Get Cutter get Butter 4

Jul 3rd, 2016
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  1. "Come on, get on up 'ere. We ain't got all day."
  2. >You let out a quiet grunt as Rainbow continued to fiddle with that darned back door
  3. >It made no darn sense WHY the hay Anon had made the doorknob so bucking high that you and ol' Rainbow here had to stack on each other to get at the dumb thing...
  4. >Then again, knowing Anon, it was probably intentional
  5. "Yer killin' my back Dash."
  6. >"Just give me a second for pete's sake!"
  7. "I've been givin' ya more an' a second, Rainbow!"
  8. >"It's not that bucking easy to pick a lock, Applejack!"
  9. "If yer havin' so much trouble you get on the bottom an' let me--"
  10. Click!
  11. >You grunted again as, with a happy sound escaping her throat, Rainbow leapt off you back
  12. >"Hah! I KNEW I could do it," the pegasus said, staring at you with a smug smile
  13. "Ya sure did somethin' alright," you grumbled, rubbing your back
  14. >The bucking feather brain nearly ripped the fur off you back jumping all willy-nilly like that...
  15. >Rubbing her hooves together, Rainbow, with a flap of her wings, managed to grab ahold of the doorknob
  16. >Slowly, she twisted it until you could hear a click
  17. >You and the girls were in one heck of a pickle
  18. >The stallions had plum lost their minds, taking over Anon's gym and wrecking the place like a bunch of crazy ponies
  19. >And taking Shy like that...
  20. >If they were mares you'd have very little reservations of going in there and introducing them all to Mr. Hoofy and ol' Stomper but granny had beaten it into your head to NEVER lay your hooves on a stallion
  21. >Even though a good beating would straighten these buckers out...
  22. >Rainbow, like the rest of you, weren't gonna go in there and start beating on colts because she was raised better
  23. >But that didn't mean she was gonna just sit on her flank and wait for those big colts to do Celestia knows what to Shy
  24. >So, being the sis that she was, Rainbow managed to talk you into sneaking into the back of Anon's gym for a rescue mission
  26. >The two of you steeled yourselves as Rainbow opened the door
  27. >If there were any colts waiting for you the jig would be up
  28. >You'd have to make your get away and getting Shy back would be a heck of a lot harder...
  29. >Thankfully there weren't any stallions waiting for you on the other side
  30. >Sighing in relief, Rainbow poked her head through the door and looked around
  31. >"Alright, the coast is clear," she said, waving you forward with a wing. "Come on, let's go."
  32. >As she darted inside you couldn't help but sigh to yourself
  33. >While Rainbow was a good sis wanting to leap into action to save Fluttershy you didn't think that she had thought this through
  34. >There were a heck of a lot of stallions in this gym and neither of you rightly knew where they were hiding Fluttershy
  35. >And you didn't have any idea how the hay you'd get her out of here without kicking up a hornets nest
  36. >...
  37. >For Celestia's sake the two of you didn't even know that they'd be a back door to this big ol' gym until you found the thing!
  38. >...
  39. >Still, she managed to talk you into helping her
  40. >You didn't know what that said about you but buck it
  41. >You were already back here
  42. >The two of you were gonna save Shy or you were gonna get booped trying!
  43. >...
  44. >You had a bucking bad feeling about this...
  45. "I'ah don't think this is gonna work."
  46. >"What are you talking about? The hard part's already done!"
  47. "No, the hard part's gonna be--"
  48. >"Shush! Do you WANT them to bucking hear us?!"
  49. >It was oddly quiet as the two crept through the gym
  50. >You thought you'd be hearing stallions running their mouths (like they always did when they were hot under the collar) or at least stomping around but there was nothing
  51. >Nopony other than the two of you, at least as far as you could tell, was around
  52. >Sure, you were in the far back of this big ol' building but you figured that the stallions would at least be keeping an eye on all of the exits so nopony would get it
  53. >...
  54. >Maybe you were just giving them too much credit?
  56. >They WERE just stallions...
  57. >For all you knew they were all just at the front of the gym huffing and hollering...
  58. >Your ears perked up as Rainbow led you into the gym proper
  59. >Just like the rest of the building it was empty
  60. >There wasn't a stallion in sight...
  61. >You froze near one of them cage thingy's as Rainbow continued forward
  62. >Though she was being cautious, she was still standing up nice and tall
  63. >She wasn't sneaking, she wasn't looking around, and she wasn't ready to hide
  64. >...
  65. >Your ears perked up
  66. >Was that--
  67. >Oh buck!
  69. >"AURGH!"
  70. >Before you could finish your sentence, something slammed into your side, knocking you off your hooves
  71. >You grunted as you slammed into another metal hickey, clutching your chest as the wind was knocked out of you
  72. >Grunting again, you closed your eyes as you slid to the ground
  73. >Ow, ow, ow...
