--"
  14. >Something between a groan and a whimper escapes your throat when you feel her lips against your skin.
  15. >And a fraction of a second later, the sting of her fangs piercing it.
  16. >Your hands find her sides and back and you pull her into you.
  17. >And her mouth vibrates with a satisfied hum. Whether it's from the impromptu hug or the taste you don't really know.
  18. >You stay like this for a minute, keeping her wrapped against you and her lips clinging to your neck.
  19. >You can see a group of mares sending you curious looks, before they turn to each other blushing and giggling, then trotting away.
  20. >Then, finally, her lips part from your skin.
  21. >And you gasp when you feel her broad tongue lapping the small wounds clean.
  22. >You never really liked the stinging sensation, or the sucking. But her aftercare always makes you soar.
  23. >She stops licking when the bleeding stops, and starts peppering kisses up and down the length of it, from your shoulders all the way to your jawline, more hums and satisfied sounds escaping her soft lips.
  24. >"That was delicious, my love."
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