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Jul 14th, 2015
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  1. >”Now today we’re going to be learning about what a Boolean function is. Boolean functions are functions that return either TRUE or FALSE. Until recently, the C-language did not contain any data types…”
  2. “God damn, class is so boring,” you think to yourself as you sigh and stare out the window, “Would it be okay if the world ended right now? But if it did, then she wouldn’t be waiting for me outside.”
  3. >That’s right, Sunset Shimmer said she’ll be waiting outside of class for you as she has been ever since you started your first semester of community college.
  4. >She said that it will only be for a little while until she makes friends of her own since she doesn’t know anyone.
  5. >It can’t be helped since she lives in an another part of town and attended a different high school.
  6. >Also, it probably doesn’t help that all her friends either headed off to universities or straight into a career.
  7. >”I wanted to go to university as well,” you remember Sunset explaining, “But some strange glitch in the computer system happened and my SAT results never got sent!”
  8. >Is what you’d like to believe, but that seems too farfetched to be the case.
  9. >”Notice now, everyone,” the professor calls out, bringing you back to the lecture, “Notice, that the if-else statement in the main function of the Box 1 program has a conditional test of…”
  10. >Then you start to zone out again not too long after he got your attention.
  11. “I wonder if she’s waiting for me right now,” you whisper into your hand that’s keeping your sleepy head up, “If she is, why is she still waiting for me?”
  12. >’Why does she still wait for you?’ indeed; two weeks into the first semester, she’s made quite a few friends that she can be with, but instead, she waits for you.
  13. “Maybe she likes me,” you think, but quickly get rid of the thought, “No way, besides, it’s impossible for her to like me.”
  15. >It’s true, her heart belongs to someone else, and you absolutely hate yourself for becoming perfectly okay with that.
  16. “God damn it, Flash,” you mutter into your hand as you close your eyes.
  17. >When was it exactly that you started hating Flash Sentry, the guy who took Sunset away, the guy who’s probably in love with someone else while dating Sunset, and the guy who used to be what you consider a friend.
  18. >Yes, that guy — that’s the guy you absolutely hate.
  19. >You thought you were fine with them dating and that it was okay if he stole Sunset away as long as he treated her right.
  20. >It was easy to think that way too since you didn’t see them be happy together all the time because you went to a different high school than them.
  21. >But it wasn’t really easy to keep that mentality going as she told you about their relationship.
  22. >He read all her text messages on her phone or social media accounts and anywhere and everywhere she received messages.
  23. >Of course this made you infuriated, this was a damn intrusion of privacy without a doubt, but you bit your tongue for her sake.
  24. >With this guy, she was able to smile in a way you were never able to because you were too awkward.
  25. >Then she told you about how on some days she would cry into the dead of night because he threatened to break up with her if she didn’t do what he wanted.
  26. >So you comforted and supported her until her relationship with Flash became okay again.
  27. >Is this when you started hating Flash, or yourself?
  28. >The third strike came in as she told you that he would go on all her social media accounts and phone just to block all her friends that were guys or anyone that advised her to break up with him.
  29. >This is where you couldn’t take it anymore and snapped.
  30. >You told her that this isn’t normal, this isn’t fine; he’s destructive, abusive, and that you shouldn’t go near that guy anymore.
  31. >But she didn’t listen.
  33. >A few days after you receive a message from her saying to never go near her again and to never speak of her or Flash.
  34. >Confused, enraged, distressed — all these emotions, you take it with you as you confront her with whatever the hell this is.
  35. >When you arrived at her doorstep, there she was, but not in the way you expected.
  36. >She was cowering behind Flash while looking at you with her cyan, brooding eyes.
  37. >”The hell you want, Anon?” Flash snarled.
  38. “An explanation,” you said as you stood your ground.
  39. >”Get inside,” Flash said to Sunset, “I’ll take care of him.”
  40. >She grabbed his arm, ”But Flash, don’t hurt him, he—”
  41. >Flash then reversed the grab and held her arm tightly, which made her elicit a small yelp, then said through gritted teeth, “I said, get inside.”
  42. >He then released her with so much force, that she fell down backwards.
  43. “Sunset!” you yelled when you began to approach her, but was stopped by Flash.