  74. >Bucking, bucking, BUCK...
  75. >"Applejack! You get off her you bucking--sonofahorsefeather!"
  76. >Your hat slowly slipped off your head as you cracked an eye open
  77. >There were half a dozen stallions in the room now
  78. >Six of them were dragging Rainbow, who had taken to the air, back to the ground as she swore and snarled and flapped their wings
  79. >The other six were slowly making their way toward you, elastic exercise bands in hoof
  80. >...
  81. >Horse apples...
  82. >You should have known that they'd have a trap waiting for you...
  83. >You sighed as they grew near, reaching down to pick up your hat
  84. >Dusting the thing off, you carefully put it back on your head as Thunderlane, with a smile that you didn't much care for on his face, stretched his band
  85. >This is not your fetish
  86. > Not one little bit
  88. >The silence was tense as you, Pinkie and the captains of the Night and Day guard stared at Rarity and Anon
  89. >You didn't know WHY it was tense
  90. >Anon wasn't freaking out like you thought he would...
  91. >Well, he still looked angry, but that was probably more from what was going on with his gym than anything
  92. >The captains looked almost calm as they milled over what Rarity had just... discussed with you
  93. >Pinkie was just smiling like she always did
  94. >...
  95. >Rarity might have looked a little nervous
  96. >As she SHOULD...
  97. >...
  98. >But what about you?
  99. >How the heck do you feel about it?
  100. >Your brow furrowed slightly as you let the silence drag on
  101. >Maybe somepony would suggest something else...
  102. >Or maybe something else would happen...
  103. >Princess Luna could pop in right beside you while you were standing there ready to put all of the stallions asleep with a spell
  104. >Now THERE was a princess
  105. >You didn't care what anypony said about her, Luna had a pretty good head on her withers
  106. >It almost makes you wonder why you just didn't ask her for help
  107. >...
  108. >Nopony's going to say anything huh?
  109. >They were going to make you address the elephant in the room?
  110. >Really?
  111. >...
  112. >Alrighty then...
  113. >Brow furrowing just a hair more, you cleared your throat
  114. "...Rarity, could you run that by me again please?" you asked the fashionista. "I don't think I... GOT all of it the first time."
  115. >Rarity's eyes darted around your little group nervously
  116. >Her gaze eventually settled on Anonymous
  118. >The human was staring down at her with his arms crossed
  119. >The anger on his face as settled into a look of...
  120. >Resignation?
  121. >Hopelessness?
  122. >Did... did he have to use the little colts room?
  123. >Your big brother almost always had that look on his face when he needed to use the bathroom...
  124. >Sighing, he nodded at the mare, gesturing for her to speak
  125. >Her lips twitched upward as her look became grateful
  126. >Looking away from him she cleared her throat before starting
  127. >"Well, Twilight dear, the stallions in that gym seem to hold all mares in a rather... NEGATIVE light."
  128. >No shit
  129. >"They think that we're boarish, disgusting, creatures that treat stallions like nothing more than cooks and cocks."
  130. >THAT got everypony blushing and Pinkie giggling
  131. >"When I was... calming Anonymous here I noticed that the stallions didn't take it too kindly to me or my actions. A few even leapt out of the gym to try to stop me."
  132. >Rarity once again looked at Anonymous, who encouraged her with a flick of his wrist
  133. >"And that got me thinking... If it is too dangerous for us to GO into the gym then why don't we just have the stallions COME out."
  134. >The statement hung in the air as you all looked at each other
  135. >You all knew what she meant
  136. >You knew what she was trying to get at without saying it out loud
  137. >You--
  138. >"So you wanna get all of those meanies out by making them really, really, REALLY mad?" Pinkie suddenly piped up
  139. >Your eyes widened
  140. >Pinkie...
  141. >Rarity nodded
  142. >"Yes, that's what I had in mind."
  143. >"And you wanna use Nonny here to help get them mad?"
  144. >Pinkie wat r u doin?
  145. >"T-That's what I had in mind, Pinkie."
  147. >"And since those big old meanies don't like when mares boss stallions around you wanna boss Nonny around to make them come out?"
  148. >Pinkie sta-- Oh...
  149. >Actually, that's not even--
  150. >"Sexually I mean. You wanna boss Nonny here around by doing stuff with his willy."
  151. >The Night captain snorted as both you and Rarity squirmed in embarrassment
  152. >Bucking Pinkie Pie...
