The Dance

Jun 28th, 2017
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  1. >Trotting across the room, you drag out one of the few chairs in it, setting it alone near the middle
  2. >Turning around, your eyes dart back and forth, looking for anyway to spiffy up the place
  3. >This isn’t even your room, but still, everything’s gotta be just right
  4. >Glancing back at the clock, your guest should be here any minute, the hour hand rapidly approaching 11 PM
  5. >With another look around the place you sigh, finally content that the place is serviceable
  6. >Heading over to the worn out mattress, you reach into the saddlebag lying upon it, digging around
  7. >Can’t forget the most important piece after all
  8. >With a satisfied grin your hoof retrieves a small vial, gold like powder capped within
  9. >Blinking a couple times, you stare at in silence for a while, mind a million miles away
  10. >You can’t believe that you’re actually doing this…
  11. >But you’ve already come this far, aint no going back now
  12. >Peeking back to the wall, you nervously shift on your hooves
  13. >Where is this mare? She should have been here by no-
  14. >Your thought is cut short by knocking at the door, you nearly jumping from being caught off guard
  15. >But you quickly snap out of it and trot over to the entrance, putting on a cool face as the lock is undone
  16. >Door swinging open, a pair of yellow, slit pupiled eyes greet you, practically shinning in the dim light
  17. >Giving her a quick top to bottom look, you mentally nod
  18. >Short, midnight blue mane and tail
  19. >Dark gray fur
  20. >Leathery wings and ear tufts
  21. >Yup. It’s definitely who you ordered
  22. >”Well hey there big boy~”
  23. >The batpony flutters her eyelashes, dark eyeliner appearing to be meticulously applied
  24. >”I take it I’m in the right place?”
  25. >Puffing up your chest a bit, you confidently wave her on in
  26. >”I’d certainly say so, miss..?”
  27. >”Night Shine”
  28. >She replies quickly as she trots on in, you closing the door afterwards
  29. “Night Shine huh?”
  30. >”Yeah, but you can just call me Shine. Or whatever else you want”
  31. >As the mare passes by you can’t help but notice the cheap perfume wafting off of her, most likely trying to conceal the acrid scent of tobacco
  32. >But honestly, that’s part of why she’s here
  33. >There are reasons to why you keep ordering bat mares
  34. >Eyes wandering, you smirk as you gaze upon the first reason
  35. >They always have the fattest asses by far
  36. >And there’s something about those cute little ear tufts and fangs that gets your passion burning
  37. >But then there’s the more shitty reason
  38. >Almost all of them are totally trailer trash
  39. >And as such, they’ll always do some freaky things for a little extra cash or persuasion. Hell, sometimes you can even short change them
  40. >Hey, nobody said that you were a moral stallion, ok?
  41. >Following a little ways behind her into the room she eventually halts, placing a hoof to her chin as she surveys the area
  42. >”Hmmm”
  43. “Everything ok, Shine?”
  44. >”Oh, yes sir. Just uh, you got somewhere where I can slip into something more… comfortable~?”
  45. >Pointing to a door, you nod
  46. “Bathroom’s right there”
  47. >Face brightening, she gives you a little wink before trotting towards it
  48. >”Now don’t you go anywhere. I’ll be out in just a sec!”