  44. >”Where do you think you’re going?”
  45. “Flash, what are you doing? You’re hurting her!”
  46. >”I’m hurting her? YOU’RE THE ONE HURTING HER!”
  47. “What are you talking about? Stop this immediately!” you yell as you tried to get through, but Flash pushed you back.
  48. >“She’s perfectly fine with our relationship and it’s people like you who don’t approve of our relationship that make her like this. If we didn’t have to constantly deal with people like you, we would have a happy relationship.”
  49. You’re disgusted and enraged by his words, “Are you serious, there’s no way she—”
  50. >”Then ask her yourself,” he interrupted as he motioned towards Sunset.
  51. >You look at Sunset and she just closed her eyes as she looked away.
  52. “S-Sunset?” you stammered, confused of what’s happening.
  53. >”It’s… It’s true,” she said in a hushed voice.
  54. “Y-You… You what…”
  55. >You were speechless and in utter disbelief from what you just heard.
  57. >”You heard her, Anon, now get lost,” Flash said as he turned around to enter the house, “Get inside now.”
  58. >You watched in silence as Sunset stood up and started heading inside.
  59. “Sunset!” you weakly yelled as you extended a hand to her.
  60. >But she just continued walking inside and as she closed the door, she said, “I’m sorry.”
  61. >From then on, you’ve never seen or heard from her again until now.
  62. >” removing superfluous code such as the above equality test. So, leave the test in your codes. That’s it for class, see you all next week,” your professor says, dismissing class.
  63. >As you pack up your belongings, you receive a text message from Sunset.
  64. >It’s a picture of a video game character she’s been talking about getting for the longest time.
  65. >”Look, Anon, I finally got her! Isn’t she cute?” the text message read.
  66. >But you just put your phone back in your pocket.
  67. “Maybe it would be okay if the world did end so she didn’t have to be there,” you mutter as you swing your bag over your shoulder.
  68. >When you walk out the room, you can see Sunset waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs.
  69. >She’s on her phone so she doesn’t see you yet, which gives you time to mentally prepare yourself.
  70. >You take a deep breath and exhale slowly, putting on a soft, yet fake, smile like you usually do.
  71. “Hey Sunset!” you greet chipperly as you come down the stairs.
  72. >Sunset looks up from her phone, “Oh hey, Anon! Did you get the picture I sent you?”
  73. “Yeah I did! You finally got it huh?”
  74. >”Yeah, well, I had nothing to do in my biology class, and I had my laptop on me, so…”
  75. “What about paying attention to the lecture?”
  76. >”Ugh,” she groans, “But it was so boring!”
  77. “Haha, that’s not good! You should be paying attention even though if it isn’t interesting,” you say. “But who am I to talk?” you think to yourself.
  79. >”You’re in comp. sci. when I’m in bio, right? Play with me!” she whines as she tugs on your arm.
  80. “I would if I could!” you lie with a smile.
  81. >She pouts, “You always say that.”
  82. You chuckle slightly, “Well I need to focus on what’s going on with class.”
  83. >”I guess,” she says as she rolls her eyes.
  84. “Look at me being all high and mighty,” you think to yourself, “I’m such a hypocrite.”
  85. >You sigh heavily at the thought and Sunset notices, “What’s wrong, Anon?”
  86. “Huh? Oh nothing, just a little sleepy. Comp. sci. isn’t the most exciting class, you know?”
  87. >”You don’t have work today, right? So let’s go get some coffee!” she says as she grabs your wrist and begins to walk away.
  88. >But you stand your ground and don’t move.
  89. >”Anon? What’s wrong?” she asks as she turns around.
  90. You yank your wrist away from her and look her dead in the eye, “Everything. Everything’s wrong when you’re around.”
  91. >”Anon?” she asks again.
  92. You snap back to reality, “Huh, what?”
  93. >”Is something wrong? You spaced out for a second.”
  94. “I, uh…” you scratch the back of your head, “I don’t know if I’m up for coffee. I’m just, uh, not really a coffee drinker.”
  95. >”Oh, well then just order tea like you usually do then!”
  96. “R-right, of course.”
  97. >”Are you that tired?”