  153. >"She wasn't using those exact words when she explained it to me but pretty much, Pank," Anon grumbled
  154. >"I-It's just to get the stallions outside s-so that the guards can restrain them!" Rarity assured, her face red and her eyes wide. "And there needn't be anything sexual done, we just need to-- ohmygoodness. Anonymous, You know I'd NEVER suggest such a thin--"
  155. >Anon shushed the fashionista
  156. >His eyes snapped up toward his gym
  157. >"I always wanted to open up a gym," he said, his voice monotone. "Ever since I was a little kid. I wanted a place where people could go to get away from it all and improve themselves."
  158. >Pain flashed through his eyes
  159. >"I never wanted something like this to happen. I didn't want to start some revolution by getting a few people in shape so that they could be more comfortable with themselves."
  160. >Though he was still as towering as ever, for a moment Anon seemed to shrink as his shoulders sagged
  161. >"I wanted to churn out gym rats, not... whatever the fuck those stallions are..."
  162. >The blush vanished from your face as you looked at the giant, muscle-bound stallion in pity
  163. >You knew that Anon wasn't a bad guy
  164. >He might have been an oddball, but you know that he never wanted anything like this to happen
  165. >...
  166. >You couldn't even imagine what he was going through
  167. >After getting his gym and getting all of these ponies to come and... THIS happens...
  168. >Hostages, broken windows, angry mares and furious stallions...
  169. >Pinkie, her smile gone, walked over to the human
  170. >"Hey now, mister. None of this is your fault," she insisted, getting up onto her back legs and wrapping her hooves around him in a hug
  172. >It wasn't much of a hug, Pinkie only came up to Anon's belly button even standing up so she was just hugging his legs, but you could tell that Anon appreciated it
  173. >The pain on his face subsided just a bit as he patted Pinkie on the head
  174. >He said nothing, but just a hint of a smile came to his face
  175. >You all, even the captains, found yourselves smiling as well
  176. >"I don't care what you guys have to do or what I have to do. I just want all of them out of my gym without them hurting anyone," the human continued, still looking down at Pinkie
  177. >"Well, that's very brave of you, Anonymous, dear," Rarity said, looking over to you
  178. "If you're alright with it I'm sure we can figure out a couple of things to do to get those stallions out of there," you said, looking at the captains
  179. >The mares saluted
  180. >"If you can get them out we can wrangle them up," one said
  181. >The other nodded
  182. >"We won't fail you, ma'am."
  183. >Nodding yourself, you looked up at Anon
  184. "And we'll make sure not to do anything that you're uncomfortable, Anon," you told him, turning around so you could look at the other girls. "Now, Rainbow, Applejack, I'm going to need the two of you--"
  185. >...
  186. >Where the heck did those two fillies go?
  188. <(0v0)>
  190. >Be Ca-
  191. >No
  192. >Caramel was the name that the matriarchy had given you
  193. >It was your SLAVE name
  194. >But no more
  195. >You were free; your chains were broken!
  196. >You needed a new name, one that fit with your new sense of being
  197. >...
  198. >Ohhh! You got it!
  199. >From henceforth, your new name would be Alibaba!
  200. >That was Saddle Arabian... you think...
  201. >"Caramel, Caramel, we managed to capture a few of the slavers!"
  202. >You turned away from the mirror that you had been staring into (gotta mire that body bruh) to see Thunderlane, your lieutenant in the Free Stallions for the Rights of Stallions Army, making his way toward you with a big, happy, shackle-free smile on his face
  203. >Behind him two mares were being dragged along, bound by the rubber elastic bands that you and the fellas had found in the back
  204. >There was Applejack, a look of distaste on her face and the beginnings of a bruise on her side and Rainbow Dash, aka the posterchild for mare bigotry and grossness, who was desperately struggling against her bonds
  205. >It must not feel too good huh?
  206. >Being bound up in bonds that you couldn't escape, eh mares?
  207. >You smiled as Thunderlane and the stallions that he was commanding dropped the mares in front of you
  208. "Good job, boys. Now they'll think twice about trying to sneak into here," you told them, looking down at your new hostages with a smile
  209. >"You buckers let Fluttershy go right the buck now!" Rainbow snarled, trying to bite at the stallion next to her. "If you don't think I won't hit a bucking stallion just WAIT until I get out of these bucking rubber bands!"
  210. >Puff
  211. >What a barbarian...
  212. "I'm afraid that neither of you are going anywhere," you said. "You're our hostages now, ladies."
  213. >Applejack's nose scrunched up
  215. >"An' what the buck are we hostages fer?" she demanded
  216. >You couldn't help but shake your head at the question
  217. >Typical mare
  218. >No matter how simply you laid everything out for them they still didn't understand...
  219. "We're going to use you to help further the rights of stallions everywhere," you patiently told her
  220. >The country bumpkin's nose seemed to scrunch up even more
  221. >"Caramel, ya bucking idget! Ya aren't gonna-- Princess Celestia?!"
