kTEST - 28/02/2017 Trading Changes

Feb 28th, 2017
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  1. kTEST - 28/02/2017 Trading Policy Changes
  5. 1) These changes have been applied to the ※TEST SERVER※ , this means that things can change and are likely to be different if applied to the main servers.
  6. 2) Market Trades and Player to Player Trades(Both using tokens) no longer change the trading properties of items.
  7. 3) If you do not have token effects amongst the people trading, or one of the users has a zero trade count, the transaction is considered an 'unused token trade'.
  8. Items traded in this state will change to 'All Trades & Movement Unavailable' (※ applies to all normal items)
  11. 1. Changes to Item Trading
  13. (The table has been translated please refer to the link below to see)
  14. [ Table = ]
  16. 2. Changes to Token Benefits
  17. - Tokens purchased through the marketplace will no longer become 'untradable' after purchasing.
  18. - Token users can earn silver from marketplace sales immediately. This effect only applies at the time the item is registered to the marketplace and doesn't matter whether or not the player has used another token or the token has expired when the item has sold.
  19. - When a token user registers items for sale on the marketplace, the user can now set the selling price to the desired amount without having to worry about the price cap limits. However, Token Items will still have a cap on how high/low they can be sold for.
  20. - The commission for token sales will now also be the same as regular items, Default being 30% and 10% for users under Token Benefits.
  22. Thank You !
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  25. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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