  49. >Giving her rump a wiggle, the mare slyly slides into the room, door gently closing shut behind her
  50. >Cheeks burning, you watch as she disappears from view, tightly cropped tail barely hiding her goods
  51. >This is gonna be a night to remember
  52. >In more ways than one…
  53. >Holding up the tiny vial once more, you grin from ear to ear as you twist the cap off, dumping the miniscule amount of powder onto your tongue
  54. >Despite the less than pleasant taste you bear it and swallow, mouth tingling as it goes down
  55. >A chuckle escapes your lips as you walk on over to the chair that you set out, firmly plating yourself before crossing your legs
  56. >Ears swiveling forward you can hear the mare rummaging around in the other room, no doubt getting ready for her performance
  57. >Unknown to her however, one she won’t be getting paid for
  58. >You’ve always wanted to see if you could duck out of a performance without paying, just for the thrill of it
  59. >And being the clever pony that you are, the solution presented itself
  60. >In no time at all you’ll shrink down, smaller than an ant
  61. >All while Shine is too busy flaunting her body above, too busy to notice the fact that her customer is missing
  62. >With you too small to notice and nowhere in sight, she’ll finish her dance and be forced to storm off, leaving you with a free show, and quite the eyeful
  63. >The urge to pat your own back is interrupted as the bathroom doorknob turns, wooden door creaking open slowly
  64. >To your surprise Shine stands on her hind legs, leaning slightly against the doorframe with a devious grin
  65. >”Like what you see?”
  66. >The tightness in your crotch is the only response that adequately sums up your feelings, your face becoming flush
  67. >She sports a set of fishnet stockings, as well as a black, lacy thong
  68. >And to top it all off, the total slut even put a tail wrap on, even though there wasn’t much to wrap to begin with
  69. “Oh who am I kidding? Of course you do”
  70. >Beginning to saunter forward, her eyes give you a hungry, almost predatory look, muzzle smugly sporting the most devious of grins
  71. “H-hey now. I never said that”
  72. >”Oh? You sure about that?”
  73. >She puts a little more sway into her thick hips, eventually coming to a stop before you
  74. >A netted hoof is placed upon your chest, the mare leaning closely to your ear
  75. >With a lewd smack the mare’s lips part, faint whisper coming from them as her hot breath washes over your cheek
  76. >”Well then let me make it up to you…”
  77. >Hoof removed, the tip of her tongue sticks out as she turns around in a fluid motion, presenting herself before you
  78. >Heart thumping in your chest, you can’t look away as she silently begins to preform her craft, hips beginning to sway slowly, smoothly
  79. >This goes on for a few seconds, almost as if she’s warming herself up
  80. >But then she leans backwards, swishing tail just barley brushing against your sheathe
  81. >Her thick flanks begin to wiggle, steadily closing inwards as you hold your breath
  82. >A tiny moan escaping her lips she finally gets to work, cheeks grinding up against you as her hips gyrate, brushing all the way up to your chest before leaning back forward, only to move lower again and repeat the cycle
  83. >The entire time you sit there, eyeing up the thin, black thong jammed between her cheeks, outlines of what it conceals only prominent at the apex of her stretch
  84. >Shuddering, you can tell even from behind the fabric that she’s got one plump, puffy asshole, thong doing little to conceal your imagination
  85. >As the dance goes on and the bat’s hips wiggle and grind on you, a new sensation starts to become apparent
  86. >Your crotch isn’t the only thing tingling anymore
  87. >Soon your entire body begins to tingle, the feeling becoming progressively more intense
  88. >Slyly grinning, you know that it’s almost time
  89. >As you begin to grow more excited, Shine swiftly ceases her dance, turning back as she snuggles up upon you, a hoof running sensually under your chin
  90. >By this point she’s coated in sweat, droplets from her damp, hot fur intermixing into yours
  91. >”Enjoying the show so far?”