  222. >Looking past you, Applejack looked over at Princess Celestia, who was sitting in the corner with Fluttershy
  223. >Her eyes widened before her gaze flicked back at you, shock and, dare you say it, awe on her face
  224. >Your smile widened at the sight
  225. "That's right, Applejack. We managed to capture Princess Celestia herself, the head of this bloated, oppressive system."
  226. >You puffed your chest out as you took a deep breath
  227. "Now they'll HAVE to listen to us! They'll--"
  228. >"Who'll listen to ya?"
  229. >You blinked
  230. "Excuse me?"
  231. >"Ya got Princess Celestia all tied up 'ver there right?"
  232. "Well of course we do! We would--"
  233. >"An' ya said it yerself that she's the one that runs everythin' right? She makes the laws an' all of that fancy-smancy stuff?"
  234. >As best as she could, Applejack looked at all of the stallions in the room
  235. >"If'n ya'll have the Princess in here, the mare that'd be the one ta give ya want ya want, how the hay are ya gotta get anythin'?"
  236. >Your nose scrunched up slightly as Applejack let the question hang in the air
  237. >Well you--
  238. >See, you can--
  239. >Actually, you have--
  240. >"Caramel! Caramel!"
  241. >You and the other stallions looked over to see Dr. Hooves sprinting into the room
  242. >The stallion's eyes were wild, and his usually perfectly (for him anyway) styled name looked frazzled
  243. >Something was wrong
  245. >Something was very, very wrong
  246. >"You have to see this," Hooves continued. "They're... They're..."
  248. >Be Twilight
  249. >The scene had been set up
  250. >You, Pinkie, and Rarity were sitting on a sofa that you had commandeered from Roseluck's front porch
  251. >...You were sure she wouldn't mind, what with the situation being as dire as it was
  252. >Why did she even have a sofa outside like that?
  253. >...
  254. >Rain wasn't good for couches, flower hoers...
  255. >The guard had gone out and informed everypony that they could find about the situation and had sealed off the entire down
  256. >You could do this
  257. >You NEEDED to do this
  258. >For your teacher, for Fluttershy, for Anon
  259. >You took a deep, deep breath as you looked over at a slightly frazzled Rarity
  260. >Just like you the unicorn was nervous
  261. >The two of you, along with Pinkie, who was humming a little tune to herself without a single care in the world, were good mares; gentlemares that would never do wrong by anypony, be they mare or stallion
  262. >But today you were going to have to show those stallions in that gym that you were stallionizers
  263. >Maybe worse...
  264. >Taking a few breaths herself, Rarity reached up and fussed with her mane before giving you a smile
  265. >It was a small smile, an unsure smile, but it made you feel a little bit better all the same
  266. >You could do this...
  267. >You could do this...
  268. "Anon," you called. "Where the buck is my cider?"
  269. >You settled in the couch as you heard footsteps falling behind you
  270. >Anon, wearing nothing but an apron, a slightly too small ball bra, and a rather tasteful cock sleeve, all of which had been made by Rarity not twenty minutes ago, stepped into your field of vision
  271. >In his hands was a silver tray with three bottles of cider on top of it
  272. >All of his clothing had been made out of the thinnest, most transparent material that Rarity could find
  273. >The fashionista hadn't even TRIED to be tasteful
  274. >Her main goal had been to turn Anon into an object, a walking cock, and she had BUCKING succeeded
  276. >Your gaze wandered up the human's body, drinking in every curve and vein and muscle
  277. >You had never seen Anon wear anything other than his muscle shirts and his sweat pants
  278. >Even when Celestia had invited him to the Grand Galloping Gala he had worn his usual attire
  279. >But now you could see EVERYTHING
  280. >You could see his powerful, thick legs
  281. >You could see his chest and arms and his oh so tight little stomach
  282. >You could see his stallionhood STRAINING against the cock sleeve that Rarity had provided
  283. >And that ball bra
  284. >That lacy, lewd little number and cupped his orbs JUST RIGHT
  285. >And t-that tasteful amount of pubic hair...
