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Nov 13th, 2012
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  1. As I stood under the warm streams of water coming from the showerhead, I let my mind go blank. No thoughts about what happened, no memories of hallways covered in blood, no- damn it. "try not to think about elephants, and they will be all that's on your mind." After a while of just standing under the shower while scrubbing myself with soap hard enough to worry about my skin staying on my bones, I got out, dried myself off and took a pair of sleeping pills before jumping into bed.
  3. Reflecting on that, it was not my brightest idea. I always tended to let my mind wander between going to bed and actually falling asleep, so naturally I ended up going over the day's events. The call from Peter, the trip to the airport, the disturbingly fast security checkpoint...
  5. The band, still blissfully smiling as their bodies expanded like grotesque balloons...
  7. Eventually though, my body noticed the pills I had taken earlier and started to shut down as I drifted to sleep.
  9. As I drifted off, my mind's eye filled with strange images of colors, so bright and vivid they looked almost cartoonish, never forming any kind of coherent image and instead leaving me in this ever-shifting void of impossible color as I thought I heard voices just at the edge of what I could hear. I couldn't tell if the voices were in English or, for that matter, even really voices to begin with, but as I strained to hear more they faded ever so slightly, never giving me even the smallest clue as to what they were or who was speaking. Still, despite being unable to tell what they were saying, the dim voices left me feeling saddened, as if someone dear to me was warning me that something terrible would happen with nothing either of us could do about it. Floating ever on in the maelstrom of impossible colors I tried to call out, to reach out, but my body betrayed me as not a single muscle seemed willing or even capable to move in me. For what had to be hours, I drifted on as I listened to the whispered promises of loss, until suddenly-
  12. You know how they say that no-one ever truly leaps out of bed, straight from a dream? Well, that was just what I did that exact moment as my alarm clock smashed my dream to pieces.
  13. *BEEP BEEP-* *slap*
  14. Shutting off the noisy clock, I tried to calm down enough to think about what just happened to me. "A dream... only a dream..." I managed to say to myself as I tried to stop my heart from going a million miles per hour.
  16. Taking a cold shower, I managed to relax from the shock the strange dream had left me in, giving me an opportunity to analyze it a little more.
  18. My dreams never made much sense, but at least had some structure to them normally. Structure as in, me walking down the street wearing nothing but a garbage bin while carrying along a cow on Philomena's cage. Crazy stuff, but all concepts from the waking world none the less. Nor did I ever remember them clearly.
  20. This dream however, I could recall with startling clarity. I could almost repeat the whispers, if only I could have heard the actual words they were saying, I could recall the exact shades and hues that had surrounded me in that void, but not even name one tenth of them.
  22. As I made breakfast, I decided to let the matter rest. A dream is but a dream, and I had had a VERY stressful day before. Must have been my brain BSOD-ing to deal with... that.
  24. Great. Now I had the images from yesterday in my head again.
  26. "Oh! Right, I promised Peter I would call," I muttered as I gave Philomena her daily breakfast of seeds. Grabbing my phone, I started looking for his number with one hand while the other started absent-mindedly scratching an itchy spot on my back.
  28. "Peter here."
  30. "Hey. You told me to call you yesterday, so here I am," I replied.
  32. "Oh! Anon! Look, dude, I wanna apologize for yesterday. I shouldn't have tried to cheer you up so soon, I know ya-"
  34. "Just stop, ok? I shouldn't have snapped at you like that, and I'm sorry for what I said," I interrupted him before he could continue his apology.
  36. "No problem man, I know how stress gets to ya. Water under the bridge. We cool?"
  38. I cringed a bit at that last question. "Yes, we are good, as long as you don't use that line for a little while. By the way, what did you do with Jason?"
  40. "He's on my couch. Finally relaxed enough not to curl up, too. Think he'll wake up soon."
  42. "Ok. And how are you doing? No problems on your end?"
  44. "Nah, I'm c- fine. I'm fine. Had a whacked out dream though, about someone whispering to me while I-"
  46. "Was floating through a sea of colors perhaps?" I interrupted him.
  48. "Yeah. How did you know? No, wait. Lemme guess. Same dream."
  50. "Yes. Look, I'll be over at your place in twenty minutes, then we can discuss this more. Ok?"
  52. "Sure man, see ya!"
  54. Hanging up, I slid the phone back in my pocket as I reached for my shoes with my other hand. Something was going on here, and if there was one thing I didn't like, it was not knowing what was going on.
  56. Time to get to the bottom of this.
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