  92. >Nodding, you try to play it cool, body feeling stranger and stranger
  93. >”Well honey, I’m just getting started~”
  94. >Shine plants a warm, wet kiss on your lips, taking a moment to separate the embrace
  95. >You almost lean forward, craving more, but the mare hops off your lap, standing up on hind hooves once more, giving you a view of her sweaty back and rear
  96. >Without another word her hooves slide downwards at the same speed, starting from her chest, down to her waist, hooking both sides of the skimpy thong
  97. >In a swift motion the garment falls to the floor, wrapped around her hooves before she lazily kicks it away with a chuckle
  98. >Falling back to all fours, her tail flicks to the side, providing you an almost inconceivable sight
  99. >Your eyes immediately fall upon her juicy pussy, the faintest pink slit visible as the dark walls part ever so barely
  100. >Adjusting your gaze, your heart nearly stops as it beholds the next sight
  101. >A plump, dark pucker greets your eyes, sweat dripping off of it
  102. >It honestly might be the puffiest asshole you’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something considering all the batponies you’ve been with
  103. >Sensing that you’ve had a moment to behold her goods, Shine begins the dance once more, asscheeks doing little to conceal her assets without the thong to hold them back
  104. >Hips swaying, your eyes remain firmly focused on that beautiful pucker, still in disbelief at how perfect it is
  105. >If you didn’t have other plans, you just might have paid her extra to embrace your muzzle with it after the dance
  106. >But speaking of your plans…
  107. >The tingling that dominated your body has begun to fade away, a strange emptiness replacing it
  108. >Shine leans backwards once more, ass firmly pressing against your lap before gently moving up and down, asshole mushing against your sheathe and now emerging shaft as she hotdogs you
  109. >But despite the display, a wave of panic begins to overcome you
  110. >Did the powder not work? Did you somehow not take it right?
  111. >No, you followed the instructions. You read them dozens of times
  112. >But it should have kicked in by now!
  113. >Attempting to hide your concern, you nearly panic as you feel her weight removed from you, worried that she sensed the change in your mood
  114. >But with a sigh of relieve she simply stops grinding on you to dance further
  115. >As she does her routine, you find yourself back to worrying
  116. >Maybe you just prepared it wrong? Because it definitely should have been kicking in by now
  117. >With a sigh, you lean back in the chair some more, shrugging
  118. >Oh well, might as well enjoy the dance… that you’d be paying for after all
  119. >But no big deal, you can just go through the alchemy book and try again next tim-
  120. >In an instant your entire world flashes into a blur, you neighing in terror
  121. >Quickly shutting your mouth, you flick your eyes forward, expecting to find a puzzled mare before you, wondering what the outburst was
  122. >But instead of the expected sight, curiously your room seems to have been replaced with a vast, tan expanse
  123. >Cocking your head quizzically, you reach downwards giving the ground a quick rub
  124. >It almost feels like… wood
  125. >It’s at this moment that motion high above catches your eye, head peering upwards
  126. >Jaw dropping, you fall onto your back in fright, two massive gray pillars wiggling and swaying in the heavens above
  127. >Even though you’re still in shock, something in the back of your mind causes you to know exactly what’s happening
  128. >The sky above you is Shine. All of it
  129. >And the ground you rest on? The chair you occupied only a split second before, the seat now a vast plain
  130. >In disbelief you lay there, mind still processing what’s going on as an object falls from the titaness above, impacting a couple hundred yards away with a loud splash
  131. >Immediately the overbearing scent of body odor hits your nostrils, you now realizing that the pool sized puddle was just a mere droplet of ass sweat from the mare
  132. >Another falls in the distance, the results repeated as your nose twitches
  133. >In terror you begin to sit up in order to run, not wanting to drown in a drop of sweat from some stripper’s ass crack
  134. >But you’re suddenly cut short as you look further upwards, heart stopping
  135. >As your gaze follows the massive gray pillars upwards, it falls upon a fat, glistening disk almost the size of a house
  136. >It takes a moment, but it suddenly hits you; it’s Shine’s anus
  137. >Grunting, you didn’t even realize your cock sliding out from its sheath, the air around you becoming thick with your own musk
  138. >It flops against your belly, but becomes stiff in an instant, your eyes still locked with the puckered ring above
  139. >Every fiber of your being begins to tear as your primal instincts battle for control
  140. >On one hoof, your sense of survival is screaming for you to run; that all it takes is one mishap and she’ll squash you under that ass like the bug you now are
  141. >But on the other, well, your now twitching cock is enough of an explanation