  286. >You could feel a blush working its way onto your face as you looked and looked and looked
  287. >You might have just sat there all day ogling him if not for Rarity, who loudly cleared her throat and nudged you with her hoof
  288. >Jumping slightly at the sudden contact, your eyes snapped upwards to Anon's face
  289. >Though it looked as if Rarity had outdone herself with his body the human's face had remained much the same
  290. >She hadn't touched his mane, and that beard of his still jutted proudly, defiantly, from his chin
  291. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see Rarity also sizing up the green giant
  292. >While her gaze could have been mistaken for professional appreciation (he WAS wearing her designs after all) you knew the unicorn better than that
  293. >Her mouth was slightly agape as she looked up at him with a certain fire in those big blue eyes of hers
  294. >There was a hunger in those eyes, a primal need that even a gentlemare like Rarity couldn't help but feel standing before a specimen like this
  295. >Anon's bright green eyes flick between the two of you
  296. >If he was embarrassed about being without his usual garb he didn't show it
  297. >He just looked kind of irritated about the whole situation, his lips set in a thin line and his brow furrowed
  299. >His widdle nose was scrunched up in the most adorable way, and you could see that he was holding the tray with a little more force than necessary
  300. >You didn't know whether to giggle and tease the big human or stare at him with wide eyes and an open mouth
  301. >"Here's your cider... honey," he said, extending the tray, which looked like a little tea cup holder in those giant hands of his, toward the three of you. "I got one for you and your friends."
  302. >"Ohhh cider!" Pinkie chirped, quickly reaching over and helping herself to a bottle. "Thanks, Nonny!"
  303. >"No Pinkie, we cannot thank him," Rarity said out of the corner of her mouth, her eyes snapping over toward the gym. "Remember, we must be as crude as possible."
  305. >Pinkie blinked
  306. >"Oh right..."
  307. >In an instant the smile on the her face turned into a frown as she looked back down at her drink
  308. >"I mean... why isn't this drink cold, Nonny!" the party pony demanded, glaring up at Anon as she tossed the drink onto the floor. "Nopony wants to drink warm cider!"
  309. "...Um, yeah!" you added. "What the buck is wrong with you, Anon? Giving my friends warm cider?"
  310. >You theatrically puffed your chest out as you give him a look
  311. "I, um, well--"
  312. >"You've never met a stallion as worthless as him," Rarity supplied
  313. >You stiffened as your eyes widened
  314. "What?! I'm not going to say THAT, Rarity," you whisper-shouted. "I don't want to hurt Anon's feelings!"
  315. >"Anonymous knew what would be asked of him when he agreed to this, dear. And if it helps he knows that you don't mean it one bit."
  316. "I don't care if he knows, I'm not going to call him wor--"
  317. >You yelped as a glass tapped the side of your head
  318. >Jumping slightly, you looked up to see Anon looming over you, a bottle in his hand
  319. >The deadpan expression that he was giving you made you curl into yourself a bit as he raised an eyebrow
  320. >"Twilight," he said, lowering that great bassy voice of him so that only those around the couch could hear. "Here's what's going to happen. You're going to take this cider out of my hand, you're going to yell something really mean, and you're going to pour this drink at my feet."
  321. "But--"
  322. >Your mouth shut as Anon's eyes narrowed dangerously
  323. >"I didn't get dressed up in this shit just for you to pull your fucking punches," he growled. "So buck up buttercup and take the goddamn cider."
  324. >There was a warning in the human's eyes
  325. >A prelude of very bad things to come
  326. >You don't think that the look was for you per se...
  327. >But....
  329. >Gulping, you did as Anon asked, reaching up and snatching the bottle out of his hand
  330. >Pinkie had been right
  331. >These drinks WERE kind of warm...
  332. >And while there were some ciders that ponies could drink warm this wasn't one of those kinds of ciders
  333. "What the... yer... BUCK is wrong with you... er... COCK!"
  334. >You, Rarity, and even Pinkie cringed but you forced yourself to soldier on
  335. "I don't work all... um... bucking day to come home to warm cider!"
  336. >The glass bottle nearly falls out of your hooves but, with some desperate flailing, you managed to keep your grip on it
  337. "C-Can't you do anything bucking right you worthless stallion?!"
  338. >Your heart was pounding in your chest, your wings kept ruffling against your sides no matter what you did
  339. >You didn't want to do this...
  340. >You were a good pony...
  341. >Good ponies didn't do something like this...
  342. >They didn't treat others like this...
  343. >You jumped as you felt an invisible force gently tug at your hooves
  344. >There, right where the hoof met the leg, you could see the tiniest speck of a blue aura
  345. >Your eyes snapped over to Rarity, who was giving you a look of both pity and determination
  346. >The fashionista had her shoulders squared and she was leaning forward as she gently and discreetly guided your hoof forward with her magic until the cider was over Anon's feet
  347. >Your eyes snapped up at Anon, then over to Pinkie, then to Rarity
  348. >There was no anger in their eyes, no outrage
  349. >Each one of them looked resigned, determined, ready to do whatever they had to to fix this mess that you found yourself in
  350. >You had to be like them, Twilight...
  351. >For the Princess, for Fluttershy...