  98. “Haha, I guess.”
  99. >As the two of you walk to the school’s cafe, you think about almost yanking your wrist away and saying something you’re bound to regret.
  100. >Is being around her detrimental to your sanity?
  101. >Or could it be that the resentment you have against her and Flash is what almost compelled you to act that way?
  102. >Either way, you need to sort yourself out before you do something drastic and hurt Sunset.
  103. >”Wait, why am I worried about hurting me?” you ask yourself, “She did hurt me, so it’s okay if she gets hurt a little by me, right?”
  104. “Wait, no! What am I thinking?”
  106. “But it’s not fair that I had to put up with her shit for hella long. There’s a fine line between being a pushover and a nice guy.”
  107. >”Oh hey, Anon, look there’s a special going on!” Sunset says, snapping you out of your thoughts.
  108. “Oh? What is it?”
  109. >”It’s a little expensive, but if you get it, you get matching cups courtesy of the art department!”
  110. “That’s pretty cool.”
  111. >”Yeah, wanna go halfsies?”
  112. “Uh yeah sure, I’m just gonna go use the bathroom real quick,” you say as you excuse yourself to go outside.
  113. >”Wait, the bathroom’s over there!” she says as she points to the bathroom in the cafe.
  114. “Yeah, um, the bathroom there is usually hella busy. I’ll just find another one.”
  115. >”Oh okay then, hurry back!”
  116. “Will do!”
  117. >But you don’t go to the bathroom.
  118. >Instead you circle around to the back of the cafe, and sit down on a parking block.
  119. >Before you can dig your face into your hands and go deep into thought, someone calls out to you from behind.
  120. >”You can’t sit there. That’s a handicap parking spot.”
  121. “OH, I’m sorry!” you say as you hurry to get up.
  122. >”I’m just fucking with you,” the person says as they sit down on the block next to you, “Sit down.”
  123. “Uh, okay,” you say as you sit down.
  124. >”I’m Aria and I’m assuming you’re awkward,” she says as she pulls out a pack of cigarettes from her apron pocket.
  125. “All too true,” you chuckle, “How could you tell?”
  126. >”I saw you spacing out next to your girlfriend in line.”
  127. “She’s —”
  128. >”Not your girlfriend? Yeah, I know.”
  129. “Didn’t know you’re a psychic.”
  130. >”There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me; we just met,” she says as she offers you a stick, “And you don’t need to be a psychic to know someone’s in trouble.”
  131. “No thanks, I don’t smoke,” you say as you wave off the cigarettes, “So what, are you here to save me?”
  132. >”Depends who you are,” she says as she puts a cigarette in her mouth and lights it.
  134. “I’m Anon, and as you saw in line, I love to fake happiness.”
  135. >“That sucks. Hold this real quick,” she says as she gives you her cigarette, “How long have you been at it?”
  136. >She takes off her hat and spreads her purple hair with light blue streaks.
  137. “What, faking happiness? Just when I’m with her.”
  138. >”So you’re generally happy, just not with her,” she says as she takes back the cigarette and takes a puff.
  139. “Well maybe not happy, but, ‘okay’?”
  140. >”Same difference, so what’s the deal with you two?”
  141. “Um, do you want the long or short of it?”
  142. >”Whatever.”
  143. “ Okay. Back in high school she got this shitty boyfriend who completely controlled her life and cut off all contact with anyone who tried to make her break up with him.”
  144. >”And one of those people were you?”
  145. “Yeah. Now he’s in some faraway university dating other women.”
  146. >”They’re still together?”
  147. “Yeah.”
  148. >”No shit?”
  149. “Yeah and I get a front row seat to seeing her get cheated on.”
  150. >”That’s like, torture. Why don’t you leave?”
  151. “Guess I’m too nice to.”
  152. >She takes a puff and slowly exhales, “You know, there’s a fine line between being a nice guy and a pushover.”
  153. You smile, “Funny, I was just thinking that.”
  154. >”So how are you right now?”
  155. “Doing a bit better now that I got that off my chest.”
  156. >”Good because I think you should be getting back to her,” she says as she puts out the cigarette.