  142. >Indecisively you sit there, the mare continuing her dance above, totally unaware of your predicament
  143. >But slowly you lay back down, eyes glued to the sight above as your crotch yearns for release
  144. >Not one to disappoint, a hoof reaches down to it, beginning to stroke the shaft as you spread yourself out, almost like you were lazily laying on the beach
  145. >With every second that goes by, your hoof strokes faster and faster, dick twitching occasionally
  146. >Above, Shine continues on, thunder sounding everything she claps her titanic ass cheeks together
  147. >But with one pass she points her ass down lower as if to sit, wiggling her hips in a raunchy manner, and unwittingly providing you with the perfect full view of her pucker
  148. >With another grunt you stroke harder, cock now screaming for release
  149. >And release it does
  150. >Spurts of white hot seed burst forth, coating your stomach as you continue to jerk yourself off
  151. >Another gush of cream splatters out, you sighing at the release of pressure, head lying back down once more
  152. >There you lie outstretched, quivering cock eventually becoming more flaccid, white seed still dripping out as it now rests against your belly
  153. >With your pent up feelings finally dealt with you just stare upwards, lazily enjoying the show as the mare still hasn’t the slightest idea of what just took place below her
  154. >Mesmerized, almost hypnotized, you continue to eye her perfect butthole, starting to regret your decision to shrink
  155. >If you had just stayed normal, you could have at least gave it a good lick or two for a little extra cash you’re sure
  156. >But with a mental sigh, you stay content at watching her make another pass above, ass eclipsing the ceiling lights and plunging the your world into darkness before retreating once more
  157. >This cycle continues a few more times, you all too happy you witness it
  158. >But then it begins to dawn on you
  159. >Every pass her rear makes seems to be slightly lower than the last
  160. >Wait a minute
  161. >Jerking up in surprise, you begin to recall every other lap dance you’ve ever gotten
  162. >They all ended with the mare sitting down and plopping her ass right into… your lap…
  163. >Neighing in terror you jump up, now knowing full well what’s about to happen
  164. >Beginning to sprint you dash towards the back of the chair where hopefully she won’t come to a rest
  165. >But looking up once more you cringe at the size of her rear as you run, not doubting that her butt could consume the entire seat should she sit
  166. >Massive drops of sweat now impact all around, more and more falling the lower that her ass gets
  167. >Gagging at the powerful scent, you have to gallop around a now salty pool of water that landed a hundred yards ahead, praying that the next wont land on you
  168. >As you flee across the wooden plain that is the chair, the shadow of the mare’s plot blackens your world, causing you to panic before the light eventually returns
  169. >This continues several more times, wind gushing as she makes her passes
  170. >But when this particular shadow comes, it hangs around much longer than the others
  171. >With a sickening feeling in your stomach you find the courage to look upwards, a scream of pure terror leaving your mouth
  172. >Shine’s fat cheeks descend at a constant rate, showing no signs of deviating
  173. >With tears in your eyes you somehow find the ability to sprint even faster, but other peek upwards reveals that it’s to no use
  174. >With a flick of her short tail your entire vision is consumed with the very asshole that you coveted but a minute before, the object of your obsession might very well being the one of your demise
  175. >Tripping over your own hooves you hit the ground, skidding a few feet before rolling onto your back
  176. >The sky is now totally dark, a thick, pungent scent assaulting your nostrils
  177. >With one final yell you’re muffled, the feeling of a thousand tons of flesh consuming your miniscule body
  178. >…
  179. >Eyes cracking open, you gasp, everything totally dark
  180. >Coughing, your eyes now water as you come to find that the world around you reeks of absolute ass
  181. >But that’s the least of your worries
  182. >You lay there, pinned forcefully against the ground, unable to even move a hoof
  183. >It feels like a sauna, you nearly feel like you’re going to melt from the oppressive heat that stifles the air
  184. >Your senses now begin to pick up on the fact that you’re absolutely covered in sweat, the liquid seeping all around you
  185. >That’s when it hits you
  186. >The stench, the sweat, the squishy flesh encompassing you
  187. >You’re pinned right under her asshole
  188. >In panic you open your mouth, screaming
  189. >”SHIN-“
  190. >Gagging, the salty liquid fills your mouth, you nearly choking as you swallow it down
  191. >Your plea for help stifled, you struggle to no avail, the asshole’s flesh holding you firmly in place
  192. >You’re totally at her mercy
  193. >But just when you think all hope is lost, her rear shifts slightly, ears perking up as her voice booms in the distance, reaching you even under the tons of oppressive chub that is her rear
  194. >”Sir? What the… where the hell did he go?”
