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May 26th, 2016
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  5. Here:
  7. I learned a valuable lesson today, and that's to never ever to code on my phone. This was painful and took 5x as long as it otherwise would have. I'm a dumbass for even thinking this was any kind of good idea. It would have probably been faster to drive home, jump on my pc and then drive back.
  8. Also, if you go down the route of comparing the class name to do things, I would strongly recommend a multidimensional array as a sort of mini data file for storing what should be done based upon the class name.
  10. >>3243694
  11. It needs to be an enter script if the player is the one calling it continually.
  13. >>3244185
  14. No, && returns true only if the button by itself is pressed, & returns true even if other buttons are being pressed along with it.
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  17. >>3244384
  18. Fastprojectiles sometimes stop behaving when they hit solid monsters under certain circumstances. Try setting your a_jump(256 actions to goto instead.
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  21. >>3244391
  22. Yeah, ZDoom pistol start options does random maps so it's definitely possible, all you'd have to do is keep track of map connections in a global array, probably give each a number and then use a map string array to convert to/from the map names.
  24. >>3244180
  25. I am probably using the wrong terminology, but I meant like access a different array or variable from within an array. Structs would probably be best. I'm basically using a multi dimensional array as a data file within ACS. I thought about it more and decided I could do what I want by having extra dimensions and larger dimensions than I really need and then having set strings which, when found, point the script to different behavior and parts of the array instead of just reading the string.
  27. Say normally all I would need is string[8][2] to store strings for classes to spawn based upon what game mode, but under certain circumstances the class isn't the same for all difficulty levels, so I'd want the script to not use the string that's stored to spawn something, but instead do an entirely different thing. So what I'll do is instead of string[8][2] is use string[8][2][5] for five difficulty levels and if it reads string[2][0][2] instead of a class name being stored there it's something like "##Diff", and the if the script reads that it goes to string[2][1][0]-string[2][1][5] based upon what difficulty it is rather than using the string to spawn something. This does mean that string[*][0][3]-string[*][0][5] are not being used, but it shouldn't really matter.
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