  157. You look at your watch and see that almost more than ten minutes has passed, “Oh Christ, you’re right. Thanks!”
  158. >You hurriedly get up and begin making your way back to Sunset.
  159. “Wait hold on,” you say as you turn around, “Do you think we can hang out again?”
  160. >She gives you a cold, hard stare before she turns her head away from you, “Sure, catch me after work.”
  161. “Alright,” you say as you turn around and begin walking again.
  163. “Did she smile before she turned her head away?” you ask yourself, but then you quickly dismiss the thought.
  164. >It doesn’t seem like her to ever smile, but if she did, what would her smile look like?
  165. >Before you can give it more thought, Sunset shows herself in front of you as you cut the corner.
  166. “Whoa!” you yell as you jump back in surprise, “Didn’t see you there, what’s up?”
  167. >”Oh sorry, Anon! I didn’t mean to scare you! I was just on my way to check up on you since you’ve been gone for a while,” she says.
  168. >She then begins to sniff the air.
  169. >”Have… You been smoking?”
  170. “What? No,” you say, realizing that that the smoke from Aria’s cigarette stuck on you.
  171. >”Why do you smell like smoke then?”
  172. “Ah, I saw a friend who wanted to talk for a bit and as we did, she smoked a cigarette.”
  173. >”I see…”
  174. “Anyway, what are you doing out here? I thought you were inside getting drinks.”
  175. >”Oh, well, the reason I went out to find you is because some of my friends saw me inside and asked if I’d like to go to the city with them.”
  176. “Really? Well, have fun then!”
  177. >”Yeah, um,” she puts her hands behind her, looks down, and starts kicking the ground softly, “I was wondering if, um,” she looks up at you with eager eyes and says in a soft voice, “Maybe you would like to come with me?”
  178. “I don’t understand why you’re acting so bashfully,” is what you would like to say, but instead you smile apologetically and say, “Sorry, I would but, I have something to do.”
  179. >Her eyes go from being eager to confused and distressed as she grabs you by the collar of your shirt and yells, “With what?!”
  180. “I-uh,” you stammer, shocked by the sudden outburst.
  181. >”You said you didn’t have work, right?”
  182. “I—”
  183. >”Right?!” she asks again louder as she shook you a bit.
  184. “Y-Yes!”
  185. >”Then why can’t you go with me?” she asks in a hushed voice as her eyes begin tearing up.
  187. “I… Have to wait for a, uh, friend to get off work.”
  188. >She puts her down and lets go of your shirt, “Oh, I see.”
  189. “S-Sunset, what’s wrong?” you ask as you reach to touch her arm.
  190. >But she backs up before you can.
  191. >”I hear my friends calling for me; I gotta go,” she says softly.
  192. >She then turns around and starts walking away.
  193. >As you watch her walk away, you wonder what all that was about.
  194. >What was with the sudden personality change and outburst?
  195. >”What was that?” Aria’s voice comes from behind you.
  196. You turn around and see Aria coming from around the corner, “Oh hey, what are you doing here?”
  197. >”Never mind me, what was that?”
  198. “I don’t know with her, I just—”
  199. >”Not her, you. Why didn’t you go with her?”
  200. “Because I said I would see you after work.”
  201. >”Bullshit,”she says as she grabs you by the collar of your shirt and raises it up, with one hand, “You just met me and you’re using that as an excuse.”
  202. “Wait, what? No, I wasn’t!”
  203. >”Then why?”
  204. “I d-don’t know!”
  205. >She glares at you a little longer and then releases the grip on your collar, making you stumble backwards a bit.
  206. “Man, what is it today with my collar?” you mumble as you straighten it out.
  207. >”The truth is, you don’t want to go with her.”
  208. “That’s not—” you say, but Aria’s intense glare intimidates you a bit, “...true.”
  209. >”Then why?”
  210. >You open your mouth to respond, but no words come out.
  211. >She scoffs, ”Thought so.”
  212. “Wait hold on,” you say, irritated by her scoff, “What does it matter to you?”
  213. >”So you’re pinning this on me now?”
  214. “No, but—”
  215. >”I don’t know about you but, I don’t like being used an excuse,” she says, then mumbles, “I’ve been used as an excuse enough.”
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