  195. >High above and unbeknownst to you, the confused mare looks back, eyes shifting this way and that
  196. >”Where are you? Sir?”
  197. >In totally confusion she begins to stand up
  198. >A sickening peeling noises hits your ears, nearly causing you to go deaf
  199. >Oh thank god she’s actually standing u- HRK
  200. >You nearly throw up, the sudden change in altitude making you sick
  201. >But your problems begin to mount, as the thooming of gigantic hoofsteps reaches your ears
  202. >You’re being taken along for the ride, snatched by her asshole
  203. >Trying to struggle once more now that the crushing weight is gone, you still find that you’re practically glued to her anus, the sweat from her dancing holding you in place
  204. >With all your might you try pull your head away, but your muzzle stays buried right in her squishy, dark flesh, forcing you to breath in nothing but the scent of her ass
  205. >Oh god, why couldn’t you have just paid her…
  206. >The hoofsteps continue, mare walking around the motel room
  207. >”Sir? Oh come on, this isn’t funny!”
  208. >She opens up the bathroom, no doubt hoping to find you inside playing some kind of joke, but obviously to no avail
  209. >Another minute or two of searching and a sharp boom sounds, Shine angrily stamping her hoof into the floor
  210. >”That fucker! He ran off without paying! UGH!”
  211. >She lets out an angry grunt, absolutely fuming
  212. >”God damn unicorn, probably teleported or some shit. What a jackass!”
  213. >You can hear her rummaging around, muttering obscenities as she gathers her belongings, making towards the door
  214. >Doorknob turning, you can feel her look back into the room before slamming it shut
  215. >”Hmph… I would have totally fucked him, too…”
  216. >Well, there’s strike two for you, you suppose. You really should have thought this through better
  217. >But thoughts of ramming her ass are quickly replaced with the fact of the matter that if you don’t think of something soon, her ass might be the one crushing you
  218. >Clicks are all you can hear as she angrily trots down the sidewalk outside, the cool night air at least helping your precarious situation to be a little more tolerable in her stuffy ass crack
  219. >But for now you’re resigned to go for the ride, as even if you could pull yourself off, it’s a long way to the ground
  220. >At least as she keeps walking the sweat seems to be evaporating, you can now open your mouth without it getting drowned in the stuff
  221. >Perhaps after some time, you’ll be able to peel yourself off of this hell
  222. >The mare trots briskly onwards for a while, the entire time your mind focused on eventual freedom
  223. >But abruptly stopping, the jingling of keys and creaking of a door signals that she’s made it home
  224. >Door closing shut, her bag is dropped to the floor, hoofsteps muffled as she walks on carpet, soon to be replaced by the clicking of tile
  225. >”Ugh, I need a fucking beer”
  226. >A refrigerator opens up, the mare rummaging around in it before walking away
  227. >But it doesn’t take long for her to stop once more, ass beginning to lower
  228. >”Mom was right, it’s the cute ones you gotta watch out for… fucking unicorn”
  229. >With that she plops her rear down into what you assume to be a couch, her ass sinking down into the fabric
  230. >Groaning, the crushing weight is once more pressing down upon you, her booty as relentless as before
  231. >You stay there a while, beginning to work towards your eventual freedom
  232. >You’ll just pry yourself off her ass, climb down her leg to her hoof, and hitch a ride off of her the next time she goes outside. You’re not sure what then, but at least it’s a start
  233. >She shifts her rear a bit, getting comfortable as she enjoys her drink above, but you get no such luxury
  234. >Every muscle in your body begins to strain, your four hoofs pushing in unison attempting to break the sweaty bond between you and her
  235. >The first few attempts yield no result, your nostrils burning as you suck in the putrid air, regaining your breath