  352. >You slowly tilted the bottle, keeping your face an emotionless mask as you watched the stream of yellow/golden liquid fall from the bottle
  353. >Anon squirmed slightly as it hit his dare feet, forming a puddle around in on the dirt road, but he stood still
  354. >As you got halfway through the bottle your mask began to crack
  356. >You could feel your ears folding against the sides of your head as your eyes slowly began to close
  357. >Come on, Twilight
  358. >You keep those eyes open
  359. >If you were going to do this you could at least look at Anon while you did it
  360. >You owed the stallion that much
  361. >The cider was mixing with the dirt below
  362. >That mixture had already turned Anon's feet into a sticky, brownish mess
  363. >You could tell the feeling of it was uncomfortable to the human so, wanting to get this travesty over this, you tilted the bottle over all the way, shaking it until the bottle was completely empty
  364. "N-Now, go and g-get the three of us c-cold ciders, COCK. O-Or there's going to be more where that c-came from," you forced yourself to say, tossing the bottle onto the ground
  365. >You felt horrible
  366. >More than horrible
  367. >You felt worse about this than practically anything else you had ever done in your life
  368. >But...
  369. >You could also feel something else mixed in with that sickening, hollowed feeling that was making your stomach do flips
  370. >Something you couldn't quite identify
  371. >You watched as Anon bent down to grab the now empty bottle
  372. >Your eyes flicked to his bare, naked, PLUMP rump
  373. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see dozens of stallions staring out of those broken windows in the gym
  374. >Never before had you seen such a look of loathing and disgust which those stallions were giving you
  375. >Some of them were red-faced, veins bulging out their faces and necks, and their mouths were frantically moving as if they were yelling
  376. >Other's had tears in their eyes, weeping softly for their oppressed brother
  377. >...
  378. >You looked at each and every single stallion with dead eyes as you lifted up a hoof
  379. >Many of their eyes widened
  380. >The silent screaming increased and you could see stallions struggling to fix their bulks through the windows
  381. >They knew what you were going to do
  382. >You could see it in all of their eyes
  384. >You raised your hoof up a little higher before you brought it down
  385. SLAP!
  387. (<[9v9]>)
  389. >Be Anon
  390. >It was kind of awkward bending down to get that can of cider
  391. >That testicle cloth-thing that you were wearing was just a little too tight, so whenever you tried to lean forward it felt like your boys were snuggling against your johnson
  392. >And speaking of your johnson: why the hell did you have to wear this weird, oddly oriented cloth to cover the thing?
  393. >Ponies had always thought it was weird that you wore pants and underwear, but having a weird sleeve was alright?
  394. >Don't get it twisted, it was actually pretty comfortable
  395. >Whatever material Rara had made this thing out of felt nice
  396. >And you weren't too proud to admit that you thought it looked kinda tasteful on you
  397. >But, like this weird ball bra thing, it was too small
  398. >It had taken twenty minutes for you to widdle into it for Christ's sake
  399. >You had to be soft, since there was no way that it was going to fit you hard, so it--
  400. SLAP!
  401. >You twitched in startlement as you felt something hitting your ass
  402. >It wasn't a very hard slap, but it was enough that you could feel a slight stinging sensation where the blow had landed
  403. >"Owowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo!"
  404. >You picked your head up and looked over at the little horses sitting on the couch that they had stole from that flower hoers's house
  405. >Both Pank and Rara were looking back at you with eyes as wide as dinner plates and mouths that may as well have been hanging to the floor
  406. >You raised an eyebrow at these silly, red-faced ponies, before you looked over at Twilight
  407. >"OwowowowowhydidIdothatohmyCelestiathatreallyreallyhurt!"
  408. >The purple pony's face had twisted into a look of pure agony
  409. >Her ears were pinned against the side of her head, her face was scrunched up slightly, and she was cradling one of her hooves close to her chest
  410. >...
  411. >You looked at her hoof, then back at your ass
  412. >Did she...
  413. >...
  414. >Really?
  415. >"Wowie, that looks like it really smarts," Pinkie whisper-shouted
  416. >"Are you alright, Twilight dear," Rarity asked as Twilight began to pain-wiggle
  418. >"Sweet C-Celestia, it felt like h-hitting an anvil," the princess whimpered, looking up at you with a quivering lip, tears in the corner of her eyes.
  419. >Little pony had hurt herself
  420. >Not that you were too surprised
  421. >Your ass WAS pretty powerful
  422. >"There, there dear," Rara said, wrapping a hoof around her friend's withers. "Everything's alright. Just keep shaking it. The pain will subside in a few moments I'm sure."
  423. >Sniffling, Twilight nodded, leaning into the white unicorn
  424. >Pank, with a look of concern on her face, hopped over so that she was sitting on the other side of the bookworm
  425. >"Do you want somepony to do and get you an ice pack, Twilight?" she asked, rubbing her side comfortingly
  426. >Sniffling again, Twilight shook her head
  427. >"N-No thank you," she whispered. "I-I'll be fine. I-I just n-need a minute..."
