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Aug 22nd, 2011
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  1. Hello all, cornfog here, this is my take on the insane hypocrisy of anonymous...
  3. As we all know anonymous loves to hit websites, basically the leaders and top dogs of anonymous use children to take down sites, using LOIC. Question is, why are they taking down sites? Well, we don't really know other than "payback" for others taking down sites. This, makes no sense. Why does anonymous take out websites if they don't like others taking out websites. This is what I call anonymous censorship, yes, they censor websites themselves!
  4. Clearly something twisted is going on in their minds, but for what? Fighting censorship with censorship? Are we really to believe anonymous is fighting against censorship? how is this so?
  5. The answer is somewhat obvious, they do it for attention, they love seeing themselves in articles, they could care less about people, deep down inside they don't give a fuck about BART, they just want to go to protests with their masks and be on the news, so they can scream from their basements to their moms that they made the news! They jump on any possible chance they get to make headlines. Do you honestly think anonymous cares about BART... well of course they don't, why else would they release tons of personal information on innocent users who they are fighting for? Yeah... what? I don't understand this, but I don't seem to be the only one.
  6. Which leads us to our next topic, which would be Freedom Of Speech, another cause anonymous fights for.... until it's a negative comment on them, then they bash you beyond hell and harass you, and your family, for simply speaking out freely, again, something they fight for.
  7. But of course how can we forget their tactics of brainwashing using these "inspiring" youtube videos with some lame voice. They make these videos acting like they are the voice of you and I. But really they just seek more media attention and fame, they could care less about the people. To anonymous: you are not the voice of the people, you are nothing, you are not even a fraction of 0.01% of the internet, stop acting like you're big and all mighty.
  8. It's been pretty much said that sabu is the leader of antisec and the missions they try to achieve. This of course they deny, but I ask you, what is an activist group without leadership? If you have no leaders, you have no way to organize yourselves, you just an all over the place group who gets nothing done by spewing out random operations.
  9. Lastly I'm going to just say that people who join anonymous simply want to feel like they're apart of something, they want to feel like they're doing an important cause, so they see these videos and tweets and join IRC to act like they did something for the world... when again, it's all for publicity and news whoring. Why else would they go to a BART protest wearing masks? Who does that? This is not like scientology where they fair game you and go after you, which you guys have become btw. You don't need masks, you're just wearing them to feel important, and hopefully have a news reporter come up to you for questions, which I know any anonymous protest members would jump on immediately, seeing themselves on the news would make them jizz, and make them want to do it again.
  11. tl;dr - anonymous doesn't give a flying fuck about the people at all, they just act like it to get attention and fame so they can boost their confidence online because IRL they have none and need an exit to ease their stress.
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