  236. >Slowly but surely however, you can feel your belly ever so slightly beginning to separate from her anus
  237. >With another push, your muzzle is finally removed, you greedily gulping the relatively fresh air now that your nose isn’t quite literally stuck in her ass
  238. >This is actually working better than expected. Now you just need to-
  239. >A low rumbling reaches your ears, both of them folding backwards in fear
  240. “… Oh no”
  241. >Something’s beginning to bubble in her gut
  242. >In terror you neigh, hoofs pushing and bucking, begging to be free of your prison
  243. >It’s now a race for time, you needing to escape before… well, you don’t want to think about it
  244. >As time ticks on you become progressively less stuck
  245. >One of your fore hooves is eventually freed, then a hind one
  246. >Finally, your chest peels off the sweaty skin
  247. >But all the while the rumbling grows more intense, your teeth gritting as you buck desperately
  248. >Your last hoof finally freed, you begin to wriggle away in no particular direction, progress painfully slow as you’re still being crushed under her weight
  249. >Thankfully however her anus is squishy enough for you to crawl under between it and the couch fabric in your quest for freedom
  250. >Unfortunately the rumbling begins to reach it’s peek, the muscular asshole beginning to flex, letting out a disgusting squelching noise as it does
  251. >With tears in your eyes you push forward, knowing that your time is nearly up
  252. >Push after push, you feel as though the ponut is becoming less oppressive, almost as if you’re reaching the edge of it
  253. >Stretching out a hoof, you’re in shock when it doesn’t seize yet more damp flesh, but fresh air
  254. >With one final pull you send your body forward, rolling out from under her asshole
  255. >The world is pitch black and you know that you’re still under her, but you can now stand up, taking full advantage of it to gallop away in fear
  256. >You don’t know where you’re running, but the increasingly less musky air informs you that you’re going the right way
  257. >That’s when you see it up ahead
  258. >A sliver of light
  259. >Your split second of relief soon turns back into fear as the rumbling comes to a peak, the pucker hundreds of yards behind you flexing even more
  260. >With a jump you dive towards the light, crashing into the fabric of the ground as you tumble, skidding out of the darkness
  261. >Looking up, two pert, gray hills rise above you, pink mounds on their tips filling your vision
  262. >You quickly come to realize that you’re between her teats, sighing in relieve as you look upwards to find her belly
  263. >At that exact moment a deafening noise assaults your ears, the mare ripping one from her rear
  264. >Disgusted, you stumble backwards, trying to put more distance between you and her crotch
  265. >”Heh…”
  266. >Looking skyward, you spy Shine merely smirking at what she’s done
  267. >Beer bottle in hoof, she raises up a cheek, short tail swishing back and forth to fan the gas away
  268. >You know, for such a beautiful girl, she sure isn’t marelike at all
  269. >Taking a minute to catch your breath and wait for the stench to pass away, you eye up her leg, mentally groaning
  270. >Your body is already bruised and battered, screaming at the thought of having to climb all the way down to her hoof
  271. >But even as you ache with every step, you know that it’s the only thing to be done
  272. >Trotting forward, you’re just glad that you escaped the prison that was her pucker
  273. >… You’d still totally smash her ass any day at normal size though
  274. >Chuckling to yourself at the thought, your somewhat jovial mood is replaced with your blood running cold in an instant
  275. >”Eh? What the hell is that?”
  276. >The ground shifts as she leans forward, face leaning down
  277. >”Ew! Fucking bugs…”
  278. >She takes a moment to set her beer down, a hoof lowering downwards
  279. “N-no! Shine wait, it’s me! PLEASE!”