  428. >Rarity let out a coo as Twilight leaned against her a little more
  429. >Nuzzling the top of her friend's head, she began to run her hoof through Twilight's mane
  430. >"Maybe hitting Anonymous may not to the best idea in the future?"
  431. >Twilight nodded again, looking up at you
  432. >"A-Are you alright, A-Anon?" she asked, dragging a hoof across her nose. "I-I didn't hurt you d-did I?"
  433. >...
  434. >Jesus Christ...
  435. >You didn't even do anything and now you felt bad...
  436. >Forgetting that the four of you needed to put on a show, you knelt down and gently grabbed her injured hoof, rubbing a thumb along the area where her hoof met her leg
  437. >Twilight let out a quiet whimper, but seemed to sink into the sofa as you continued to knead the sensitive flesh
  438. >The look of pain began to drain from her face, and her sniffling slowly but surely stopped
  439. >Rarity, with a glow of her horn, magicked up a handkerchief and cleaned up the princess's face
  440. "There you go," you muttered, giving her hoof a little kiss to make it all better. "Now you're--"
  443. >You, Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie jumped as a series of shrill cries erupted from your gym
  444. >Your head snapped back just in time to see about a dozen stallions, all of them looking like they were about to bust a blood vessel, began crawling through your broken windows
  450. >With another bellowing cry, the stallions began to charge toward the four of you
  451. >As they got closer you noticed that many of them were wild-eyed, and one or two of them were even foaming at the mouth
  452. >Jeeze...
  453. >Someone was a little upset...
  454. >Letting go of Twilight's hoof, you reached over and grabbed the bottles on the ground before you stood up to your full height
  455. >You took a step forward, ready to begin painting your masterpiece
  456. >Just a little closer...
  457. >If they got a little closer then the pain train could--
  458. >"GET'EM!"
  461. >The guard, dozens of them launched themselves from the rooftops where they were hiding, swooping down with nets
  462. >Many of the stallions skidded to a halt seeing the mares in their golden and deep blue armor
  463. >The anger on their faces morphed into surprise and even fear
  464. >Many of them began backing up as the guard closed in, hoping to retreat back into the gym
  465. >What they didn't see however were the ground troops that had quickly snuck behind him when their backs were turned
  467. >"RUNAWAY!"
  470. >A smile worked its way into your face as the stallions quickly scattered
  471. >You could hear the stallions in the gym screaming profanities and threats
  472. >They were throwing your gym equipment at the guard but they were too hard away
  473. >Some tried to crawl out the broken windows to try to help their fellows, only to be pulled back into the gym by other frantic stallions
  474. >They could only watched as the rout began, helpless to help their fellows
  475. >A few of the jerks outside tried to make a break for it, some charged the guards, and a few even tried to beg and plead and cry for the guards to just let them go
  476. >But in the end all of them were cuffed and lugged away to wherever they were holding the prisoners
  480. >You took a deep breath as your smile widened and widened and widened some more
  481. >Rarity had been right
  482. >This WAS just the thing to get those fuckers out of your gym...
  483. >Your eyes wandered over toward the remaining stallions at the gym
  484. >There were still too many of them in there you knew, and you weren't too sure that a little ass slap was going to bring them out in droves again
  485. >They might not have been smartest bunch but you were sure, after they pieced together what had happened, they would wise up to your plan
  486. >It was going to get harder to get them out of there now
  487. >You looked back at the girls, smirking like a motherfucker
  488. >Harder but not impossible...
  489. >All you needed to do was kick this whole thing up a couple of notches...
  491. >Be Cara--er, Alibaba
  492. >And you couldn't believe what you just watched
  493. >Anon, the stallion that had helped you break your chains of oppression, had been totally and completely broken by the mare menace
  494. >They had forced him to wear clothing that most sluts wouldn't be caught dead in, they had belittled and mocked him, they had poured cider at his feet, and they had slapped him on the rump like he was an object
  495. >And forcing him to get on his knees and KISS the hoof that had hit him...
  496. >You took a step away from the window you had been peering out of, feeling sick to your stomach
  497. >All around you your brothers were muttering amongst themselves
  498. >Many of them were outraged, some of them were weeping softly to themselves, and yet others looks like they wanted to leap out there and teach those mares a lesson
  499. >But you knew their game now
  500. >This was a trap
  501. >They WANTED you to try to save Anon...
  502. >They WANTED out outside so they could overwhelm you with their superior numbers...
  503. >You shook your head in pity, taking a moment to mourn the loss of your great teacher
  505. >That poor, misguided stallion...
