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Brendan Keogh and Mattie Brice

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  1. Subject: Brendan Keogh and Mattie Brice
  2. Sources: Twitter, Overland, Polygon, Patreon.
  3. Date Compiled: April 28th, 2015.
  4. Credits: Original Investigation. An anon on /v/ for the Polygon article.
  6.                                                 **************************************
  8. Dec 04, 2011: @xGalatea @rowankaiser @krisligman I've never seen tracks like some of those songs on Mattie's playlist. https://archive.is/forYR
  9. Jan 06, 2012: @dangolding @xgalatea Fair enough! Perhaps we can discuss it all IRL-like in a few weeks! (Soz Mattie) https://archive.is/9PesH
  10. Jan 30, 2012: If you have a few spare dollars, help get @xMattieBrice to GDC here: http://www.gofundme.com/mattie-gdc . Here is why you should: http://critdamage.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-you-should-help-mattie-brice-get-to.html … https://archive.is/uqU0y
  11. Jan 30, 2012: @xMattieBrice I accept payment in gin and tonic. :)  https://archive.is/aTjoD
  12. Feb 14, 2012: @xMattieBrice So are you around the weekend before GDC? We should hang! (I get in Friday afternoon) https://archive.is/3qq23
  13. Feb 26, 2012: @xMattieBrice @10rdben Yes. Let's lunch! Hey @desensitisation when do you get in? https://archive.is/lAS6P
  14. Mar 02, 2012: @xMattieBrice Adelaide Hostel! You don't have to come all the way here. I can get somewhere mutual if it's easier! https://archive.is/cABWn
  15. Mar 03, 2012: @xMattieBrice  I'm chilling in a Starbucks on Cyril Magnin and O'Farrell st writing an article I forgot. Join me if you are bored!  https://archive.is/22pzp
  16. Mar 03, 2012: Just been chillin' w/ @10rdBen @kirkhamilton @xMattieBrice @taylorcocke @number108 and @traceylien. As you do. https://archive.is/iVwRY
  17. Mar 10, 2012: @xMattieBrice @jennatar @q0rt @tinysubversions @stuhorvath Alas! Well it was super great to see you this week. Until next year! https://archive.is/LXNUF
  18. May 28, 2012: @xMattieBrice Hey Mattie, Facebook says its your birthday! HAPPY FUTURE BIRTHDAY https://archive.is/tgQzC
  19. Jul 10, 2012: @xMattieBrice Hey Mattie did you ever actually find somewhere to live? Did I miss that? https://archive.is/Ub17P
  20. Oct 26, 2012: @xMattieBrice We have a couch that folds out into a sofa in a spare room, soooooo….  https://archive.is/u25YN
  21. Oct 26, 2012: @xMattieBrice Nice! Hopefully they are close together. You'd certainly be welcome to crash here. https://archive.is/u25YN
  22. Nov 17, 2012: MUM* RT @xMattieBrice MOM BRENDANS BEING MEAN TO ME. MT @BRKeogh @xMattieBrice I HAVE BOOTCAMP BUT CBF RESTARTING MY MAC ALL THE TIME MATTIE https://archive.is/7SLwC
  23. Dec 17, 2012: @xMattieBrice @dalziel_86 haha mattie. never change. *rubs head* https://archive.is/77XEM
  24. Jan 01, 2013: @xMattieBrice Hey Mattie I just sent you a long rambling and maybe awkward email. I forget to say there's no rush at all to respond to it! https://archive.is/dAsQp
  25. Jan 02, 2013: "I like sharing a dropbox folder with someone because I get random updates that reminds me people are alive on the other side of the internet" @xMattieBrice Is this me, perchance? https://archive.is/AmLOW
  26. Mar 23, 2013: @xMattieBrice Jenn, Brian, Stu, Chuck and I are sitting on our front steps! Is that near? Come hang? http://archive.is/sugzH
  27. Mar 24, 2013: @v21 @Carachan1 @jennatar @xMattieBrice @nickbreckon Brunch with Mattie! http://archive.is/6RkWo
  28. Mar 24, 2013: @xMattieBrice @BooDooPerson Well let's hang them maybe crash @pkollar's burrito party. http://archive.is/Lw8nr
  29. Apr 02, 2013: @xMattieBrice @taylorcocke @jennatar Me and @ItMayBee are having dinner with Jenn at 8.30 at a sushi place called Ryoko. Welcome to join! http://archive.is/AL1I3
  30. Jul 30, 2013: @xMattieBrice @waltdwilliams I'm happy you guys got to meet! And super jealous I wasn't there as well. https://archive.is/yqOtN
  31. Aug 25, 2013: @xMattieBrice Hey we're gonna walk into the cityish area soonish so maybe we can buy you dinner then https://archive.is/7TiRn
  32. Oct 18, 2013: @xmattiebrice when do you arrive? I know you've told me but I forget. You are invited to A Cool Thing on Sat on FB btw  https://archive.is/PG5kv
  33. Mar 15, 2014: @xMattieBrice @patriciaxh yeah there’s like 12 of us here. Don’t think we’re going anywhere. Kirk’s here. Byo booze but come hang! https://archive.is/aZwqm
  35. Brendan Keogh has been funding Mattie Brice through Patreon since 10.22.13  https://archive.is/EsYBd
  37. Potential Disclosure Issues.
  38. 1. Multiple references to hanging out and meeting up.
  39. 2. Multiple favors. Promoting a fundraiser, offering a spare room.
  40. 3. Funding her patreon which potentially conflicts with one article.
  41. 4. Overall familiarness which suggests a close personal relationship.
  43. Articles with Potential Disclosure Issues:
  44. May 24, 2013: Just making things and being alive about it: The queer games scene (Polygon) https://archive.is/5fBPd
  45. Autumn 2014: On video game criticism (Overland) https://archive.is/83G6l
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