  280. >Your desperate pleas are cut short as you’re smushed down into the couch, an earthy scent filling your nostrils
  281. >A second later you feel yourself being raised once more, eventually leveling out
  282. >Opening your eyes, you push away from the hoof, becoming unstuck from the squishy frog
  283. >The sight that greets you causes you to freeze instantly
  284. >A single, massive yellow eye peers down, eyebrow raising
  285. >”And what the heck are you?”
  286. >You nearly curl into a ball and piss yourself out of fear, Shine’s gigantic eyebrow rising in curiosity
  287. >”Wait a minute… YOU!”
  288. >Her shrill shriek causes you to cover your ears, the mare’s face pulling away just enough for you to see the look of rage
  289. >”THAT’S where you went? You’ve been ridding me the entire time?!”
  290. >Meeting her gaze once more you find the courage to speak up
  291. “Er… w-well, kinda”
  292. >Tufted ears twitching, her expression changes from one of anger to curiosity
  293. >Somehow you think that she actually heard you. You knew batpony hearing was good, but that’s just impressive
  294. >”So why exactly did you disappear? Without paying I might add”
  295. “Well, I uh… er, I jus-“
  296. >She watches you fumble over your words briefly, unamused look on her face
  297. >”Alright, cut the shit you little freak”
  298. “Y-yes mam’”
  299. >”You tried to bail without paying. And buddy, I don’t work for free”
  300. >Her hoof lowers back to the couch, unceremoniously dumping you upon it before she gets up
  301. >”You stay right there. I catch you trying to escape, and I’ll squash you like the fucking bug you are, got it?”
  302. >Not even waiting for a response she trots out of the room, leaving you alone
  303. >Nervously you await her return, mind stressing over what she might be planning
  304. >Some thoughts enter your head, some that give you hope, others that leave you shuddering
  305. >You just hope that she’s merciful…
  306. >Not long later the thunder of hoofsteps returns, Shine stopping before the couch, eyes fixing on your miniscule form immediately
  307. >Holding out a hoof, she dangles something in front of you
  308. >”Get in”
  309. >It’s a tiny, silver cage suspended from a thread thin chain. So small that it would just barely leave enough room for you to turn around inside of it
  310. “Wh-what?”
  311. >”I said get in. Now.”
  312. >Not wanting to invoke her wrath you comply, cautiously stepping inside
  313. >As soon as you do she clicks the door shut, a tiny lock setting
  314. >Rising through the air she brings you up to eye level, the cage lightly swaying in the air near the bridge of her muzzle
  315. >”Consider yourself fortunate that I’m doing this. If you weren’t so cute, I’d have smashed you”
  316. >”What’re doing w-with me?”
  317. >To this question she deviously grins
  318. >Cage jerking, you crash into the bars as she swiftly moves it towards her rear
  319. >In an instant the chain is clasped around the dock of her tail, you, and the cage that imprisons you, swaying back and forth
  320. >”You owe me for a lap dance. So until I feel that the debt is paid, this is your home now”
  321. >Opening your eyes, there’s no doubt to where you are
  322. >The cage dangles precariously between her ass cheeks, slightly swaying
  323. >Before you, your entire vision is encompassed with the very pucker that you had just escaped, cage dangling not even ten yards from it
  324. >”So get used to it, and do enjoy the view~”
  325. >She gives her ass a little shake, causing your prison to smack into her anus
  326. >”Because until I feel like you’ve learned your lesson, you’re going to be there all day, every day, 24/7”
  327. >Chuckling darkly, she begins to sit back down on the couch, keeping her tail slightly raised so that you thankfully aren’t sucked under her fat flanks yet again
  328. >Opening up another beer she sighs, shifting her rear to get comfortable as you cover your nose, the oppressive smell of ass returning
  329. >”And who knows? Play your cards right, and when I decide that your punishment is served, I might even let you be my coltfriend~”
  330. >She snorts, laughing to herself once more as she turns on the television, hooves propped up on the foot rest for a long, relaxing night
  331. >… You really should have just paid for the dance
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