  506. >If only he had listened to you he wouldn't be out there being treated like a piece of meat...
  507. >"Hah! I knew Twilight would figure out a way to get you dummies!"
  508. >All of the angry grumbling, all of the nervous whispers, all of the crying stopped and the entire gym instantly went silent
  509. >You picked your head up and looked over at your prisoners
  510. >Rainbow Dash, tied up and leaning against Princess Celestia, was smiling at you
  511. >SMILING, after all of you had just watched that stallion get treated like less than a person!
  512. >Rainbow's smile widened when she saw your expression
  513. >"She's going to get each and everyone of you buckers," the pegasus proclaimed. "She's going to put you away and lock away the key!"
  514. >As you stood there, looking into those rosy, smug, deponizing eyes of her's you felt something inside of you snap
  515. >Rage, unlike any you had ever felt, began to fill your being
  516. >Your body went stiff, your eyes narrowed, and you could feel your lips pulling back into a snarl
  517. "Get them up!" you roared. "Get those prisoners up and get them over here RIGHT NOW!"
  518. >The other stallions, seeing that you were absolutely LIVID, were quick to follow your orders, dragging Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow, and the princess over to you
  519. >You were pacing back and forth, snorting and growling as your tail flicked back and forth
  520. "The mare mocks us, brothers! She wishes to stop our revolution and put us back in the irons of oppression!"
  521. >You looked down at your prisoners, the very creatures that made this world oh so horrible and chaotic
  522. >Rainbow was still smiling up at you, as if was in on a joke that you hadn't been told
  523. >Blood boiling, you leaned down until the your noses were touching
  524. "But we will not falter! Our cause is just and we will see it through to the en--"
  525. >"Oh, I see your game young stallion!"
  526. >You stopped your tirade to look over at Princess Celestia
  528. >You stopped your tirade to look over at Princess Celestia
  529. >The alicorn was giving you a solemn look, the ball gag that had been in her mouth floating beside her, caught up in the golden glow of magic
  530. >...You didn't even put that ball gag on her
  531. >None of the fellas had
  532. >It wasn't like she had been yelling or anything, so none of you had seen a point in doing something like that...
  533. >...
  534. >In fact... where the heck did that ball gag even come from?
  535. >You never remembered seeing--
  536. >"You wish to make an example of us for the mares outside," the princess continued, easily standing up and pulling off the rubber bands that had been holding her in place
  537. >...Wait
  538. >Was she always able--
  539. >"You want to turn the tables on us, treat us as we were nothing more than objects for your amusement and pleasure."
  540. >A bead of sweat dripped down the princess's face as she looked at all of you... with an uncomfortable amount of intensity
  541. >You found yourself taking a nervous step back
  542. >What the buck was going on?
  543. >What was wron--
  544. >"You mean to humiliate us no doubt. Perhaps treat us like maids and force us to clean up after you as you had once done for us?"
  545. >You and the fellas looked at each other as the princess's horn glowed
  546. >There was a pop, and in a flash four frilly, tight-fitted maids outfits adorned the princess, Rainbow, Applejack, and Fluttershy, complete with little hats and stockings
  547. >...
  548. >"O-Oh, my," Flutter squeaked, looking down at her attire with a blush
  549. >Rainbow and Applejack, who was still wearing her cowpony hat, looked at each other in confusion
  550. >"What the buck is this?" Rainbow demanded
  551. >Applejack looked down at the black and white little number that she was wearing
  552. >"An' why an' the hay do these fit us?"
  553. >Princess Celestia, her face the very picture of solemn reserve, though she was still sweating, looked down at you
  555. >You could see that she was wearing a pair of black panties that looked like they were two sizes too small and her tail were braided in such a way that you...
  556. >Ew...
  557. >Your nose scrunched up at you, and everypony else with a lick of sense, took a step backward
  558. >"Maybe you wish to give us some form of punishment beforehand."
  559. >The princess's horn glowed
  560. >A paddle, with an insignia of the sun carved into it, appeared at your hooves
  561. >Celestia, still with that solemn look of her's spun around and presented her rump to you
  562. >Look how bucking fat it is...
  563. >You bet that thing jiggles every time it walks...
  564. >...Double ew
  565. >"Don't worry, Fluttershy and friends, I shall endure whatever punishment that these big, m-musclebound stallions have in mind for us," she said, wiggling her ugly butt in your face. "But I must insist that you hold nothing back. Use me as roughly as you wish."
  566. >Fluttershy, a bit of pink in her cheeks, perked up slightly
  567. >"U-Um, if it's a-alright with you m-maybe I could e-endure some punishment t-too?" she muttered, looking over at you hopefully as your eyes twitched. "I-If that's okay with you o-of course."
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